Numatic make a wish come true for 5 year old Erik

Numatic were delighted to welcome a very special visitor to Henry HQ. On Tuesday 21stMay, 5-year-old Erik came to visit all the way from Illinois, USA. Erik is one of Henry’s biggest fans and it was his Make-A-Wish to travel across the globe to visit the home of the iconic vacuum cleaner, in Chard, Somerset. It didn’t take long for Erik to really begin impressing Numatic with his Henry knowledge. In fact, they may even have learnt a thing or two!

After settling in, Erik was taken on a factory tour to see how Henry is made and to meet the Team behind that familiar, friendly face. Then it was time for the big surprise… Erik was invited to help make his very own “Erik” vacuum! They’ve never made an “Erik” before, so he truly is a one-of-a-kind and an appropriate cleaning companion for his young owner. They have no doubt that Erik will put “Erik” to very good use when he gets home, especially with his new AiroBrush

To finish the day, Erik was given one final surprise as a lasting reminder of his visit… A big bag of Henry goodies!

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