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A note on disposable gloves from the British Safety Industry Federation

Due to supply shortages, the BSIF are hearing reports of companies attempting to import nitrile gloves and who have been asked to pay deposits to secure supplies. Please be cautious as we are also hearing instances where, when these deposits have been paid, it turns out to be bogus agents and suppliers and the monies are being lost.
Please be careful. 

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Average Order Value Strategies - Troy Insight



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Be Enthusiastic About Reducing Plastic

Both the government and consumers are piling the pressure on companies to reduce their plastic consumption. With small businesses looking to increase their online sales, packaging is a significant area where they can be doing more to reduce the use of plastic.

A common frustration for consumers is the amount of packaging used to transport their purchases. Have you received a small product, packaged in a large box containing excessive amounts of plastic, non-recyclable filler? Not only does it strike you as wasteful, you need to consider whether to recycle it or just stick it in the bin. It’s rubbish, literally.

It seems not even online retail giants, Amazon, aren’t immune to scrutiny, with customers famously taking to social media to complain about their careless parcelling. While Amazon is undoubtedly large enough to weather the storm, and even turn this criticism to their benefit, smaller independents can’t afford to risk this kind of negative publicity.
Sainsbury’s supermarket has been down in the polls over the years for their lack of action in plastic packaging reduction. Recently, however, they’ve launched a campaign pledging a 50% reduction of their plastic packaging by 2025. This is a smart move by Sainsbury’s, dispelling their previous criticism and no doubt leaving their historically more eco-friendly rivals scratching their heads about how to launch a more enthralling and original initiative. Being proactive, rather than reactive, puts you in a much stronger position.


There’s a new generation of customers emerging who expect more than just value for money – and being eco friendly is at the top of the list. Make sure you consider this, as it could affect your business. Working towards quality assurance and ISO accreditation with reducing plastics could retain customers, attract new ones and tenders. 


Top Tips:

• Research greener packaging alternatives.

• Start small, but switch non-recyclable items first.

• Train your staff in reducing packaging and reuse where possible.

• Keep a range of box sizes in stock to accommodate the varying sizes of product.

• Add a clear reuse, recycle message on your packaging to encourage customers.

• Don’t overfill with filler – and make sure it’s biodegradable paper or card.

• Remember the less obvious packaging items like tape and labels.

• Consider offering your regular customers a packaging return/reuse service.

• Shout about it – Wear your eco-friendly policy as a badge of honour.

There are many packaging products on the market that you can change to have a significant positive environmental impact such as: boxes, tape, filler, pallet wrap, jiffy bags/tubes, strapping, wrapping, labels and tags. Speak to your packaging supplier about looking at cost effective, eco friendly alternatives. Make them aware that being environmentally friendly is important to you and your business, and that if you’re not satisfied you’ll need to look elsewhere.

If you’d like to share your experience of switching to plastic-free packaging or your business’ new approach to becoming environmentally friendly, please contact Sarah Revell on

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BSIF...Latest News

BSIF Registered Safety Supplier Scheme named as finalist in OPSS Awards

BSIF were delighted to be named as a Finalist in the OPSS Regulatory Excellence Awards 2021. The awards celebrate outstanding achievements in supporting businesses and protecting consumers, contributing towards fighting coronavirus, rebuilding the economy, and unleashing innovation.

The BSIF put forward the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme as the entry and it was duly named as a finalist in the hotly contested Product Safety category.

The Mission of the scheme is to provide assurance to users that only compliant and correctly performing products are being supplied through a capable, educated, competent supply chain. The scheme provides a recognised route to enable a member to demonstrate compliance and due diligence.

The RSSS is open only to members of the BSIF, and a mandatory requirement for all members engaged in PPE manufacturing, marketing and supply. New members to the BSIF need to work towards achieving Registered Safety Supplier Scheme status within the first 6 Months of BSIF membership.

A Registered Safety Supplier Scheme member…

  • Formally declares and commits to selling only Certified PPE and safety products that perform to claims made
  • Ensures that they meet all the responsibilities of the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425
  • Submits their products to random independent performance testing
  • Commits to having their customer facing staff educated and accredited in the Safe Supply Course
  • Maintains a company Quality Policy
  • Holds necessary authorisation for service provision
  • As a Federation member trades honestly and ethically

On hearing the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme had been named as a finalist BSIF CEO Alan Murray said;

‘We at BSIF are delighted to hear that the RSSS has been named as a finalist, the excellent work of the scheme through the members involved with it is helping to ensure that critical products such as PPE and safety equipment meet their regulatory requirements which helps to keep the UK workforce safe while also contributing to a fairer marketplace which helps to keep people safer every day’

The Health & Safety Event 2021

The Health & Safety Event showcases the latest products and services from the industry and is the meeting place for anyone responsible for running a safe and efficient workplace. The event has grown to be the fastest growing exhibition in its sector, attracting the UK’s largest decision makers and specifiers looking for product information, solutions and best practice.

Date: 7th – 9th September 2021

Location: NEC, Birmingham

Interview with the new Registered Safety Supplier Scheme Audit & Compliance Assessor – Luke Neale

Hello Luke, thanks for joining me in this discussion, congratulations on making it through the first six months of your role as Audit and Compliance Assessor for the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme here at BSIF!

I wanted to discuss your experience of BSIF and how your work over the past six months has shaped the RSSS.

How much did you know about the RSSS before you joined BSIF?

I had a really good knowledge of the RSSS and the audit process before joining because the company I worked for previously are members of the RSSS and it was my responsibility to conduct the audit, so I experienced two audits from the ‘other side of the desk’ before joining the Federation.

