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Sign-up Now! for a Rawlplug webinar

All of the below webinars are now available for you when you are in your
office or while you work from home, SIGN-UP NOW and be trained by one of our Rawlplug experts and receive a Rawlplug Webinar Certificate for your attendance!


Step 1: Choose one or more webinars that interest you from the list below
(Please include the webinar title, date/s of webinar, Company name, & Company position/title) and email

Step 2: Two days before the chosen webinar date, you’ll receive an invitation with a link to the MS Teams application.

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Sika FastFix New Improved Colour Launch

Sika® FastFix All Weather is one of the most popular self-setting jointing compounds on the market, with three new colours recently being added to the range; Charcoal, Flint and Stone. Following the success of these additions, the two original colours of Sika FastFix All Weather have now been improved with the introduction of Deep Grey and Dark Buff into the range.

These new colours follow the current trends in paving stone slabs and provide the ideal solution to complement a range of paving styles.
As a result of these new and improved colours, the current Grey and Buff will be discontinued with stock of the new colours becoming available in late January. At the time of launch, an overlap of new and old colours will occur, however you can be rest assured that the process will be fully managed internally with changes in product codes and barcodes, as well as clear labelling of the colours on the product packaging for ease of identification.

While the colours may be new, the product uses the same unique formula with Active Resin Technology for advanced durability, gives excellent coverage and has the same easy application method that your customers have come to expect.

For more information on the new ‘Sika FastFix All Weather’ colours, please contact your local Everbuild Business Development Manager or visit

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SIP Becomes Proud Bloodhound SSC Product Sponsor

Throughout the company’s existence, SIP Industrial Products have tried and succeeded at engaging with the local and wider communities, consistently sponsoring various projects, events, and teams, and regularly supplying equipment to different causes at no cost.

With that said, SIP Industrial Products are incredibly proud and excited to announce that they have recently backed another project, perhaps of a grander scale than any other before, agreeing a product sponsorship with the currently in-development Bloodhound SSC supersonic car and the loyal team that service it.

For those that may be unaware of the Bloodhound SSC spectacle and the vision that it embodies, the Bloodhound SSC supersonic car takes over from a long line of predecessors that have attempted to break the land speed record. In fact, Thrust SSC, which set a speed of 763mph (1,228km/h), currently holds that record. Not content with breaking it, the Bloodhound intends to smash this speed, matching or exceeding 1,000mph (1,609km/h), leaving all previous records in it’s wake. To put the intentions of the Bloodhound team into perspective, the supersonic car will cover a mile in 3.6 seconds, whilst weighing 7.5 Tons. While a jet engine would provide considerable speed, a rocket engine has also been factored into the design, meaning that, when combined, the car will generate more than 135,000hp. In their words, it’s six times more powerful than all Formula 1 car present on a starting grid put together. With such a large project, SIP thought it would be suitable to send a range of their most premium, heavy-duty equipment, so that all concerned with the Bloodhound SSC project are covered. This includes a range of boosters/chargers, industrial- grade heaters, and much more.

SIP wishes them all the best with the project, and look forward to seeing the results in the near future, beginning with testing and trial stages at Newquay in late 2017. Should you wish to visit, learn and see more Bloodhound SSC in action, visit to receive a £5 ticket discount, as an SIP customer, for SSC’s Public Day on 28th October 2017.

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SIP have the exclusive licence to sell Dewalt Vacuum Cleaners

As you may know, Troy Supplier SIP Industrial Products have the exclusive licence to sell the new corded DeWalt Vacuum cleaner.


Many Troy Members are already engaging with SIP on this greatly anticipated product to pre order from their second container of stock arriving with SIP in November (which they expect to sell quickly)!


If you would like to learn more about SIP and their DeWalt products, and find out if they are right for you and your customers, take a look at this link and video. For a conversation in more detail, speak with Mike Lappage via the contact details below…


Mike Lappage
National Account Manager
SIP Industrial Products Ltd
01509 500300
07765 817859

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Statement from the Uvex Board of Directors

Information regarding the supply of PPE related to SARS – COVID-19


The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has restricted the export of certain goods from the personal protective equipment category as a result of the epidemiological crisis triggered by the SAR – CoV – 2 coronavirus.


The export and shipment of the following goods have been prohibited with immediate effect:


  • Goggles – EN166 / ANSI / ISEA Z87.1
  • Face Shields – EN166 / ANSI / ISEA Z87.1
  • Filtering face pieces – EN 149 FFP2 / FFP3
  • Protective suits – EN13795 / AAMI PB level 3 performance or higher
  • Gloves – EN455 / EN374 / ANSI/ISEA 105 / ASTM D6319


This Directive came into effect at the time of publication on March 4th 2020. The Federal Republic of Germany is justifying this step in the follow terms: 


Meeting demand for the goods in question is essential to ensure the health system in Germany continues to function properly in the Federal Republic of Germany. The goods described above count as clinical protective equipment designed for infectious disease scenarios, both to prevent transmission to clinical personnel and to protect the healthy population against infection by those that are sick.  Due to the epidemiological crisis triggered by the SARS – CoV – 2 coronavirus in many countries, there has been a significant increase in global demand for clinical protective equipment, including the goods referred to above.


Given the increase in the number of confirmed infections within the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany, domestic demand for these goods is understandably increasing. While demand continues to rise, production capacities at local, regional and national levels are limited and no longer sufficient to respond to the change in demand impacting on the healthcare sector which is already having to contend with significant bottlenecks. It is already impossible to meet demand from hospitals, doctors and pharmacies either in full or sufficiently quickly and with the number of cases increasing in Germany there is a genuine risk of shortages.


We are very sorry to have to stop all supplies of the aforementioned products until such time that this directive is suspended.   


The management of UVEX SAFETY GROUP Gmbh & Co. KG


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Statement of Coronavirus from Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies

Dear Valued Customer,

Our staff at Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies have a combined service of several thousand years, however, nobody can remember such a surge in demand to the extent of what we are currently experiencing. We can, therefore, say with some confidence that we are in a completely unprecedented period and ask for your support and understanding at this exceptional time.

The purpose of this short note is to further explain the current situation and outline some of the hard work that is being undertaken by our teams in very challenging circumstances.


