Biz Power Tools … New Products in S-Fixx Range

SFIXX®, the specialist adhesive and sealant brand are launching a number of key products to create new sales opportunities for merchants and time saving solutions for their customers.

SFIXX® S-BOND No Gun, 3-in-1 Adhesive, Sealant & Filler stays permanently flexible and will bond up to 100kg in weight. It combines the technology and weathering properties of silicone and the adhesive properties of polyurethane. It does not grow mould and can be used in the wet and underwater. Suitable for bonding steel, aluminium, wood, glass, ceramics, marble, granite, copper and most plastics.

VOC-free (volatile organic compound). It can be painted with any type of paint, including water based. It is also perfect for sealing leaking guttering, ponds etc. Available in white, clear or black.  

Ultra-Tape features next-generation doubled-sided tape technology that is so strong, in some cases, it can even replace the use of a mechanical fixing.  Developed for an instant bond on virtually any material. You can use Ultra Tape indoors or outdoors, as it is also moisture and UV resistant,  making it one of the most diverse tapes available on the market today.

APX4® is a 2-part component adhesive. The adhesive itself is a 98.4% pure cyanoacrylate (super glue) which, when combined with the filling powders within the kit, causes the powder to set rock hard in just 7 seconds.

Once cured, APX4® can be smoothed using a file, grinder, or sandpaper and then painted to leave a flawless repair. The perfect repair kit for Electricians, Mechanics, Joiners, Gardeners, Builders, Plumbers to name a few.

The S-FIXX range is distributed to members across the U.K. by BIZ Power Tools Ltd.

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