Could you tell us a bit about your role and how an additional Auditor benefits the RSSS?

With a membership of over 300 organisations each requiring an annual audit, it was a challenge for the team to conduct all of the audits as well as invigilating the final SSA exams and also dealing with the many day-to-day enquiries from our membership and external organisations.  I was primarily brought on board to conduct Audits and respond to enquires our members may have in relation any number of topics, such as the various standards in place covering PPE, testing, documentation, certification and UKCA to name a few.  I genuinely love my job and enjoy engaging with our members each day.

I’m really looking forward to the networking event this year – it’s going to be a fantastic opportunity to meet our members and get together with the BSIF team!

After six months working within the scheme has anything surprised you?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the depth of knowledge & level of expertise that our members have within the PPE Product & Service sector as well as the safety industry in general.

What has been the biggest challenge for you in regard to the RSSS throughout the last six months?

There have been various challenges for me since joining the BSIF, obviously the pandemic has had a massive impact on our members in many ways, and the reduced staffing levels and remote working situations have been a challenge to the audit process. The regional and national lockdowns have prevented the final invigilated Safe Supply Accreditation course exams taking place, but I’m pleased to say we are in the process of arranging these exams now, so if any of our members are in the position to sit their final exam, I would encourage them to get in touch so we can make arrangements to invigilate.

UKCA is also representing a challenge for our members as they try to get to grips with their obligations in relation to the transition from CE to UKCA.

Another strange aspect of joining BSIF when I did is that I have yet to meet all of the team or visit the head office!  I hope to do so before too much longer.

Has your perception of members changed since you started here?

It has – whilst I already held the view that our members were committed to the RSSS, conducting the audits and engaging with our members has shown me just how dedicated they are to the supply of compliant safety products and services.

How do you think the RSSS helps the marketplace and general standard of H&S in UK workplaces?

Earlier in the year, Roy Wilders and I conducted a ‘Supermarket Sweep’ where we had one hour to source as much PPE from non-members as we could. I bought motorcycle clothing, protective gloves, safety footwear, Hi Vis and flame retardant clothing. I have to say, the results shocked me – for the most part the products were supplied without any of the required documentation – Declarations of Conformity, User Instructions etc. and when these were requested from the supplier, more often than not we were met with silence.  Some of the products tested didn’t perform as claimed either – I tested a glove claiming to be cut level F and it only achieved level B – needless to say these products and traders have all been reported to the relevant Market Surveillance authorities.

I’m pleased to say that we don’t have any such issues with our members, and the audit verifies their status as a fully compliant supplier of safety equipment & services.  In short, membership of the scheme makes the marketplace safer and in turn saves lives.

Do you find enthusiasm for the scheme from the companies you audit to adhere to the scheme?

In all honesty, the members of the scheme wear the Shield of Protection with pride – without exception all of our members are eager to ‘do the right thing’ in terms of the relevant legislation and the systems many of them have in place are really impressive.

What advice can you give to people looking for a supplier?

The BSIF/RSSS website has an excellent search feature where you can filter by product type or service, these can be found by visiting

What is involved in an RSSS audit?

As many of our members will attest, the audit process is relatively quick to do and really straightforward – we make checks to ensure that the member is aware of their obligations under the relevant legislation and that they have correct and relevant systems in place. Where relevant we also perform an indicative test on PPE to verify the claims made through a UKAS approved lab.

How important do you see the role of the Safe Supply Accreditation in helping to raise the standards of PPE/Safety equipment sellers?

The role is crucial, educating those selling PPE/safety equipment is key to improving the supply chain, all RSSS members commit to having their customer facing staff trained in safe supply, the qualification teaches them their obligations in regards to the supply of the product, knowledge they can then pass on to customers when helping to select appropriate PPE/Safety equipment.

Why do you think the RSSS has become so important firstly to companies that operate within the PPE/Safety product and service sector and secondly to those that purchase PPE/safety products and services?

Simply put, by using a member of the RSSS you can be sure that the product you are buying is safe and fully compliant.

What’s next for the RSSS? How do you see it developing?

We often ask for feedback from our members during audits to see if there are things we can do better or differently to give them the most value from the scheme – we always take their comments on board and we will be looking to incorporate some extra features in the coming year to give the members more value and to make the scheme more robust.

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BSIF...UKCA Deadline Extension

In response to industry lobbying, the UK Government has just extended the deadline by one year, through until the 1st of January 2023, for the placing on the market of CE marked product to still be acceptable in GB (England, Wales and Scotland). The link below is the updated guidance just published.

This html text is the only guidance available at the moment, with product specific information (including PPE) still to be created. 

While this extension is very welcome and will help to avoid the difficulties in the short term, we would advise against any relaxation of efforts in ensuring that your products are appropriately UKCA marked with the relevant UK Approved Bodies. I am told that this is the final extension that will be granted!

Northern Ireland guidance remains as was previously published in December 2020.

We will keep you updated on any other developments

Alan Murray
Chief Executive Officer, BSIF

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Competitor Analysis Issue 1

Welcome to our inaugural competitor analysis, where you can find competitor updates and industry developments relevant to your business.

As this is issue 1 we welcome thoughts and feedback from members and hope to release these documents on a quarterly basis.

Competitor analysis

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Corona Virus impact on Supply Chain



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Corona Virus, riding out the panic / economic crisis planning.

Brad Sugars, CEO of Action Coach – has shared a webinar on business planning and a possible economic crisis regarding Corona Virus.

Corona Virus. Crisis Averted – 11 steps your business must start today.