We are experiencing extraordinary level of orders, 3/4x our usual levels, even after some of the mitigating actions we have outlined below.

Our teams are working with our manufacturer partners to source and secure future stock. In most instances, we are our manufacturer partners biggest customers, and they are rightly prioritising deliveries to us as well as the NHS. However, we are experiencing some shortages in Coronavirus related stocks (hand gels, sanitisers etc.), due to the demand for which is more than 50x usual levels.

We have made several concrete actions to ensure we maintain supply for these Coronavirus related products:

• In many instances, our manufacturer partners have been instructed by the government to limit sales of Coronavirus related products to the NHS and first-line responders (police, ambulance and the fire service). If you are a customer which fits this profile, we will already be working to provide these products to you.
• As and when further product becomes available (and we have written assurances that we are second in the priority list after the NHS) we will start releasing this to non-NHS and front-line responders.
• We are having daily calls with our key manufacturer partners to discuss manufacturing capacity, demand and delivery timescales. This is, however, an incredibly fluid process, with the availability of Coronavirus related product stocks changing by the minute.
• We are sourcing alternative Coronavirus related products using our extensive global network of approved suppliers. We are sourcing these from within and outside of the UK, however, most of these products have longer lead times than usual (6-8 weeks is not uncommon).
• We have removed all Coronavirus related products from our public websites so they cannot be purchased by non-existing customers.
• We are not supplying non-existing customers with any Coronavirus related products.

We currently have no current manufacturer supply issues on non-coronavirus related products, however, to maintain product availability to all customers, we may need to reduce quantities in instances of obvious bulk buying, in particular where orders are over double the regular ordering run rates. We hope you understand that this measure is necessary for the continued stability of the supply chain.


We have implemented several measures of our well tested and comprehensive Business Continuity Plan to deal with the surge in orders that we are currently experiencing. We have outlined these below, and enclosed is a copy of our Coronavirus specific Business Continuity Plan as Appendix 1 to this document.

In addition to our extensive own fleet, we will be:

• Asking all staff to work additional hours over the next two weeks including weekends.
• Ensuring driver routing is to the maximum available hours.
• Recruiting temporary additional drivers and vehicles.
• Organising pallet carriers for large suitable orders so increasing capacity over and above our vehicle fleet.
• Moving all small suitable orders and customers onto a parcel delivery service so increasing capacity over and above our vehicle fleet.
• Recruiting temporary staff for picking and packing parcel deliveries.
• Asking which customers can take a night or weekend delivery (if this is of interest please talk to your account manager).

Thank you again for your continued business, your understanding and your support through this challenging period. There may be some delays in the current unprecedented period, however, all our staff are working tirelessly and in many cases around the clock to serve all customers as quickly as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

David Cousins

David Cousins
Managing Director

Appendix 1
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Contingency Plan
V1 9th March 2020

In light of the current circumstances around the recent CoronaVirus outbreak we have reviewed our Business Continuity plan and have concluded the following:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Contingency / Continuity Plan:

The primary objectives of this policy are to:
A. Minimise the risk of Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies (BCHS) staff contracting the virus
B. Support our customer’s, should there be an outbreak within their company
C. Maintain an acceptable level of customer service
D. Return to normal service as quickly as possible

Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies Staff:

• An outbreak barrier pack consisting of alcohol wipes, anti-viral surface cleaner and hand sanitiser are being stored at all distribution points and will be distributed to BCHS staff in all areas of the business
• All drivers will be issued with relevant PPE such as masks, sanitisers, disposable gloves etc. to minimise their risk of contracting the infection when making deliveries
• Training provided to all employees on the correct PPE that is required and the extra steps to take such as increased hand washing, information leaflets and hygiene posters have been issued
• To minimise the risk of contracting the virus, we have reviewed what functions with our business need remote access. We have identified key functions that can work from home utilising the new implementation of the Microsoft teams software and existing virtual networks
• Restrictions have been placed on visits, or direct meetings, with customers or suppliers where these are thought to carry a high risk of infection
• Hygiene protocols have been implemented; this includes changes in cleaning regimes at all locations, extra time to be taken on touchpoints such as handles, doors, desks, counters, handrails, telephones, tables and chairs, taps, switches, sides/work surfaces, and the promotion of catch it, bin it, kill it principles
• Staff are encouraged to self-isolate if they feel they may have any symptoms, new sick pay regulations have been issued to all employees in light of this outbreak • In the event of a significant percentage of warehouse distribution employed staff being infected at the same time, contingencies have been prepared over the past weeks to enable the branch warehousing function to operate effectively whilst utilising large numbers of limited knowledge agency staff • Due to our unique branch structure, operating on a single ERP system, if a percentage of IT staff employed were to be infected at the same time, we can rely on our sister companies who share this ERP system, including shared IT resource across Bunzl UK Ltd

Communication and continuity of supply to our Customers:

• Contact will be made with all major customers explaining the current situation and initial measures being taken by BCHS advising key supplies are prioritised to the NHS
• Customers will be advised that limited face-to-face meetings may take place during this outbreak
• Customers will be asked to inform BCHS where any delivery site is deemed to be of high risk and alternative delivery points may be requested to minimise the risk to both BCHS and customer staff
• Should any our 19 BCHS branch locations be unable to maintain a satisfactory delivery service because of high numbers of infected staff, the other 18 BCHS branches or a third-party alternative (pallet carriers and courier companies), or both, will be put into operation to ensure there is no reduction in our commitment to the customers
• Internally we have 2 units of CLOROX T360 (proven to kill the COVID-19 virus), are on standby to deep clean any branch locations that may become infected. Deep cleaning utilising this machine can be completed in less than 1 hour
• In addition to our 19 locations, we have a substantial sized National Distribution Centre whereby we can dispatch directly to customer sites
• Should any BCHS site be unable to operate its administration because of high numbers of infected staff our IT systems will allow this to be done remotely at home or at another site that has not been affected
• Our communications systems will reroute calls to areas not affected so that there is no delay in customers’ orders reaching BCHS
• We have removed sanitiser lines off our website so they cannot be taken by non-existing customers
• Further updates will be issued as and when required including details of escalation or reduction of any current measures in place

