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An Audience with Brad Sugars

Troy / THS is delighted to bring you a valuable business insight opportunity…. an audience with Brad Sugars, Founder of Action Coach 

The globally acclaimed #1 Business Coach will be sharing his expertise on ‘Pulling Profits’, on the evening prior to TMB – an absolute must for any business looking to be inspired, motivated and ready for growth.



Registration for the event is at 5.30pm on 18th March
at the Brooklands Suite, Whittlebury Hall
Mr Brad Sugars speaking from 6pm – 8pm
Dinner to follow at 8-8.30pm

Why Brad Sugars?….

The management team recently took a trip to Las Vegas America gaining immense value from taking part in a week long training conference run by Action Coach. There they heard Brad Sugars speaking on business strategy, ownership and management providing realistic and tangible tips and strategy to implement in our business. Since the trip, employees have felt this training filter through the business and the value Brad provided has already been put into daily practice. With on going support, literature, videos and our local Action Coach representative, the proposition is designed to encourage constant engagement and provide value for the life time of your business.

Troy Academy with Action Coach
Last year we embarked on a joint venture with Action Coach unveiling the new Troy Training Academy. Our Training Academy can support members to grow their business through knowledge and training as well as keep them up-to-date with the necessary industry standard training, required by law, ISO accreditation and for best practice.  All our members are busy running their business and focusing on front line duties, the academy is developed with this in mind and all the courses can be delivered remotely and via webinar links as well as on site should the need arise.

In a competitive market place, quality and customer service need to be your unique selling features and our training courses can help you to deliver this with courses focusing on; Sales and Marketing, Finance and Planning, Team Work and Employee Engagement. 

Registration for this ‘must attend’ event will be on Wednesday 18th March, 5.30pm at The Brooklands Suite, Whittlebury Hall, with Mr Sugars speaking 6pm-8pm.  Dinner will follow shortly afterwards, 8-8.30pm at The Grand Prix Suite, Whittlebury Hall.  To attend and book your team’s place at the pre-show event or for further enquiries, contact in the first instance.  Miss it, Miss Out!

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Be Enthusiastic About Reducing Plastic

Both the government and consumers are piling the pressure on companies to reduce their plastic consumption. With small businesses looking to increase their online sales, packaging is a significant area where they can be doing more to reduce the use of plastic.

A common frustration for consumers is the amount of packaging used to transport their purchases. Have you received a small product, packaged in a large box containing excessive amounts of plastic, non-recyclable filler? Not only does it strike you as wasteful, you need to consider whether to recycle it or just stick it in the bin. It’s rubbish, literally.

It seems not even online retail giants, Amazon, aren’t immune to scrutiny, with customers famously taking to social media to complain about their careless parcelling. While Amazon is undoubtedly large enough to weather the storm, and even turn this criticism to their benefit, smaller independents can’t afford to risk this kind of negative publicity.
Sainsbury’s supermarket has been down in the polls over the years for their lack of action in plastic packaging reduction. Recently, however, they’ve launched a campaign pledging a 50% reduction of their plastic packaging by 2025. This is a smart move by Sainsbury’s, dispelling their previous criticism and no doubt leaving their historically more eco-friendly rivals scratching their heads about how to launch a more enthralling and original initiative. Being proactive, rather than reactive, puts you in a much stronger position.


There’s a new generation of customers emerging who expect more than just value for money – and being eco friendly is at the top of the list. Make sure you consider this, as it could affect your business. Working towards quality assurance and ISO accreditation with reducing plastics could retain customers, attract new ones and tenders. 


Top Tips:

• Research greener packaging alternatives.

• Start small, but switch non-recyclable items first.

• Train your staff in reducing packaging and reuse where possible.

• Keep a range of box sizes in stock to accommodate the varying sizes of product.

• Add a clear reuse, recycle message on your packaging to encourage customers.

• Don’t overfill with filler – and make sure it’s biodegradable paper or card.

• Remember the less obvious packaging items like tape and labels.

• Consider offering your regular customers a packaging return/reuse service.

• Shout about it – Wear your eco-friendly policy as a badge of honour.