You can watch it here 

The stock markets are falling, oil prices are plummeting, people are getting quarantined… unless you are selling toilet paper or sanitizer, your business will need to make some changes. But this isn’t just about the survival of your business, it’s about being ready for the economic shift that’s started. While it’s completely understandable to be worried, your best bet is to channel that anxious energy and get prepared NOW

Brad provides practical tips on;
– Crisis cycles
– Communication with customers
– Virtual meetings
– Loss of footfall
– Online and deliveries
– Staffing changes
– Credit and accounting
– Change management

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Diversifying into PPE - are you maximising sales to the customers you already have?

We all know it’s difficult to get new business, but are you maximising sales to the customers you already have?

Diversifying into PPE could be the answer, and is an easy addition to product ranging, with profit margins of 25-45% being achievable. 

Increasing safety legislation means the PPE market sector is only growing, and Troy UK’s Business Development Team are on hand to support you in adopting or enhancing PPE offerings and liaising with suppliers in the field on your behalf.

Recently Simon James and Wendy Perkins supported Member DJ Evans to reconfigure their trade counter and source information to submit pricing proposals to customers….

“Now DJ Evans is a Troy UK member we have access to purchasing leading brands in the PPE and workwear arena. Troy UK have offered fantastic product support, specifically Simon James and Wendy Perkins, who as PPE BDM and Category Managers deliver a fast and knowledgeable service. Simon has been very effective in sourcing all relevant infomation needed to submit pricing proposals to our customers. This has enabled us to have access to a service that can quickly inform you of prices, MOQ’s and a local representative! This is a must for any busy Field Sales Representative.”
Lucia Harper
Business Development & Marketing Manager 
DJ Evans 

Not only does Troy UK have extensive industry knowledge in the Business Development Team, we also have a fantastic relationship with the British Safety Industry Federation allowing us to offer reduced prices for courses to members. Read more about the value BSIF membership and courses can bring your business here.  

“We believe that by using the benefits of BSIF members and the RSSS Shield to market our business, and by being ahead of the curve, we have attracted new and better business….as current members we fully recommend membership to all our fellow Troy members. Remember ‘Anyone can sell Safety, but you wouldn’t buy Safety from just anyone’ ” 

Grattan Boylan
Chairman, JBS Group 


If you would like support in selling PPE, speak to your Troy Business Development Manager today. 

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Draper's new campaign reveals health benefits of DIY & Gardening

Draper’s new national campaign to promote the health and wellbeing benefits of DIY & gardening has already been making headlines in the The Sun, The Daily Mirror and other national media. There are some really fascinating findings – PE with Joe Wicks might be over, but there’s still plenty of ways for the nation to burn calories at home. 

Read the full report here. 

  • UK Homeowners burn more than EIGHTY THOUSAND calories a year by gardening and doing DIY 
  • During a typical year, house proud Brits will spend 165 hours in total on their home & garden improvements
  • 67% of the population said doing a DIY or gardening job well is more satisfying than doing a good job at work
  • 73% of homeonwers consider gardening to be a nice way to de-stress and to relax and 47% feel similarly about DIY 

Survey commissioned by Draper Tools, conducted by OnePoll. Sample size: 2,000 UK homeowners. 

About Draper Tools: Draper Tools is a leading distributor of hand and power tools. Established in 1919 by Bert Draper, the company is now more than 100 years old and is still family owned and run today. Draper Tools prides itself on the range, quality and value of its expanding product portfolio which includes over 10,000 quality products. Product categories include automotive, gardening and landscaping, construction, engineering and many more. Draper Tools products are available through a wide range of stockists both online and in stores. For more information, stockist details and trade enquiries visit:   


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Empower your Sales Support Team, with our invaluable PPE Product Training Videos ...

We are delighted that even more fantastic, bite sized, category focused PPE training videos are now available on the Knowledge Hub in the members’ area of These short yet comprehensive insights into a full range of head-to-toe PPE products are delivered by our very own PPE experts alongside specialists from our incredible PPE suppliers.

Whether you want to develop your PPE offering or diversify into this product category we are here to help you …

We currently we have product training in face, eye, head, hearing, respiratory, and several areas of hand protection.  Over the coming months the PPE specialist team will be busy creating more recordings in the Troy Studio to add to the series – including Hi-Vis, FR, ARC flash clothing, hand protection, fall arrest, footwear – at Beginner, Intermediate & Expert levels.  AND we want to make sure this library remains up-to-the-minute and relevant to give your team instant access to a well-rounded pool of PPE Knowledge.

Head on over to Knowledge Hub at and build your team’s PPE product expertise!

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Fake CE logos – is your PPE is correctly CE certified? How do you know?

The British safety industry federation has reported an area of risk around fake CE logos; Chinese Export logos masquerading as ‘conformite europeene’. 

What is CE certification?

To be sold in the European Union, a product must have a CE mark. The CE mark indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). CE marking applies to all products, ranging from electrical equipment to toys and from civil explosives to medical devices. If a product has the CE mark it does not mean that the product was made in the EEA, but states that the product is assessed before being placed on the market. 

European standards are in place for a wide range of PPE from protective clothing against chemicals, heat and flames, to head protective helmets, eye protection, gloves and safety footwear. Many regions outside of the EU are increasingly turning towards the CE mark to show that the product is up to standard and has been tested comprehensively.


If your product is certified it means;


The product meets minimum performance specifications defined in legally recognised standards applied throughout Europe.

A product has been subjected to a series of tests on physical characteristics and finished product performance according to application or protective tape


How do we know if the product is correctly CE certified or not?