Supplier communications

• Contact has been made all major UK and international suppliers/manufacturers to secure priority status to ensure a continuation of stock
• Back up suppliers/manufacturers for key supplies have been put in place to avoid out of stocks and extensive lead times
• Stocks and orders placed with our manufacturers are being monitored centrally by our purchasing team, supported by our stock controllers (locally based) to ensure we can provide a constant delivery service to all our customers
• Suppliers will be advised that limited face-to-face meetings will take place during the outbreak
• BCHS is sourcing alternative products to those currently available and these will be held at the National Distribution Centre allow access to all BCHS sites
• Further updates will be issued as and when required including details of when normal service levels have been resumed

Elements of our Business Continuity Plan of particular relevance to Coronavirus

• Through our national branch network, we have the capability to transfer stock internally across our network on a next-day basis if required
• Key contingency agreements in place with third-party logistics solutions for order fulfilment if required
• Our uniformed branch network is linked through one ERP system giving us operational capacity to execute all customer deliveries
• Outsourced servers to the Cloud for protection from all eventualities. The servers are hosted in a Primary and Backup server configuration housed in separate geographic locations. The Primary and Secondary servers are live linked and continuously backup between each other. Therefore, in the unlikely scenario of one Primary server failing the Secondary server automatically takes over, using live real-time data
• BCHS employs over 430 members of full-time and part-time staff and maintains long-standing relationships with local temporary staff agencies in order to fill any short term vacancies
• BCHS Buddy system allows key roles to be fulfilled at all times and for key functions to continue
• BCHS is part of the wider group Bunzl UK & Ireland, allowing the ability to tap into the infrastructure wider resources if required

Further updates will be issued as new information is released on the COVID-19 outbreak


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Stealth Launches Major Strategic Initiative

UK cornerstone customer group – Troy UK and United Tooling Solutions ‘UTS’

Established in 1986, Troy is a privately held group of industrial engineering supplies businesses in the UK. Troy is the UK’s largest independent industrial buying group with over 400 member trade retail outlets in the UK, and a comprehensive online presence. Troy recently received recognition for a Top 75 fastest growing companies based on sales turnover over the last four years in South West region of the UK. Revenue has grown by ~85% since 2016.

The Troy and UTS group consist of three principal areas of business operation;

Troy Buying Group – An industrial buying group with 300 members operating more than 400 trade outlets, that generate a combined revenue of in excess of GBP1.1b

  • United Tooling Solutions – is an industrial supplies distributor holding 8 company trade branch outlets directly owned by the same major Troy shareholder.
  • Toolshop Direct – operates under UTS, focused on online distribution specialising in industrial product and tooling sales with Tier 1 status ranking via the Amazon platform.

Sales and distribution of Bisley Workwear will be driven through both UTS and Troy’s trade retail outlets, and via UTS on the Amazon platform through the group’s online division Toolshop Direct. The arrangement with this group provides BSA Brands with an immediate UK national platform to introduce and grow the Bisley Workwear brand throughout the full UK market from commencement.

Troy also holds 20% ownership of a major European industrial buying group with 1,500 members and over 3,300 trade outlets throughout UK and Europe with a combined trading volume of EUR16 billion – BSA Brands will seek an opportunity to further expand into Europe in the medium term through this group.

Click here to read the full story

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TB Davies Announce Change Of Regulations On Ladders

Ladder and stepladder standards are changing, with the current British Standard BS 2037 Class 1 (ladders for heavy duty and industrial use) being withdrawn. A revised BS EN131 containing a Professional rating will replace Class 1, with a Non-Professional rating introduced for DIY applications. The main difference between the ratings will be durability, as both will have the same safe working load of 150kg.

The Ladder Association has asked its members to fully implement the new version, at the latest by the end of 2018. The most noticeable change will be to extension ladders over 3m, which will include a stabiliser bar to reduce, slip along with the chance of the ladder flipping or toppling.

All of the current EN131 stepladder products available from TB Davies already comply with the new standards requirement, with several new and improved ladder and step models becoming available during the first part of next year, as we replace the Class 1 products.

As standards are not applicable, retrospectively you will not need to stop using ladders built to the previous criteria. The revision simply sets a new minimum, to ensure even the most basic DIY products are designed to be safer and more durable.

If you would like a site visit report where we can update on standards and legislation, inspect existing equipment and evaluate current practices. We can currently offer the visits to Troy members free of charge for a limited period instead of the normal £300 fee.  

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The British Safety Industry Federation Updates On Effect Of Covid-19

Coronavirus Communication – Immediate Halt to Collections

Given the current situation and following government advice we have taken the decision to ban customer collections at all branch locations with immediate effect. This decision has been taken to protect our staff, and I’d like to thank you in advance for your understanding with regards to this matter.

Dowload the links below for more updates.

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The Future Of Metalworking Sector Report

Fein is one of Troy’s trusted suppliers in the Metalworking Sector. Their recent Industry Report saw Jim Chadwick, Troy Purchasing Director, contribute his opinions and insight to their ‘Future of Metalworking Sector Report’.

Jim has been the group purchasing director at Troy since August 2019. He has a wealth of experience having worked across the retail, wholesale and trade spaces for more than 30 years, which has allowed him to become somewhat of an expert within his field.

Read what Jim has to say about the ‘Future of Metalworking Sector Report’ and the key business insights it has to offer our Members below…

“An insightful and interesting summary of the current state of the metalworking industry. A positive contribution from a specialist tool supplier to the category that will benefit anyone that reads it.”


If you’re interested in finding out more information on the current and future state of the metalworking industry, you can read the full report by head to the link below!

Fein’s Metalworking Sector Report

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The L S Starrett Company Ltd, New For Troy Members

In an effort to improve the level of customer service we provide you with Starrett Welded Bandsaw Blades, we would like to explain a new strategic partnership we have developed with East Midland Saw & Tool Ltd which will enable us to guarantee you a 48 hour delivery time for Starrett Duratec SFB, Woodpecker and M42 Welded Bandsaw Blades.