There are many packaging products on the market that you can change to have a significant positive environmental impact such as: boxes, tape, filler, pallet wrap, jiffy bags/tubes, strapping, wrapping, labels and tags. Speak to your packaging supplier about looking at cost effective, eco friendly alternatives. Make them aware that being environmentally friendly is important to you and your business, and that if you’re not satisfied you’ll need to look elsewhere.

If you’d like to share your experience of switching to plastic-free packaging or your business’ new approach to becoming environmentally friendly, please contact Sarah Revell on

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Competitor Analysis Issue 1

Welcome to our inaugural competitor analysis, where you can find competitor updates and industry developments relevant to your business.

As this is issue 1 we welcome thoughts and feedback from members and hope to release these documents on a quarterly basis.

Competitor analysis

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Diversifying into PPE - are you maximising sales to the customers you already have?

We all know it’s difficult to get new business, but are you maximising sales to the customers you already have?

Diversifying into PPE could be the answer, and is an easy addition to product ranging, with profit margins of 25-45% being achievable. 

Increasing safety legislation means the PPE market sector is only growing, and Troy UK’s Business Development Team are on hand to support you in adopting or enhancing PPE offerings and liaising with suppliers in the field on your behalf.

Recently Simon James and Wendy Perkins supported Member DJ Evans to reconfigure their trade counter and source information to submit pricing proposals to customers….

“Now DJ Evans is a Troy UK member we have access to purchasing leading brands in the PPE and workwear arena. Troy UK have offered fantastic product support, specifically Simon James and Wendy Perkins, who as PPE BDM and Category Managers deliver a fast and knowledgeable service. Simon has been very effective in sourcing all relevant infomation needed to submit pricing proposals to our customers. This has enabled us to have access to a service that can quickly inform you of prices, MOQ’s and a local representative! This is a must for any busy Field Sales Representative.”
Lucia Harper
Business Development & Marketing Manager 
DJ Evans 

Not only does Troy UK have extensive industry knowledge in the Business Development Team, we also have a fantastic relationship with the British Safety Industry Federation allowing us to offer reduced prices for courses to members. Read more about the value BSIF membership and courses can bring your business here.  

“We believe that by using the benefits of BSIF members and the RSSS Shield to market our business, and by being ahead of the curve, we have attracted new and better business….as current members we fully recommend membership to all our fellow Troy members. Remember ‘Anyone can sell Safety, but you wouldn’t buy Safety from just anyone’ ” 

Grattan Boylan
Chairman, JBS Group 


If you would like support in selling PPE, speak to your Troy Business Development Manager today. 

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Don't Miss The Brad Sugars Event - FREE When You Attend TMB (Worth £350 pp)

No#1 Business Coach, Brad Sugars…Insightful, Inspiring, Indispensable


Come & see Brad Sugars at TMB, on pre-show day, on Wednesday 18th March ‘20

We make no secret that Troy’s successful journey over recent times has been significantly boosted by Brad Sugar’s practical and progressive influence.  Brad bases his approach on three fundamental principles: Engagement, Culture & Communication.  He teaches you that in breaking down your company into practical, digestible areas you can increase your focus to make more considered and open-minded decisions.  When put into practise, this simple and effective concept really does clarify your business priorities.


Unconvinced?  Sound too simple?

“If success was easy, everyone would be doing it” Brad Sugars

Brad Sugars doesn’t offer a weak, quick fix solution.  He understands that in order to be successful in business it takes a lot of hard work.  He certainly practices what he preaches, as this is evident from his own long running, international success.


“I won’t lie at first I did have my reservations and wasn’t sure what to expect, having come from a background in large business where you receive a lot of ongoing training and development. However, having met Brad my opinion has completely changed. His is a very engaging, motivational speaker who empowers you to believe that once you set your mind on a goal it is truly achievable. What’s more is he keeps it simple. Several courses in my lifetime have been hugely over complicated whereas this approach leaves you armed with a few simple tricks to ensure you stay on track and focus on what is important.”  Troy Business Leader


Brad Sugars has helped us, and he can help you too…

Empowering our workforce to manage things on a higher level, has allowed us precious time to focus on the direction of Troy. Equip your workforce with the toolkit to step-up and make decisions.  Their performance will be the best indicator that you’re going in the right direction and your new clear thinking will give you an uninterrupted, aerial view of your company’s destination. 