All CE certified products should feature a label with everything you need

The info shown on the label should be very specific, this is a legal requirement. Each product type, whether it be protective gloves, glasses or boots has its own specific labelling or marking requirements.



Fake CE Logos

Sometimes, alongside the CE mark can be seen a code which represents the ID number of the respective Notified body needed for conducting the product’s certification.

The CE “Chinese export” mark can be seen on some, not all, products produced in and exported from China. The mark is with a similar design, and if you don’t know how to distinguish it from the real CE mark, it can look identical to you. As a result, y

ou can think that your product is CE marked and safe to use. The “Chinese export” mark is not an official European mark and is considered as fake. Many factories in China apply that mark on their products and afterwards, put them on the market. Such products haven’t had any risk assessment, safety evaluation, or testing. They haven’t been certified against the relevant CE standards, and their placing on the EU market is seen as an illegal act. As overall, products bearing the CE “China Export” mark vary in quality from being acceptable to completely dangerous in their design. A good example of products on which you can very often see this mark is the power supplies.


New legislation came about in 2016 evolving from a loose directive, outlining that responsibility lies with all ECONOMIC OPERATORS to comply with PPE supply chain standards.  The new terminology ‘ALL ECONOMIC OPERATORS’ now places responsibility for compliance throughout the entire supply chain manufacturer, wholesaler to distributor. To keep you compliant and your business away from risk, BSIF membership will provide spot checks of products and on site checks. Read more here


To read the Lakeland article click the following link – Lakeland CE Certification

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Free Business Growth Webinars- with Action Coach



Steve Gaskell of Action Coach is on hand providing a series of valuable webinars in the lead up to TMB Digital 2020 where Brad Sugars, CEO and founder of Action Coach will be speaking! 

If you are a Troy Member, join TMB Digital on 22nd October 2020 where Brad Sugars will close the show with a rousing presentation on pivoting your business, business survival and success. Brad is a bestselling author and the #1 Business Coach in the world according to Entrepreneur Magazine, we look forward to welcoming him to the inaugural TMB Digital 2020. 

Steve Gaskell’s Action Coach webinars are listed below, they are free to Troy members, and will take place on;
01.10.2020, 08.10.2020, 15.10.2020 – pop them in your diary now! 

5 Ways To Massive Profit Webinar


click here for the webinar

At our free 5 Ways To Massive Profits Workshop, we’ll share over 350 different ways you can improve these five areas to multiply your profits! And you’ll leave with a clear action plan to begin boosting these areas right away. The ActionCOACH Business Coach Chassis focuses on the five areas that can transform your business into a profit powerhouse. Join us for a profitable time working on your business.

Watch a short youtube introduction to 5 Ways To Massive Profit Webinar here

6 Steps To Achieving Business Profits and Growth


click here for the webinar

6 Steps To Achieving Business Profits And Growth will both inform and entertain you, but most importantly, it will teach you how to be a better business owner and leader. This webinar is designed for independent businesses and every business owner. The 6 steps will help you climb the ladder of business growth and have a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you.

Watch a short youtube introduction on 6 steps to achieving Business Profits and Growth here

Marketing With Compassion


click here for the webinar

Learn where and how to market your business in challenging times. Understand the impact of marketing which empathises with your customers and prospects. Build marketing strategies which will overcome any fears of a downturn and offer confidence in what you do and sell.

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Free Business MentorLive Service

In the wake of the COVID 19 crisis, NatWest are providing their entire online portal, for free. And you don’t have to bank with NatWest to take advantage of this. 

In these uncertain times, Mentor Live has been made free to all.

MentorLive is part of a wider range of support NatWest offer as part of their ‘paid for’ services, and is a fully featured system to manage HR and Health & Safety in your business (staff management, holidays, absences, risk assessments etc) and they’ve recently added a dedicated Coronavirus Hub that includes; 

  • Free webinars
    Next webinar titled ‘Adapting to the New Now‘ Friday 14th August at 12noon covering;
    – restructuring your business
    – getting your business into better shape for the challenges ahead
    – remaining complaint through an ever changing world 
    Register for webinar here. 

  • An extensive library of free templates including policies, checklists, guidelines, posters and letters to support in protecting your people and your business during the Corona Virus Outbreak and it’s repercussions. 
  • Detailed FAQ’s and policies on SSP, holidays and working from home
  • HR management tools

How to register – register for this free resource to access all of the above, just follow the link and enter your details. 

More about NatWest Mentor
NatWest Mentor is one of the UK’s leading HR, Employment Law, Health & Safety and Environmental consultancy services. Providing support and guidance that helps business customers stay on top of legal and regulatory changes, maintain compliance and reduce risk while creating a safe, professional and sustainable work environment. 

Please note Mentor Live does not include access to any eLearning modules in Mentor Learn – which is available as a stand alone product or complimentary with any Natwest subscription services. 

Further information on Troy’s recommended HR services can be found here

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Free webinar - Marketing with Compassion

Thursday 15th October at 1.00pm 

Learn where and how to market your business in challenging times. Understand the impact of marketing which empathises with your customers and prospects. Build marketing strategies which will overcome any fears of a downturn and offer confidence in what you do and sell. You’ll learn:

  1. How to gain trust in the market place
  2. The customer journey
  3. Being the expert
  4. The power of blogging
  5. How to make content memorable.

Webinar run by Steve Gaskell of Action Coach. 

Register for the webinar here 

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Guidance for PPE businesses - from British Safety Industry Federation

In early September BEIS / OPSS published version 6 of Guidance on applying the easement to the conformity assessment of PPE and placing product on the UK market in the context of Covid 19.