To deliver product almost instantaneously is almost a given and customer demands and expectations are setting the bar higher and higher on a monthly basis. With this in mind we have agreed a partnership with EMST to establish a regional Starrett Bandsaw Welding Centre based in Long Eaton, Nottingham, right in the middle of the country. EMST will offer you a guaranteed 48 hour delivery on Starrett Welded Bandsaw Blades upon receipt of your order at the same price.
The above partnership only covers Starrett Welded Bandsaw Blades, all other Starrett products should be ordered directly as usual.
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact Troy Customer Services, or if you would like more information please call Starrett Customer Service Team on 01835 863501 who will be happy to assist you or answer any questions you may have.
In closing thank you once again for your confidence in the Starrett brand and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership, including this exciting new project, for many years to come

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The Modern Data Stack Conference EMEA

We are proud to announce that our very own Jenny Bicket, Senior Data Governance & Strategy Lead at Troy, was a Guest Speaker at The Modern Data Stack Conference EMEA that took place on the 25th May ’21.


Jenny Bicket was included in the expert line-up to speak at this year’s Modern Data Stack Conference last month. The online conference brought together data analysts, data engineers, and other data professionals from across the globe, to share the latest innovations, technology tools, and best practices.


Jenny discussed how to improve decision making across an entire business through data-driven decisions with other data experts from Biztory and KatKin during the day.

The online event was FREE, so if you’re looking to find out more about the event click the button below!


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Product coming to the UK for the first time

TIMco, one of the UK’s largest, independent and fastest growing wholesale suppliers to the construction industry, has been appointed as the exclusive supplier of GOOP, America’s number one multi-purpose hand cleaner since 1949. GOOP will be coming to the UK for the first time through TIMco later this month.


GOOP is a “waterless” hand cleaner that quickly and safely removes grease, paint, ink, tar, industrial soils and can also be used to clean tools. The non-toxic and bio-degradable product is made from the highest quality, premium ingredients and is specially formulated with natural moisturisers to leave your hands clean and soft. Original GOOP, with pumice to give it a more abrasive, cleaning power, is available in a range of sizes for a variety of applications.


The GOOP range also includes a citrus infused ‘Orange GOOP’.  The Orange GOOP uses all natural citrus cleaners to remove the toughest of soils, with no harsh chemicals or solvents.  The product is available in multiple sizes, with fine pumice scrubbers to help remove those extra tough stains.


The partnership is a further illustration of how TIMco is extending its Site Protection range to reflect the company’s commitment to safety in construction, as well as delivering on the company’s strategy of becoming a ‘one stop shop’ for builders’ merchants.  The new GOOP products follow last year’s launch of first aid kits which include a selection of workplace and vehicle first aid kits, as well as a heavy bleed and burns kit. The range also includes an eye care kit, heavy duty plasters and an accident book.


Simon Midwood, Managing Director of TIMco, comments: “We’re proud to have been selected as the exclusive supplier of GOOP in the UK.  It’s a hugely popular and proven product that fits very well with our rapidly expanding range.  We’re excited to be bringing the product to the UK and believe it will be well received by both merchants and end users.”


Billy Schleifstein, President, International Division, GOOP DIV Critzas Industries, Inc. added: “TIMco has a long-standing reputation for providing high-quality goods and services, attention to detail, as well as, exceptional levels of customer assistance. We find this admirable, and it definitely struck a positive chord with us. We are all very excited about this new partnership, and welcome TIMco as a member of our extended family.”


TIMco is headquartered in Nantwich, Cheshire and imports and supplies more than 7,000 product lines from around the world to distributors throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.  The company was established in 1972 and now employs 160+ members of staff from its offices in the UK, Ireland and Taiwan.  For more information on the new ranges available or to find your nearest TIMco stockist, visit:


For further information, contact:

Janet Hare/Beth Ellis, Source PR 01829720789                                                                           

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TIMco Extends Quality Control Facilities

TIMco, one of the UK’s largest independent wholesale suppliers of screws, fixings and power tools accessories has extended its UK quality control facilities to meet the requirements of its growing product base and provide customers with product training and testing facilities.

The new QC facilities are part of TIMco’s latest investment in a new 30,000sqft warehouse space. The new QC facilities have been implemented to provide further quality control checks on products when they arrive in the UK.  The company already has QC facilities in its offices in the Far East that monitor the manufacturing process and ensure that no products are dispatched to the UK without effective checks.

On arrival to TIMco’s Cheshire offices, products then receive further testing before they are stored and distributed to customers.  The new facilities include a range of technologies from salt spray test machines to devices that measure load and insertion speeds. Products that fail the tests at any stage are promptly removed from the supply chain, while products that pass the tests are then verified for use.

The new facilities also provide customers with the opportunity to visit TIMco’s offices to learn how products work and their best applications.  By supporting customer’s employees they in turn are able to sell with more confidence and research also suggests that customers look for outlets that have knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Simon Midwood, Managing Director of TIMco, comments: “We’re committed to providing a broad range of high quality products to our customers and testing them effectively is a key part of delivering on our promises.  The new state-of-the-art facilities ensure that our standards remain high and also provide us with an opportunity to train customers on our latest products and their applications, which in turn improves their product knowledge and benefits end users. We strongly advise that customers utilise these facilities and services which we can offer.”

Over the last year, TIMco has increased its ranges to more than 6,500 products ranging from traditional fasteners and fixings through to gate hardware, building chemicals and adhesives to new and improved impact driver bits and associated builder’s products.

TIMco is head quartered in Nantwich, Cheshire and imports and supplies more than 6,500 product lines from around the world to distributors throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.  The company was established in 1970 and now employs 115 members of staff from its offices in the UK, Ireland and Taiwan.  For more information, visit

For further information, contact:

Sarah Hawkins/Louis Hill, The Source Partnership                                       



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TIMco Make Their Mark With Chemicals And Adhesives Ranges

TIMco, one of the UK’s largest independent wholesale suppliers of screws, fixings and power tools accessories, has introduced Building Chemicals and Adhesives into their latest offering due to high customer demand and to deliver on their strategy of being a ‘one stop shop’ for builder’s merchants.

With over 10 different adhesives, from multi-purpose to grab adhesives to instant mitre kits and over 15 different aerosols from Air & Gas Detectors to Cold Galvanising paint and spot markers, the ranges promise to provide versatility, visibility, speed and protection when needed.