“Paul Kilbride had been on the course last year, he found great value in it and believed it would be better delivered by Brad himself to key members of the leadership team. Paul believes in investing in people as they are the future of the business…Leadership is all about developing future leaders and if you get the right people on board with the right attitude, then you are future proofing your internal business structure. Troy has huge ambitions for the future and there is no stopping us with the right focus and attitude which needs to stem from above.”  Troy Business Leader


Managing time is one of the biggest obstacles that business owners face…

Short term investments in your team will bring long term results.  Creating time efficient processes now, will free you up to evolve, build and improve.


“We are all incredibly busy, independent business leaders. Juggling multiple roles on a shoestring team, can mean we lose focus on the business. For those that don’t have the time to do long extensive training programs which can be quickly forgotten, this is an ideal, convenient way to regain that focus, put everything back into perspective and keep it simple, with some great “go to” templates for reference. Less procrastinating and more action come from engaging with Brad’s action coach.”  Troy Business Leader


“Long term is exactly it.  We want to grow as a business and be relevant in a modern world which is heavily technology driven. The course gave us insights into how we could do that encompassing the 5 pillars of ongoing success: MISSION, EXECUTION, PEOPLE, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND STRATEGY.”  Troy Business Leader


It’s working for us, what more endorsement do you need?

“It was a truly engaging and uplifting experience. I would highly recommend going as it cleared the fog, created clarity and focus on what we needed to deliver and provided me with some great tricks/ quick wins to hit the ground running.”  Troy Business Leader


“Brad keeps things simple.  His approach to business is to work very hard at the start and have the business work for you later.  Sounds easy – it isn’t but Brad puts it across in a way that you feel it can be done.  His delivery of the message is inspiring.”  Troy Business Leader


Of course, we’ll share every valuable nugget of information that we possibly can on Brad Sugars.  But there’ll be nothing like experiencing this seminar for yourselves and to see first-hand how Brad can unlock your thinking. 

Make sure you secure your place at this inspirational event, open to anyone who it attending our infamous TMB event!


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Fake CE logos – is your PPE is correctly CE certified? How do you know?

The British safety industry federation has reported an area of risk around fake CE logos; Chinese Export logos masquerading as ‘conformite europeene’. 

What is CE certification?

To be sold in the European Union, a product must have a CE mark. The CE mark indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). CE marking applies to all products, ranging from electrical equipment to toys and from civil explosives to medical devices. If a product has the CE mark it does not mean that the product was made in the EEA, but states that the product is assessed before being placed on the market. 

European standards are in place for a wide range of PPE from protective clothing against chemicals, heat and flames, to head protective helmets, eye protection, gloves and safety footwear. Many regions outside of the EU are increasingly turning towards the CE mark to show that the product is up to standard and has been tested comprehensively.


If your product is certified it means;


The product meets minimum performance specifications defined in legally recognised standards applied throughout Europe.

A product has been subjected to a series of tests on physical characteristics and finished product performance according to application or protective tape


How do we know if the product is correctly CE certified or not?

All CE certified products should feature a label with everything you need

The info shown on the label should be very specific, this is a legal requirement. Each product type, whether it be protective gloves, glasses or boots has its own specific labelling or marking requirements.



Fake CE Logos

Sometimes, alongside the CE mark can be seen a code which represents the ID number of the respective Notified body needed for conducting the product’s certification.

The CE “Chinese export” mark can be seen on some, not all, products produced in and exported from China. The mark is with a similar design, and if you don’t know how to distinguish it from the real CE mark, it can look identical to you. As a result, y

ou can think that your product is CE marked and safe to use. The “Chinese export” mark is not an official European mark and is considered as fake. Many factories in China apply that mark on their products and afterwards, put them on the market. Such products haven’t had any risk assessment, safety evaluation, or testing. They haven’t been certified against the relevant CE standards, and their placing on the EU market is seen as an illegal act. As overall, products bearing the CE “China Export” mark vary in quality from being acceptable to completely dangerous in their design. A good example of products on which you can very often see this mark is the power supplies.


