COAST announces arrival of New ‘IP’ and ‘EP’ Batteries

The extensive COAST LED Torch & Head-Torch program is set for another strategic expansion with its planned entry into the lucrative Batteries market.

Tim Sparrow, Managing Director of BBB (Exclusive Distributor of COAST within the UK, Ireland and BENELUX) further explained this decision, “this is actually an area that BBB and COAST USA have been discussing and planning for several years based upon our purchasing power from the huge numbers of DURACELL batteries we already buy to supply with COAST products Globally plus our existing knowledge and links in this product area”

“We are pleased to confirm that COAST Batteries will not only give our Dealers and their customers a new Battery option which has been extensively tested across the whole of the COAST product range but equally importantly COAST batteries also clearly offer an exceptionally competitive alternative to existing leading brands”

“We have been quietly soft-launching the batteries over the past 2 months and have already seen huge demand from many of our existing dealers in each of the Countries we support including many larger National Accounts, each of whom responding to the incredible value & competitive edge that COAST batteries represent across the whole range against all existing brands”

The range comprises of AAA, AA, C-Cell, D-Cell and 9.6 volt batteries within the COAST ‘INDUSTRIAL PERFORMANCE’ series and AAA and AA batteries in their COAST ‘EXTREME PERFORMANCE’ series

AAA and AA batteries in both ranges are available on 4pc hang-sell cards and in 10pc boxed packs as shown.

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