Wood filler is also included within the chemicals range offered in 2-part high strength and 2-part styrene free options for internal and external applications which promise to flex with the natural movement of wood and can even be sanded 30 minutes post application.

Managing Director of TIMco, Simon Midwood comments: “Over the past year, we have seen an increased demand for adhesives and other chemicals commonly used within trades to fix, grease, fill and mark-out during varying stages of construction and renovations and that’s why we decided to introduce our building chemicals and adhesives ranges to TIMco. The addition of these new lines demonstrates how TIMco are meeting customer demands and becoming a ‘one stop shop’.”

The new Building Chemicals and Adhesives ranges are included in TIMco’s biggest ever catalogue, featuring more than 6,500 product lines.

TIMco is head quartered in Nantwich, Cheshire and imports and supplies more than 6,000 product lines from around the world to distributors throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.  The company was established in 1970 and now employs 142+ members of staff from its offices in the UK, Ireland and Taiwan.  For more information, visit

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TMB 2022 ... So Good To Be Back!

What an incredible come back – it’s fair to say that TMB 2022 was a real assault on the senses with record numbers in attendance and business generated on the day.  Bigger & better than before, for the first time ever TMB covered all 3 of the halls and a new supplier mezzanine at The Wing, Silverstone, accommodating 184 supplier stands – the quality of these and the TMB offers were second to none with the Troy Suppliers well and truly pulling it out of the bag.

TMB 2022 Summary …

  • Superb Supplier Stands with product demos, deals & samples across 3 halls including …
  • A New Supplier Mezzanine
  • Impressive Demo Vehicles
  • TMB 2022 Innovation Award – judged by our very own Troy Young Professional Panel
  • Incredible Top Ten Deals
  • Troy’s Very Own Experts, Giving Presentations on Dual Branding, Troy Solutions, Troy Commerce & More
  • Product Data Support via Ez-base, Award Winning vending with Safe Stock Solutions, Fantastic Purchasing Opportunities via Trojan Tools, Manufacturing Excellence with TMG
  • On the track racing in an Aston Martin & Ferrari
  • Category Specialist Advice in PPE, Welding & more
  • all generating unprecedented amounts of ££££ business

and that was just the day!

Gala Dinner & Entertainment Circus Style!

The gala dinner was housed in the impressive Big Top marquee at Whittlebury Park, which was awash with colour, lights and an electric atmosphere.  There was …

  • Fancy Dress!!!!  Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun!
  • Clowning around in the Carousel, Cannon & Car
  • A Juggler, Magician, Mirror Men & Make-up artists
  • Class Acts – who really didn’t need an introduction – the hilarious Rod Woodward, beautiful & talented Lisa Kelsey, and show stopping Nina Conti and up for a laugh volunteers from the crowd – not forgetting super clever compere & ring master Paul Martyn
  • Delicious food served by Whittlebury Park’s very own clowns
  • Wine a plenty on the tables – compliments of U-Power – Thank you for sponsoring!
  • Exploding balloons – these were not for the faint hearted!
  • & a fun filled Casino – sponsored by Europa – Thank you so much, this really did make the perfect end to an incredible evening!


The Morning After The Night Before …

For the Troy Team it was back to business on Friday 18th March too, where we were back at Silverstone for the final breakdown – and the irony of it being World Sleep Day wasn’t lost on us either …

Let’s Talk About Brad!

Pre-show – on Wednesday 16th March – Whittlebury Park played host to a world class business seminar with the one and only Brad Sugars World #No1 Business Coach.  Whatever the scale, model or direction of the business everyone was able to take something incredibly valuable away from this once in a lifetime opportunity.  He talked passionately about the importance of a Mission, Management, Productivity, Strategy, Marketing, Business Development, Loyalty & much more …

Energetic, charismatic & inspiring – Brad expertly provided a plethora of real-life business experiences to demonstrate his proven principles of business success.  Brad’s ability to connect with the audience was effortless, generating many keen questions about relating his principles to specific scenarios from Members & Suppliers alike.

And There’s More … TMB 2022 VIRTUAL SHOW!

Troy Members – TMB 2022 didn’t end on Thursday for you either!  We’re delighted to confirm that the link to the VIRTUAL SHOW is now live on showcasing many of the fantastic TMB deals which will remain in effect until the end of March and beyond!

TMB 2022 was sponsored by:

Dormer Pramet – Draper Tools – Makita – Portwest – Stanley, Black & Decker & Toolbank

Thank you from Paul Kilbride & Board of Directors:

A huge thank you to all our show sponsors who’ve been incredibly supportive, our loyal members for attending on the day, and our superb suppliers that showcased their incredible products, brands and deals.  Not forgetting the Silverstone Events Team, New Image PR, Whittlebury Park, Creative Hire and everyone else involved in bringing this incredible show together – we really couldn’t have done this without you all #strongertogether.  Roll on 2023!

Stay tuned to our socials for more fantastic images and videos following the best TMB Trade Show yet!

#SupportIndependents #TMB2022 #TroyTeam

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TMB save the date

The Show Must Go On…


We are pleased to announce that our famous Troy THS annual show, recently postponed due to the COVID-19 virus, has now been rearranged for Thursday 22nd October 2020 at Silverstone; with guest speaker Brad Sugars, confirmed as taking the stage the evening before the show (Wednesday 21st October), sharing his secrets of success in business.

We will be getting in touch
with our Members and Suppliers with more details in due course.

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TMB Show postponed



Sorry, this content is only available to members. If you have an account please login at the top of the page.




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Toolbank Give Statement On Distribution Centre Closure

Dear Customer,

I am writing to inform you that, regrettably, due to the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak we have had no choice but to temporarily close our UK distribution centres until further notice. The closures will take effect from close of business today, March 24th, 2020……..

Download the rest of the communication using the link below.

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Toolbank Services Update

We are pleased to advise that our central warehouse (TSS) has now been able to reopen and will provide a normal C Stock service to our UK customers with immediate effect.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding whilst we have been re-organising our logistics to ensure we protect the health and wellbeing of our teams.