In the last few days they have published a 7th version of the Guidance for high volume manufacturers of PPE. You can download this at

The amendments can be found in section 10.

In a similar vein, a 4th version of the Guidance for small scale manufacturers has also been published reflecting the same modest amendments. This document can also be downloaded at

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Industry News! New Plastic Tax For Businesses, Effective April '22

UK manufacturers, their business customers and importers of plastic packaging, and consumers who buy plastic packaging or goods in plastic packaging in the UK are all likely to be affected.

For more information visit:

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Innovation Award 2022 ... And The Winner Is!

Thank you to all of the Suppliers that put forward a product for the 2022 Innovation Award.  Competition was incredibly tough this year which made shortlisting & judging a real challenge.  

We are delighted that the Troy Young Professional Panel comprising apprentice and qualified engineers – Jordanna Broom of Exeter University,  Jack Orbell of Express Weldcare, Chris Revell of Dyson and Sashen Naidoo of Jaguar Land Rover – stepped up and judged, alongside Troy’s very own Richard Pymm, Sales Director.

After much deliberation a final fair & objective decision was made and the results were announced at the evening Gala Dinner … Drumroll please! 


Toughbuilt, with their Utility Multi-Purpose Knife/Scraper 



Stanley, Black & Decker with their Dewalt PowerStack 

Many congratulations from everyone at Troy!!! We’ll be in touch with everyone that took part and share content created on the day for your marketing purposes.


Shortlisted products judged at TMB 2022

  1. Advent Tools – Komelon 8m / 26ft LED Light Tape Measure
  2. Bosch – EXPERT Starlock Multi Material Coated Carbide Plunge Saw Blade
  3. Buckbootz – Bang Guardz Ankle Protect Boots
  4. Makita – Cordless Pressure Washer DHW080ZK
  5. Makita – Cordless Kettle DKT360Z
  6. Moldex – TouchFree Station Earplug Dispenser
  7. Presto – Quick Core Hole Saw System
  8. Regatta Professional – ‘Honestly Made’ Clothing Range
  9. Stanley, Black & Decker – Dewalt PowerStack **HIGHLY COMMENDED**
  10. Toughbuilt – Utility Multi-purpose Knife/Scraper **WINNER**
  11. U-Power – Carbon Neutral U-Green Industry Footwear


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Making the most of the lead up to Christmas

In the leadup to Christmas, we thought we’d share some tips to make the most out of the workplace environment throughout this festive time of year. We have listed 10 things below that we think can help induce the festive spirit within the workplace!


Relax with your Staff

  1. Elf yourself –
  2. Secret Santa
  3. Buffet
  4. Bring a pet to work day
  5. Christmas Jumper Day
  6. Advent Calendars
  7. Christmas Quiz –
  8. Christmas Raffle
  9. Decorating the office –
  10. Christmas Music – few of our favourites; & &






Now onto more the more serious stuff….

Although Christmas is for celebrating with family & friends, it’s also a great time of year for thieves as everyone is out of the office. Below are a few things we think you need to prevent this while away on the holidays. 


Safety on Site

Security – Remember to check that your premises are secure over the holiday period. Safety lighting is good prevention.

Making sure your gates and doors are locked is paramount – padlocks and chains will be of good use. 


Any stationary vehicles across the Christmas period may benefit from antifreeze to keep vehicles maintained and running for when you return to the office.

Turning electrical plugs off at the source is a great way to save on your electricity bill. 

Make sure fire doors are closed and valuables aren’t on display.


Return in January

Plan to hit the ground running in January 2020;

  1. Have yourself and employees create to do lists
  2. New year’s resolutions & promises
  3. Consider your goals and objectives for Q1
  4. Cold weather preparation


Remember to keep your eyes out for a hamper in the post!






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Managing your energy bills through challenging trading times

1. Take meter readings
Many meters now take half Hourly readings which communicate with suppliers meaning that your energy usage will be billed on actual usage, however there are also still many meters that will not do this, therefore it is important to take meter readings while your usage is minimal so that the suppliers do not just estimate your usage based on passed month. When businesses are closed and not consuming energy you should only be paying for the standing charge as per your contract except for those contracts that have volume tolerance clauses. If you are unsure, contact your Troy Business Development Manager. 

2. Seek whether a payment break can be negotiated.
Some suppliers will be happy to offer this for their customers, which will simply mean that the period of non payment will be added at the end of the contract, do not cancel any direct debits without speaking with your energy suppliers as this will affect your credit rating. 

3. Check whether there are any volume tolerances in your Ts and Cs
It’s possible that you have terms in your contract that may cause you issues later in the year, the most common is called Volume Tolerance. This tends to be for larger energy users and means that you have agreed on a level of energy to be used on-site over a set time period. Energy consumption will reduce as businesses have a break in trading, Volume Tolerance means that you could be charged for a set level of Energy whether you use this or not. If you’re not sure on your position here, we will happily review your Terms and Conditions and check how a change in your consumption may impact you.

4. Turn off all non essential Electricity and Gas consumption
As your business premises will likely be empty or running with skeleton staff it’s recommend turning off any piece of equipment including computers, machinery and any lighting which is not needed. This will help reduce your demand and subsequently lower your bills while the premises is not in use.

5. Contracts nearing their renewal date
It is important to keep an eye on any contract renewals due in the next few weeks/ months as if these are left to roll, you will be put on out of contract rates which can be very expensive. It’s important to tender, negotiate and renew these contracts as per usual, even though this will not be top of mind right now. If you are renewing your contract and switching suppliers, it’s important to adhere to your Terms and Conditions and remember to terminate your existing contract.