New legislation came about in 2016 evolving from a loose directive, outlining that responsibility lies with all ECONOMIC OPERATORS to comply with PPE supply chain standards.  The new terminology ‘ALL ECONOMIC OPERATORS’ now places responsibility for compliance throughout the entire supply chain manufacturer, wholesaler to distributor. To keep you compliant and your business away from risk, BSIF membership will provide spot checks of products and on site checks. Read more here


To read the Lakeland article click the following link – Lakeland CE Certification

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Making the most of the lead up to Christmas

In the leadup to Christmas, we thought we’d share some tips to make the most out of the workplace environment throughout this festive time of year. We have listed 10 things below that we think can help induce the festive spirit within the workplace!


Relax with your Staff

  1. Elf yourself –
  2. Secret Santa
  3. Buffet
  4. Bring a pet to work day
  5. Christmas Jumper Day
  6. Advent Calendars
  7. Christmas Quiz –
  8. Christmas Raffle
  9. Decorating the office –
  10. Christmas Music – few of our favourites; & &






Now onto more the more serious stuff….

Although Christmas is for celebrating with family & friends, it’s also a great time of year for thieves as everyone is out of the office. Below are a few things we think you need to prevent this while away on the holidays. 


Safety on Site

Security – Remember to check that your premises are secure over the holiday period. Safety lighting is good prevention.

Making sure your gates and doors are locked is paramount – padlocks and chains will be of good use. 


Any stationary vehicles across the Christmas period may benefit from antifreeze to keep vehicles maintained and running for when you return to the office.

Turning electrical plugs off at the source is a great way to save on your electricity bill. 

Make sure fire doors are closed and valuables aren’t on display.


Return in January

Plan to hit the ground running in January 2020;

  1. Have yourself and employees create to do lists
  2. New year’s resolutions & promises
  3. Consider your goals and objectives for Q1
  4. Cold weather preparation


Remember to keep your eyes out for a hamper in the post!






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Purchasing Insight from Our Industry Experts.

We’re dropping in on our Prodigy of Purchasing, Jim Chadwick, Group Purchasing Director, and the Brains of Business Development, Richard Pymm, Business Development Director for an ‘exclusive’ on Purchasing. They’ll be sharing their views and advice on how best to consider your procurement process and successfully source the highest quality & best value products, whilst minimising surplus stock and maximising profit…

Click here for the full article

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Thomas Graham Secure £Multi-million Contract

We are thrilled to announce that Troy member Thomas Graham, in Carlisle, has been awarded a 4-year contract worth £45 million to supply the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) with power tools and general maintenance, repair and operations products (MRO). This winning tender was devised with the assistance of ‘Team Troy’ and emphasised our strong industrial supply partnership with a large number of key brands. 

To read the full article click the following link – Thomas graham news

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Top Tips on Merchandising from our Marketing Masters!

In this Troy Insight edition, we speak with our Masters of Marketing and Merchandising at Troy to bring you the Top Tips on how best to market & merchandise your Trade Counter for maximum footfall, increased profit and to establish a loyal customer base.  

Click here for the full article

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Troy/THS Staff Day

On the 18th October, a staff afternoon was held at Exeter Sky Park Offices for all Troy/THS employees from Barnstaple, Rotherham and Exeter branches.  The afternoon kicked off with various presentations outlining group strategy led by CEO Paul Kilbride giving an overview of goals, objectives and reflection on the groups’ journey so far. This was followed by an I.T overview, Business Development / Sales update, Marketing and finally a word from our new HR department.

The day provided the perfect environment for staff from different sites to network and get to know each other better. Once the presentations concluded the whole team enjoyed a buffet of BBQ’d meats, salads and sides, pool tournament and games.

A few colleagues continued out into the nightlife of Exeter where a wonderful evening was had drinking cocktails at Dr Inks on Exeter Quayside!


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