New – Proactive Vending Machine Monitoring for Free!

New Product Release – Only Safe Stock have IQ…

Safe Stock are always future thinking and this is no exception! Would you like to know that your vending machine has a problem before it fails and stops working? Well sure you do, this would allow you to fix the issue before it becomes critical and the machine stops and your customer gets annoyed with you. Who wouldn’t want that!


So what is Safe Stock IQ?

Safe Stock IQ is a brand new PC monitoring tool developed by ourselves to be pro-active yet none invasive. Our brand new tool allows us to monitor the health of your Windows based PC and alert both you and us if we think the PC is about to fail or if the machine software has been closed for a long period of time and nobody can access the stock.

So what do we monitor?

Every 30 minutes our IQ app scans the PC and reports out the following information:

What applications are open or closed, i.e. is the Vending Software open and running?

Is the Database Backup software running?

Is TeamViewer (Remote access) running?

How much CPU is being used? – How much Memory is being used? – How much HDD space is left?

Is the machine connected to the internet and can it see the mail server it needs to send its reports correctly?

All of this information is sent back to our server where it is processed and if required alerts can be sent to our engineers to advise of a potential issue or to yourself if we think you need to check something (or both).

Data Protection

Lets be very clear on this: No sensitive information is sent to Safe Stock.

Our App does not copy or backup your database remotely,

Our app does not look at any data or reports on your vending machine,

Our app does not transmit any user or customer information to Safe Stock.

It simply looks at the MAC address of the PC which tells us where the PC data has come from and then reports only the list of items shown above. A copy of what is transmitted is stored on the PC in a log file for you to check at any point for complete transparency and peace of mind.

How much does it cost?

This is the best bit… if you have any of our maintenance packages you get this for FREE… its like the cherry on top of the cake… and over the next few weeks your machines will be automatically added to the system so there is nothing for you to do, just sit back and watch the magic happen.

However… If you are not receipt of any of our support packages then now is a great time to get in-touch and see how we can Pro-actively support you and your machines… no matter what company you are from, we can help you! Contact


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