6. Set up an online account with your supplier
This can easily be done through your energy supplier and will allow you to submit meter readings, monitor your energy usage or make changes to your billing requirements such as changing to electronic bills.

If you would like further support as a Troy THS member we have energy consultancy partners to support you. Click here for more information. 

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New PPE Guidance from the Office for Product Safety and Standards

In March 2020 the EU Commission published their ‘recommendation’ on COVID 19 related PPE conformity assessment which was an attempt to alleviate the severe supply shortages for healthcare and key workers. 

The UK adopted the ‘recommendation’ and published guidance on how to be able to place COVID 19 products on the market without completing the normal CE conformity assessment process. 

The guidance is primarily for manufacturers of PPE but of course ‘Importers’ and Importers’ obligations are also laid out. These can be found in section 9 of the guidance. 

This guidance has evolved since it’s first iteration and there is now a 6th version which you can view here

The most significant change being, The new guidance still requires the submission to and confirmation of acceptance by a Notified Body of PPE for conformity assessment. However if you wish to begin selling this product prior to the completion of the full CE conformity assessment process you must get the approval from the market surveillance authority (MSA), who are responsible for confirming that it meets the necessary essential health and safety requirements. This approval must be obtained from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or HSENI in Northern Ireland. You can apply for this approval through emailing (If PPE is exclusively for private consumers use Trading Standards and the relevant MSA) 

This is clearly an important requirement and a key difference from previous guidance. There are many other conditions carried over from previous versions which of course must also be adhered to. 

Although this process is, by its nature temporary it has been in existence for 5 months and there will be PPE that is at various stages of the easement assessment process. 

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Order The Troy Trader Today!

Q4 2020 Trader is in production and members can order their personalised copies right now! Packed with products from Metabo, Sealey, Draper, SIP, Teng Tools and Trojan – this edition will have everything your customers need for the Autumn / Winter. Featuring an array of seasonal products including;

– Heater / Generators
– Wet / Dry Vac 
– Hi-Vis
– Mats and Storage
– Lighting and Torches 

To place an order;

please complete an order form and contact Sarah Revell on 07920 783573 or email

Download your order form here 

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Purchasing Insight from Our Industry Experts.

We’re dropping in on our Prodigy of Purchasing, Jim Chadwick, Group Purchasing Director, and the Brains of Business Development, Richard Pymm, Business Development Director for an ‘exclusive’ on Purchasing. They’ll be sharing their views and advice on how best to consider your procurement process and successfully source the highest quality & best value products, whilst minimising surplus stock and maximising profit…

Click here for the full article

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Reasons To Go Greener

1. Clients, Customers, Growth
Sustainability is becoming more of a demand from customers. They are seeking to spend with businesses who reflect their green values. Making small steps to reduce waste or fossil fuel use in your business will attract customers, make a positive impact on the environment as well as your bottom line. It could even help you grow through winning Tenders. Tender criteria is growing to include green accreditation such as ISO14001 and if your business can comply with green standards and credentials you may be able to win new routes to market.

2. Attract and retain top talent
CSR is becoming a powerful mechanism in the way it influences customers and employees alike. Ensure your recruitment strategy and the recruiters you use showcase the green side of your business and CSR Policy.
A Corporate Social Responsibility Plan or Policy for your business could include cycle to work schemes, recycling, litter picking, beach cleaning, reducing carbon footprint, reducing plastic usage, volunteering days, supporting the development of your employees, charitable giving. Prospective employees will find a conscientious employer more attractive.  

3. Reduce waste, increase efficiencies save money
Energy conservation and use of alternative energy sources are among the most significant changes sustainability can bring to a modern business.
Not only does it protect the planet but Energy saving policies implemented in the work-place engage the staff and save bottom line costs. Encourage employee adoption by monitoring your energy data from smart meters to prove their efforts are working!  
No area of your business is too small – reduce waste and plastics that end up in the ocean by joining the reusable revolution, shop more locally and reduce the supply chain travel, have your photocopier on a password release so people have to think about what they print.
When it comes to reducing waste and increasing efficiencies, no area is too small and every decision you make as a business owner makes a step towards cost savings.  

Having discussions around sustainability, leads your business and its people to approach its operations and consumptions holistically. Whole system thinking will open your conversations to new efficiencies that can be made rather than looking at things in silo.

If you are not taking it seriously already, then market demands may soon force your hand. The benefits and communities you can enjoy are only growing.

To find out more about sustainable solutions for your business be it green energy contracts or solar power, view Troy Business Services, where you’ll find a number of recommended partners that can support you.

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Regional Roadshows A Huge Success!

We were delighted to see everyone that came along to the recent Roadshow’s in Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Bristol & Birmingham last month! It was a fantastic opportunity for us to speak with Members & Suppliers face-to-face about the invaluable initiatives on offer over the coming months and into 2023 – so thank you.

Click here to view just a few of the highlights …

After receiving great feedback, we’ll be doing this once again next year so if you weren’t able to come this time, there will be another opportunity!  More details to be released nearer the time …

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Temporary VAT rating for PPE

The Government has announced a zero-rating on VAT on the sale of PPE until 31st October 2020 (Originally it was only to run until 31st July 2020, however it was extended in early July). This took effect from 1 May 2020 and is directly linked to strategy of reducing the impact of COVID-19.

Products covered by the zero rate include;

  • Disposable gloves
  • Disposable plastic aprons
  • Disposable gowns
  • Surgical masks including IIR surgical masks
  • Filtering face piece respirators
  • Eye and face protection including face visors or goggles

Who does the ‘temporary zero-rating for PPE’ apply to?