The health and safety of our team remains paramount and all those involved in processing customer orders will adhere to strict operating guidelines to ensure their safety as they carry out their work.

This means that we will be operating with a reduced team (to enable us to practice social distancing) which may extend delivery times in busy periods.


Whilst we will do everything we can to get your orders to you as soon as possible, we will not be able to offer our usual next day service, but we will endeavor to ensure that you receive all Toolbank deliveries within 48/72 hours from receipt of order.  


Due to the unique circumstances in which we are operating and the impact this has had on our normal transport facilities, we need to maintain a small minimum order value of £50.


It may also be possible to collect goods from our warehouses, but only by prior arrangement and subject to strict health and safety instructions that will be visible on site.


Due to reduced office staff numbers, we would ask you to help us by placing your orders through our B2B website (or other electronic method) or by email, if possible.




In addition to these services our sales management team remain available and can be contacted as below:









Kevin Hull

07970 473117


Rob Wilcock

07970 473066


Adam Geary

07970 473032


Mike Thomas

07970 473067


Jason Nicol

07970 473143


Craig Bryan

07824 095875


Ritchie Bywaters

07970 473191


David Walton

07970 473022


Christian Paine

07970 473010


Martin Herridge

07970 473095


Paul Dickie

07970 473128




Thank you for your continued support and consideration.

We once again, wish you, your families and your business, well at this most difficult time.





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Top Tips on Merchandising from our Marketing Masters!

In this Troy Insight edition, we speak with our Masters of Marketing and Merchandising at Troy to bring you the Top Tips on how best to market & merchandise your Trade Counter for maximum footfall, increased profit and to establish a loyal customer base.  

Click here for the full article

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Trade Survey are pleased to announce their appointment as Fluke Wholesalers.

Trade Survey are pleased to announce their appointment as Fluke Wholesalers.

Founded in 1948 Fluke have grown to become the number one manufacturer of quality electrical and test equipment used by service technicians, engineers, electrical installers and power networks throughout the world.

As a part of this agreement Trade Survey have also become the UK distributor of PLS lasers another leading brand which offers the same quality and performance of the other products in the Fluke range.

Together with a name and brand that is renown throughout the electrical and test industry.

Trade Survey feel that this is a great product to add to their range and compliments their existing product portfolio of Leica, Laserliner, Protimeter, and Nightsearcher.

These are available from stock with a next day delivery service if ordered by 4pm.

For details on becoming a stockist for any of the above contact: Andrew McAllister at Trade Survey, Tel: 0800 292 2188, Email:

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Troy Celebrates Cyber Essentials Certification...

We are delighted to share that we have recently completed the Cyber Essentials Certification, which means we have reached a benchmark in Cyber Security – another feather in the cap of the Troy Group, demonstrating our security and offering peace of mind. 

This is supported by the National Cyber Security Centre, accredited through IASME & recommended by the ICO …  AND with more and more contracts now requesting for this in the supply chain, it is an absolute must going forward.

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Troy Kicks Off Online PPE Training Programme...With Uvex

We are delighted to have successfully launched our expert run PPE training programme, with a Sight & Hearing webinar with Uvex, On Thursday 11th February ’21.

PPE is now part of global language, however we understand how important it is for independent businesses to equip sales teams with the right skills to confidently, and appropriately, sell the huge variety of PPE ranges available to customers both in-store & online. 

Category Focussed Training

We have teamed up with our top-quality PPE suppliers, to bring our members a series of up-to-the-minute industry training webinars throughout the year, each focussed on a particular area of PPE.   Here they will find out about the varying standards needed for specific jobs & working environments, within each area of PPE like Eye, Ear, Hand, Face protection and more, featuring demonstrations & sample products (for signed up PPE Heroes only – full details on PPE Sales Support & Training area of the website),

Members can then compliment their stocked ranges with the required industry knowledge for sales teams, to instil confidence in customers, increase sales and build a great reputation…

…and these courses are absolutely FREE TO TROY MEMBERS!

Thank you to Uvex for an incredible first session, your expertise and insight has been invaluable, with glowing feedback coming through all the time…

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Troy Kicks Off Rugby Union Season Sponsorship With Chiefs - at Sandy Park 'Meet & Greet'

Paul Kilbride, Troy CEO, his wife Lexi and son, Alex, met with Exeter chiefs’ players, coaching team and staff at a socially distanced, sponsor event held at Sandy Park on Wednesday 14th October.

And there’s more exciting news!  A selection of lucky Troy employees, from across the various sites, will have scored with a conversion via a company raffle for tickets to watch Saturday’s big final!  

They will get to visit Sandy Park and experience full hospitality with a delicious Sausage & Mash meal and drinks, while watching the Chiefs’ play in the Heineken Champions Cup Final against Racing 92 on Saturday 17th October.  As the match is being played at Ashton Gate, it will be streamed live to the Sandy Park corporate lounge where Team Troy will enjoy great service and exquisite food, while they cheer on the Chiefs to become the European champions – fingers crossed!

Kick-off on Saturday is at 16.45pm and will be streamed live via BT Sport, so be sure to tune in if you can and cheer on the chiefs – AND TROY – from the comfort and safety of your homes.

Come on Chiefs you can do it! Chiefs, Chiefs, Chiefs!

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Troy Member, G E Tools, Bids Fond Farewell To Retiring, Long Serving Director ...

GE Tools director Neil Coleclough, a driving forces behind Troy Member, G E Tools, says goodbye this week after more than 30 years’ of service.  He joined the company, based in Rhyl and Deeside-based, back in 1988 and has been integral to its sustained growth.

At 59-year-old, he plans to spend quality time with wife Christine and family, pursuing hobbies including photography, walking and yoga.  Neil follows GE Tools founder Gordon Evans into retirement and is delighted that new Managing Director Chris Owen – with his 20 years + experience with the organisation – will lead them to an even brighter future

“It’s been some time in the planning but it’s soon come around. This time next week will be my colleague Neil Coleclough’s last working day.  After 33 years of directing our business he’s hanging up his brogues, throwing the laptop in the skip and planning on spending some well deserved quality time with his family.  Thanks for all the guidance and opportunities that both you and Gordon Evans have given me.” Chris Owen, Director at G E Tools

Everyone at Troy would like to wish Neil all the best in his retirement.

