(Updated 09-03-20) Moldex update stance on FFP Masks

Updated FFP Stock 09.03.2020

Unfortunately, on the 4th March 2020 the German Government enacted a law prohibiting the export of different types of PPE, including FFP2 and FFP3 masks not only to countries outside the EU but also to member states of the EU. This move came after a number of other EU Countries enacted similar laws.

This directly affects Moldex UK and our ability to supply FFP2 and FFP3 masks, as we receive our stocks from Germany.

Moldex are actively lobbying the EU and European Governments to overturn this decision. In addition, we are working closely with the BSIF and ESF, who are also actively lobbying for this decision to be overturned so the free movement of goods within the European union can continue.

Please be aware that regrettably all outstanding orders of FFP2 and FFP3 masks have been cancelled.




Updated FFP Stock 04.03.2020

Following our last statement below dated 26.02.2020. We are currently suspending all orders for FFP’s whilst we assess, manage and get through the large amount of orders that we received in the last two and a half days. It remains our priority to keep stocks supplied to critical users. When placing non FFP orders please follow the guidance below:


  •   Do not chase your FFP orders please. We will be in touch. Once your order has been evaluated. We will confirm the status of order via email or phone. During which we will supply details of what can/cannot be processed and give you an estimated timescale for delivery.


  •   Please also do not chase non FFP’s orders, once these orders are dispatched you will receive an invoice by email which will detail all the items that have been dispatched. If you do not currently receive these emails please contact us to request your email address is added: info@uk.moldex-europe.com


  •   Non FFP orders will be accepted as normal but due to a high volume of orders across the range we are advising at least 5 working days for processing and dispatch, subject to stock availability and credit terms.


Thank you for your understanding and continued support at this time.




Updated FFP Stock 26.02.2020


Following on from our statement below dated 18.02.2020, we anticipate ongoing increased demand for our FFP masks going forwards. We can begin to receive limited FFP orders from the 2nd March.


However, for reasons outlined in the statements below, we ask that you are realistic in what you order – only order what you need and do not order for stock. This will allow us to prioritise and fairly supply the market and do our utmost to keep as many Distributors and End-Users as possible ticking over with a supply of FFP masks.


To enable us to assess the need and prioritise, when placing FFP orders please supply the following End-user information:


Company name:

Company Postcode:

12 months FFP volume history (for the lines you are ordering):


Please be aware that we will cross reference this information with our own systems and we will contact you directly regarding each FFP order received to assess the situation. During this time we need to make supplies stretch as far and as wide as possible!


In addition, unfortunately increased lead times are likely. Therefore, thank you in advance for your patience, understanding and support in helping to best manage this difficult situation.






Updated – FFP Stock exceptional circumstances 18.02.2020


Since our last statement below dated 5th February 2020 the volume of enquiries and orders has increased, despite the guidance below. As a result of this we have once again reviewed the situation.


As you will be aware, a lot of competitor FFP brands are manufactured in China which has dramatically affected supply into the UK and Ireland industry. As such, waiting times from many of these companies already run into mid-year and beyond. This leads to Moldex receiving an unprecedented amount of orders, which in turn are putting a lot of additional pressures on Moldex given that we are one of the limited number of FFP manufacturers who do not rely on supplies from China.


However, unfortunately we do not have the capacity to supply all UK & Ireland industry. Therefore, we ask that you now refrain from ordering FFP masks for general stock and general sales. Our focus and main priority, is to keep our current industrial customers supplied and to this end, we urge that you work with us so that this can be achieved.  


In order for us to catch up and best manage the situation going forwards:


  •   We will not accept any orders for FFP masks until 1st March  
  •   FFP orders received will not be processed whilst we are assessing current outstanding orders
  •   Please do not chase outstanding FFP orders, a member of the Moldex team will contact you within the next few days to discuss.


Given that the current situation shows no signs of abating we will issue another statement before commencing to take new FFP orders as of the 1st March.


This decision has not been taken lightly and once again we would appreciate everyone’s goodwill, help and understanding during this testing time.




Statement 05.02.2020: Coronavirus Stock Management & Respiratory Advice


Following the coronavirus outbreak, we have been inundated with an exceptional number of orders for FFP’s. We now have more orders for FFP’s than we can fulfil.


Although we have not accepted large coronavirus related orders, the situation has not been helped as other manufacturers have already exhausted their stocks and distributors are increasing orders to reserve stock for their users.


In order to manage the situation:


  •    We cannot process any new FFP orders this week whilst we process and assess the backlog.
  •    Going forwards we will only be accepting orders for repeat Moldex FFP industrial business.
  •    We will not be accepting FFP forward orders, above one weeks historical Moldex Industrial usage.


Please do not contact us to chase your order.

Please do not place any orders for coronavirus related business.

Please limit orders to immediate short-term Moldex only Industrial Users.




We appreciate your responsible, sympathetic approach and understanding at this time.

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