  • Businesses
  • Charities
  • Individuals in the UK
  • Care Homes (It is expected to particularly benefit care providers, who are often unable to reclaim the 20% VAT incurred on PPE as they are fully or partially exempt businesses)

VAT in the UK is governed by EU Law, at least until Brexit 1st January 2021, however the European Commission approved member states to introduce temporary VAT reliefs to mitigate the impacts of COVID 19 pandemic.

For further information please visit;

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The Future Of Metalworking Sector Report

Fein is one of Troy’s trusted suppliers in the Metalworking Sector. Their recent Industry Report saw Jim Chadwick, Troy Purchasing Director, contribute his opinions and insight to their ‘Future of Metalworking Sector Report’.

Jim has been the group purchasing director at Troy since August 2019. He has a wealth of experience having worked across the retail, wholesale and trade spaces for more than 30 years, which has allowed him to become somewhat of an expert within his field.

Read what Jim has to say about the ‘Future of Metalworking Sector Report’ and the key business insights it has to offer our Members below…

“An insightful and interesting summary of the current state of the metalworking industry. A positive contribution from a specialist tool supplier to the category that will benefit anyone that reads it.”


If you’re interested in finding out more information on the current and future state of the metalworking industry, you can read the full report by head to the link below!

Fein’s Metalworking Sector Report

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The Modern Data Stack Conference EMEA

We are proud to announce that our very own Jenny Bicket, Senior Data Governance & Strategy Lead at Troy, was a Guest Speaker at The Modern Data Stack Conference EMEA that took place on the 25th May ’21.


Jenny Bicket was included in the expert line-up to speak at this year’s Modern Data Stack Conference last month. The online conference brought together data analysts, data engineers, and other data professionals from across the globe, to share the latest innovations, technology tools, and best practices.


Jenny discussed how to improve decision making across an entire business through data-driven decisions with other data experts from Biztory and KatKin during the day.

The online event was FREE, so if you’re looking to find out more about the event click the button below!


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Thomas Graham Secure £Multi-million Contract

We are thrilled to announce that Troy member Thomas Graham, in Carlisle, has been awarded a 4-year contract worth £45 million to supply the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) with power tools and general maintenance, repair and operations products (MRO). This winning tender was devised with the assistance of ‘Team Troy’ and emphasised our strong industrial supply partnership with a large number of key brands. 

To read the full article click the following link – Thomas graham news

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TMB 2022 ... So Good To Be Back!

What an incredible come back – it’s fair to say that TMB 2022 was a real assault on the senses with record numbers in attendance and business generated on the day.  Bigger & better than before, for the first time ever TMB covered all 3 of the halls and a new supplier mezzanine at The Wing, Silverstone, accommodating 184 supplier stands – the quality of these and the TMB offers were second to none with the Troy Suppliers well and truly pulling it out of the bag.

TMB 2022 Summary …

  • Superb Supplier Stands with product demos, deals & samples across 3 halls including …
  • A New Supplier Mezzanine
  • Impressive Demo Vehicles
  • TMB 2022 Innovation Award – judged by our very own Troy Young Professional Panel
  • Incredible Top Ten Deals
  • Troy’s Very Own Experts, Giving Presentations on Dual Branding, Troy Solutions, Troy Commerce & More
  • Product Data Support via Ez-base, Award Winning vending with Safe Stock Solutions, Fantastic Purchasing Opportunities via Trojan Tools, Manufacturing Excellence with TMG
  • On the track racing in an Aston Martin & Ferrari
  • Category Specialist Advice in PPE, Welding & more
  • all generating unprecedented amounts of ££££ business

and that was just the day!

Gala Dinner & Entertainment Circus Style!

The gala dinner was housed in the impressive Big Top marquee at Whittlebury Park, which was awash with colour, lights and an electric atmosphere.  There was …

  • Fancy Dress!!!!  Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun!
  • Clowning around in the Carousel, Cannon & Car
  • A Juggler, Magician, Mirror Men & Make-up artists
  • Class Acts – who really didn’t need an introduction – the hilarious Rod Woodward, beautiful & talented Lisa Kelsey, and show stopping Nina Conti and up for a laugh volunteers from the crowd – not forgetting super clever compere & ring master Paul Martyn
  • Delicious food served by Whittlebury Park’s very own clowns
  • Wine a plenty on the tables – compliments of U-Power – Thank you for sponsoring!
  • Exploding balloons – these were not for the faint hearted!
  • & a fun filled Casino – sponsored by Europa – Thank you so much, this really did make the perfect end to an incredible evening!


The Morning After The Night Before …

For the Troy Team it was back to business on Friday 18th March too, where we were back at Silverstone for the final breakdown – and the irony of it being World Sleep Day wasn’t lost on us either …

Let’s Talk About Brad!

Pre-show – on Wednesday 16th March – Whittlebury Park played host to a world class business seminar with the one and only Brad Sugars World #No1 Business Coach.  Whatever the scale, model or direction of the business everyone was able to take something incredibly valuable away from this once in a lifetime opportunity.  He talked passionately about the importance of a Mission, Management, Productivity, Strategy, Marketing, Business Development, Loyalty & much more …

Energetic, charismatic & inspiring – Brad expertly provided a plethora of real-life business experiences to demonstrate his proven principles of business success.  Brad’s ability to connect with the audience was effortless, generating many keen questions about relating his principles to specific scenarios from Members & Suppliers alike.

And There’s More … TMB 2022 VIRTUAL SHOW!