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Troy partners with EZ-base to deliver a complete product data solution to the UK market

Troy (UK) is pleased to announce their collaboration with market-leading Netherlands & Belgium based data management firm, EZ-base. This exciting new joint venture will bring significant benefits to the UK, with Troy members and suppliers positioned at the front of the queue for this much needed, affordable, online product data system.

About Troy (UK)
Troy UK, prides itself on providing business services and solutions for its member distributors operating within the industrial supplies and tooling market. Having originated as a buying group, Troy UK has grown to become the largest in its marketplace, having more than £1.1b collective group trading power with more than 400 suppliers and 350 members.

About EZ-base
Over their 15 years’ worth of experience, EZ-base has successfully built a digital ‘data-bridge’ between many suppliers and distributors from a range of countries and industries.  Their up-to-the-minute technology acquires, refines and standardises product data to ensure accuracy, consistency and brand integrity, with seamless updates continuing as and when released.

New EZ-base (UK)
The new sophisticated, secure, information warehouse – EZ-base is now ready to store and process suppliers’ product data within the UK market.  Access to this data, will assist members to trade on-line efficiently, with ease, saving valuable time and money.  Required information will be extractable in a universal format, ready for uploading to ANY established or new online store.  And the benefits won’t stop there, as the EZ-base technology will be able to assist in creating databases, online and printed promotional material and more

Suppliers Jump on Board
A number of astute suppliers are keen to work with EZ-base, immediately seeing the value of being able to control the quality and reliability of their data being used by countless retailers in the public domain.  Those already involved have been incredibly receptive – and it is clear that this solution is quickly being recognised as a must-have for any respected businesses. 

Future Partnership
The collective expertise and industry knowledge that the Troy (UK) and EZ-base partnership offers will ensure customers receive the best service in the business.

“There’s no doubt that online trading is a priority for the Troy group, especially with the recent pandemic having a negative impact on sales in physical stores.  EZ-base will assist ecommerce by acting as a fundamental conduit between distributors and suppliers, with great benefits to be had on both sides.  Everyone involved has been working incredibly hard and we’re excited to see this key ‘game-changer’ project come to fruition, ready for the next chapter in digital trading”
Gareth Thomas, EZ-base Managing Director (UK)

“I think we both realise that this is an important step for the further development of digital channels and digital information supply in hardware and tools industry in Great Britain.  I look forward to a constructive and successful relationship in the coming years.”
Ron van den Bosch, CEO of EZ-base

In the coming weeks, the EZ-base team will be contacting Troy members and suppliers to discuss the fantastic benefits on offer.  However, to find out more in the meantime, please email

For further information please visit the dedicated EZ-base website

For more details about Troy (UK) please visit

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Troy Supplier TB Davies Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

A company set up because its founder promised a fellow serviceman a job would be waiting for him after the Second World War, is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

Cardiff company TB Davies (Cardiff) Ltd was founded on November 6, 1945 by a veteran of two world wars, Thomas Brynley Davies. Mr Davies was a Warrant Officer in the Second Battalion of the Life Guards stationed at Windsor Barracks in the First World War. 

He made his promise to fellow serviceman Colin Morgan while stationed at a local RAF base. After the war ended, Bryn sold his house to finance the new business, TB Davies.

To continue reading, please click here.


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Troy UK assists its members through partnership with Ashfords LLP

Troy UK have partnered with Ashfords LLP, a leading law firm, to provide Troy members with a dedicated COVID-19 helpline.

With the UK Government announcing an unprecedented range of support measures for businesses and employers, the helpline will provide initial help and signposting in relation to business and legal issues arising from the COVID-19 crisis, at no cost to the member.

We are currently in extraordinary times which raises a significant amount of questions for business owners. The new partnership between Troy and Ashfords aims to combat this uncertainty with advice and information on employment law, commercial tenant advice, loan application and finance facilities, commercial insurance, business continuity and tax deferral schemes.

Government initiatives, arrangements and provisions are changing and emerging on a daily basis so keeping up to date in these challenging trading conditions is essential to Troy Members. The new Troy/Ashfords partnership will provide a regular bulletin to members to give as much information as possible about the current COVID-19 pandemic and the issues it creates for businesses in the UK. The bulletin will contain a summary of Government measures, frequently asked questions, best practice tips, evolving business issues as well as application and paperwork support.

Members can enjoy free initial legal advice, which is complimentary support provided by Troy in these challenging trading times.

More details are available to Members only within the members area of the Troy THS website

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Troy UK sponsor Exeter Chiefs - watch kit launch video here

Paul Kilbride, CEO of the Troy Group, has signed to sponsor local rugby union club and premiership title winners, Exeter Chiefs, this season. 
Paul is a long term supporter of the team and this sponsorship deal on behalf of Troy celebrates a major milestone, his 10 year ownership anniversary as CEO of Troy, coinciding with the Chiefs’ 10 years competing in the Aviva premiership.  

Both organisations have enjoyed great success over the last ten years, equally starting from relatively humble beginnings and sharing ambitions for future achievement.

Troy provides business services and solutions for its membership, which is made up of independent SME industrial supplies and tooling distributors, to enable them to compete with the major national tooling chains.

Since Paul’s succession 10 years ago Troy UK has grown to become the largest in its marketplace, having more than £1.1b collective group trading power with more than 400 suppliers and 350 members.

Sports ethics and competitive drive play a large part in Troy’s culture.  Its accomplishments are the result of team work, identifying individuals’ core skills and maximising that to the collective advantage of the team in order to succeed – as well as professionalism, focus and commitment.

Paul has sponsored a number of sporting events and clubs, including the Tug of War at the Drumnadrochit Highland Games, a charitable donation for competing in the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara, Peter Dumbreck Professional British Racing Driver as well as supporting a local under 16’s football team Central AC, and now Exeter Chiefs. Not only this but Troy hosts its annual TMB show at the home of British Formula 1, Silverstone, reflecting their aim for the elite standard.