Troy Members – TMB 2022 didn’t end on Thursday for you either!  We’re delighted to confirm that the link to the VIRTUAL SHOW is now live on showcasing many of the fantastic TMB deals which will remain in effect until the end of March and beyond!

TMB 2022 was sponsored by:

Dormer Pramet – Draper Tools – Makita – Portwest – Stanley, Black & Decker & Toolbank

Thank you from Paul Kilbride & Board of Directors:

A huge thank you to all our show sponsors who’ve been incredibly supportive, our loyal members for attending on the day, and our superb suppliers that showcased their incredible products, brands and deals.  Not forgetting the Silverstone Events Team, New Image PR, Whittlebury Park, Creative Hire and everyone else involved in bringing this incredible show together – we really couldn’t have done this without you all #strongertogether.  Roll on 2023!

Stay tuned to our socials for more fantastic images and videos following the best TMB Trade Show yet!

#SupportIndependents #TMB2022 #TroyTeam

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TMB Digital 2020 - an event not to be missed!

We have been working hard with Suppliers behind the scenes to bring you an event in the face of COVID-19!

The brand new, TMB Digital is coming exclusively to Troy Members… 


No need to travel, enjoy easy access from the comfort of your desk and take part in a jam packed day with content that is guaranteed to make your life easier and save your business money!

  • Amazing Supplier Offers
  • Big Discounts
  • Product Auctions
  • World Famous Speaker
  • Show-Worthy Deals
  • Huge Prizes
  • Exciting Product Demos
  • Q&As
  • Intelligent Purchasing Solutions 

During the day there will be features you cannot afford to miss out on including product auctions to prove Troy members are truly stronger together, the opportunity to win an all inclusive trip to Las Vegas, as well as the launch of Troy’s new Ecommerce and product data solutions. 

The event will be hosted within the members area of the site, so it’s essential you check you have log in details to on hand, and if not get in touch with your Troy BDM to get set up/recover your password.

Starting around 9.30am and complete by 5pm, Brad Sugars will be closing the event with a rousing presentation on pivoting, business survival and success!

We hope to release a running order in the next week or so. 

Block out Thursday 22nd October 2020 to virtually attend!

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TMB save the date

The Show Must Go On…


We are pleased to announce that our famous Troy THS annual show, recently postponed due to the COVID-19 virus, has now been rearranged for Thursday 22nd October 2020 at Silverstone; with guest speaker Brad Sugars, confirmed as taking the stage the evening before the show (Wednesday 21st October), sharing his secrets of success in business.

We will be getting in touch
with our Members and Suppliers with more details in due course.

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Top Tips on Merchandising from our Marketing Masters!

In this Troy Insight edition, we speak with our Masters of Marketing and Merchandising at Troy to bring you the Top Tips on how best to market & merchandise your Trade Counter for maximum footfall, increased profit and to establish a loyal customer base.  

Click here for the full article

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Troy Celebrates Cyber Essentials Certification...

We are delighted to share that we have recently completed the Cyber Essentials Certification, which means we have reached a benchmark in Cyber Security – another feather in the cap of the Troy Group, demonstrating our security and offering peace of mind. 

This is supported by the National Cyber Security Centre, accredited through IASME & recommended by the ICO …  AND with more and more contracts now requesting for this in the supply chain, it is an absolute must going forward.

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Troy Kicks Off Online PPE Training Programme...With Uvex

We are delighted to have successfully launched our expert run PPE training programme, with a Sight & Hearing webinar with Uvex, On Thursday 11th February ’21.

PPE is now part of global language, however we understand how important it is for independent businesses to equip sales teams with the right skills to confidently, and appropriately, sell the huge variety of PPE ranges available to customers both in-store & online. 

Category Focussed Training

We have teamed up with our top-quality PPE suppliers, to bring our members a series of up-to-the-minute industry training webinars throughout the year, each focussed on a particular area of PPE.   Here they will find out about the varying standards needed for specific jobs & working environments, within each area of PPE like Eye, Ear, Hand, Face protection and more, featuring demonstrations & sample products (for signed up PPE Heroes only – full details on PPE Sales Support & Training area of the website),

Members can then compliment their stocked ranges with the required industry knowledge for sales teams, to instil confidence in customers, increase sales and build a great reputation…

…and these courses are absolutely FREE TO TROY MEMBERS!

Thank you to Uvex for an incredible first session, your expertise and insight has been invaluable, with glowing feedback coming through all the time…

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Troy Kicks Off Rugby Union Season Sponsorship With Chiefs - at Sandy Park 'Meet & Greet'

Paul Kilbride, Troy CEO, his wife Lexi and son, Alex, met with Exeter chiefs’ players, coaching team and staff at a socially distanced, sponsor event held at Sandy Park on Wednesday 14th October.

And there’s more exciting news!  A selection of lucky Troy employees, from across the various sites, will have scored with a conversion via a company raffle for tickets to watch Saturday’s big final!  

They will get to visit Sandy Park and experience full hospitality with a delicious Sausage & Mash meal and drinks, while watching the Chiefs’ play in the Heineken Champions Cup Final against Racing 92 on Saturday 17th October.  As the match is being played at Ashton Gate, it will be streamed live to the Sandy Park corporate lounge where Team Troy will enjoy great service and exquisite food, while they cheer on the Chiefs to become the European champions – fingers crossed!

Kick-off on Saturday is at 16.45pm and will be streamed live via BT Sport, so be sure to tune in if you can and cheer on the chiefs – AND TROY – from the comfort and safety of your homes.

Come on Chiefs you can do it! Chiefs, Chiefs, Chiefs!

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