[playlist type="video" ids="33233"]


Nurturing Young Local Talent

Both organisations value their local talent and seek to develop and retain their top performers.  Star players like Henry Slade, Luke Cowan-Dickie, Jack Nowell & Sam Hill have developed to the highest level at the Chiefs, progressing from academy level to international standard and remain loyal to the club.

Paul’s sons, Alex & Oz, who are both Chief’s academy alumni, have successfully completed Troy’s trainee management scheme.   They and other Troy employees are set to rise through the ranks and become the stars of the future.  Troy prides itself on being a family business, supporting other family businesses.  This sentiment extends across its staff team creating a friendly and tight-knit environment, making it one of the top companies to work for in the country.

“My family and I are huge rugby fans so I’m delighted to be able to sponsor the Chiefs which we’ve supported and held season tickets with for many years.  Troy and the Exeter Chiefs share many of the same values – competitive, passionate, team focused and continued investment in home-grown talent.  I see my sponsorship as a fantastic boost for Troy.  Being affiliated with such a successful local sports club that is recognised nationally, and representing everything that Troy stands for, offers great brand awareness.  The Exeter Chiefs have proven that from humble beginnings it is possible to compete and win at the top level by developing local talent and creating the right culture”Paul Kilbride, Troy Group CEO

Exeter Chiefs Home Kit 2020/21

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Troy’s Workwear Offering Following Dickies Workwear Closure

As we’re sure you’re aware, Dickies Workwear will be discontinued as of 31st March ’21.


Please see below some of the alternative suppliers and brands available through Troy, that offer high quality ranges of Workwear for you to consider stocking in place of the Dickies ranges.  For further details please see the purchasing hub on or discuss with your BDM for more assistance.

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UK Government announces that there are to be new rules applied on VAT for COVID-19 related PPE

The UK Government has recently announced that there are to be new rules applied on vat for COVID 19 related PPE. A zero-rate of VAT will apply to sales of personal protective equipment (PPE) for Covid-19 from 1 May 2020 until 31 July 2020, a move they said will save care homes and businesses more than £100 million.

This announcement comes after import duty was also removed from PPE used in the context of Covid-19.

Further information is available through this link.

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Ukraine Crisis Fundraiser

A huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone that donated towards the the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine at the TMB Gala Dinner.  All funds raised will go direct to the British Red Cross appeal to support those affected. 

Messages are currently being sent out to everyone that pledged on the night, as a reminder to complete donations via our GoFundMe page at

Thank you so much for your generosity – we will be announcing the full figure raised very soon,  #strongertogether

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Understanding your business energy contract

Energy purchasing can be a complicated task to fulfill, particularly when it comes to electricity. When considering your next business contract, it is important to understand the charging structure within the offer and what you are paying for. For many small businesses, not having the time or knowledge to review and implement the best energy contracts for their businesses can often lead to overpaying further down the line.

Breaking Down Bills
Interestingly, and often not well known, wholesales energy costs make up only approximately 40% of your total energy bills, the other part is made up from a mixture of additional 3rd party charges including government levies, which often focus on support for green energy incentives like Feed In Tariffs and the climate change levy. Further charges include payments for maintaining infrastructure, transmitting and distributing energy from power stations and across the national grid. Surprisingly the continuous upward trend in energy costs is due to the non-commodity elements of your energy bill, rather than the wholesale cost of energy. The chart below gives an example of this:

*Contracts for Difference
**Climate Control Levy

Finding the Best Deal
The price you pay for your energy depends on many factors, including the type of procurement contract you opt for, the length of that contract and your overall consumption. All of these will vary by supplier, meaning finding the best price can be quite confusing. Essentially there are 3 types of electricity contracts: Pass Through, Fixed and Fully Fixed.

Pass-Through contracts differ from fully fixed contracts in that only the wholesale part of your price is fixed for the length of the contract. All other non-commodity costs including transmission, distribution, government taxes and levies are passed through to the consumer via their supplier at cost and can change as these are a variable charge. In fully fixed contracts these charges are higher as they have a risk weighting applied to allow for price increases.

The benefit of this approach depends on small increase in the pass-through charges throughout your contract. If these charges don’t increase significantly during the contract period, you will benefit from lower overall costs, however the risk is that they will.

Fixed or Partial Pass Through,
This type of contract fixes the wholesale cost of the energy for the contractual period, and the 3rd party charges mentioned above will be set at this point. The suppliers are then responsible for any increases in 3rd party charges up to a certain point. If charges exceed a certain amount, which should be outlined in the terms and conditions they can then pass through these charges to the end user.
This type of contract Is less risky than a full pass-through contract and is aimed at businesses who would like slightly more security in their contracts but do still have a higher risk threshold.

Fully Fixed,
These types of contracts are aimed at businesses with little appetite for risk and those that want absolute budget certainty. The price of the unit rate, including all non-commodity charges is fully fixed for the duration of the contract. A a result the unit rates and standing charges tend to be higher, as the supplier must build risk of future increases to 3rd party charge into their offer. It must still be noted that these contracts can till be exposed to new taxes as well as increases to the climate change levy (CCL) and VAT.

Your choice

While for most SMEs outright cost will be the primary driver, in some cases different factors may come into consideration, depending on the nature of your business and your wider targets.

Working with an energy consultant can help your business find the most suitable contracts for your businesses needs based on your attitude to risk.

Get a fresh pair of expert eyes cast over your bills and see if efficiencies or errors can be identified.

Troy UK has vetted and approved consultants you can use to be sure of a great service.

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United By Inspiration, United By Dickies

Troy supplier Dickies UK have launched their first ever Dickies global marketing campaign: “United By Inspiration, United By Dickies”.

The campaign juxtaposes ten makers from the Dickies global community, including two European makers; Johannes Rathmann, a carpenter from Germany and Rob Maxfield, a stone mason from the UK.  

This campaign will be spread on their website, social medias, via trade press, via digital and Youtube.  

You can get a sneak peak at the visuals and videos developed for the campaign here!

Click here for links to Dickies socials

Click here for the full story from Dickies

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Welcome to Troy's New Suppliers ...

Here are some of the fantastic new suppliers that have joined the Group in the last quarter of 2021.  To find out more about their product and brand offerings, please visit the Purchasing Hub here on the Members’ area of the Troy website or via their company websites as shown below:

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