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With 2021 rapidly coming to an end we take a quick look at what could be dominating the digital marketing landscape over the next 12 months. Troy’s in-house Digital Marketing expert, David Coggin has some great advice on top marketing trends to watch out for in 2022 and how they can benefit your business.



Voice Search

With the increase in voice activated gadgets people have around their houses, it’s safe to say people are now more comfortable talking to them and expecting to get a coherent answer.
Voice search has been predicted as the next big thing for a few years and the search queries that contain the What, How or Who have long been valued as a way of owning these results. But over the next 12 months there is sure to be an increase in audio ads alongside Googles existing YouTube audio ads offering.
Android Auto usage is also on the rise, allowing users to safely access apps on your car display so that you can focus while you drive. You can control features like navigation, maps, calls, text messages and music. Which is further boosting voice searches, so there is another captive audience waiting to be advertised to by Google.
How can it benefit you?
Voice activation allows a greater number of people to access digital technology, connected devices, and the internet more easily. It improves accessibility for people with disabilities, especially for individuals who have impaired vision or motor functions.
It also allows people to search your website easier and faster meaning people can find what they want, when they want it. Imagine the tradesman that’s in the middle of a job and needs to order a spare part or some materials. Voice search allows them to access what they need quickly and efficiently. 


With TikTok expected to surpass 1.5 billion users in 2022, it is going to absolutely dominate social media, bringing with it the continued captivation with influencers, memes, and trends.
TikTok has quickly advanced its advertising platform to become more accessible for brands. In the coming 12 months I think we’ll see smaller brands and independents using the platform to help highlight what makes them different and why people should shop with them.
‘Always on’ micro and nano influencers will also become more valuable as brands try to target their niche in an affordable way.
How can it benefit you?
Use TikTok to showcase your stores and drive footfall, offer product demonstrations and comparisons as well as promote in store discounts. Everything can be done from a phone which allows you to create content whenever you need to.
The platform also lends itself to the humorous side of content, meaning you can lean into your audience’s sense of humour whilst promoting your product and brand.

Content Marketing

Focusing purely on content volume is a mistake. And yet, you cannot rank it if you’re not producing it.
In 2022, challenge yourself and your team to really think about the ways your stories and information are being presented. Could that article be a more compelling video? Would releasing an audio version help expand your audience?
On mobile and across social channels, consumers are craving interactive, bite-sized, entertaining content.
How can it benefit you?
By repurposing a piece of content into different forms ie written, video, audio you are reaching many audiences and reducing the need to constantly create bespoke content for your digital marketing. 
This can be useful when you have a small busy team that doesn’t always have the resource to generate content consistently.

Organic Instagram Video Builds Intimacy and Trust

Video will continue to be the way to build trust faster with your audience so you can sell more.
When Instagram was founded, it was a photo app, but today it’s more important than ever to use video if you want the work you do on social media to have a real effect on your business’s bottom line.
How can it benefit you?
Instagram Reels: These short videos are getting the most organic reach of any type of post. You don’t have to use the wildest effects and transitions to take advantage of the exposure that reels can provide.
Instagram Direct Messages: Both video messages and live video chats are a smart way to create conversation. Be sure to say the name of the person you’re talking to so it doesn’t feel like a copy and paste video. It’s worth the extra time to create a real connection with a lead.
Instagram Live: You can bring on up to three guests into your Instagram Live who add value to the topic you’re talking about. Plus, their audience members will get a notification that the person they follow is live, bringing a new audience to your broadcast.

Video Leads LinkedIn Content Creation

In 2021, LinkedIn launched Creator Mode, which is more than simply a tool—it’s a way to encourage and support professionals and businesses in posting more original content and amplifying their brand messaging.
Here’s what you get when you turn Creator Mode on:
  • Your profile is converted to a Follow account and you’re eligible to be featured as a suggested creator to follow.
  • You get access to all new Creator tools as LinkedIn rolls them out. Creator Hub shows your early access to features.
  • You get the option to publish a LinkedIn newsletter to get more visibility for your content.
  • You gain access to LinkedIn Live without going through the application process.
  • A ‘Topics You Post About’ section is added to your profile in the form of five hashtags, and LinkedIn will highlight your posts and show likes and comments.
LinkedIn is expected to launch a short video feature as part of Creator Mode, similar to Instagram Reels and TikTok.
How can it benefit you?
You can use this new video feature to market their products and services with short how-to videos and continue to grow your LinkedIn user sessions and LinkedIn video marketing effectiveness.

After what’s been an unusual 18 months for everyone, these advances will allow you to drive forward your businesses, improve your digital marketing and help you capitalise on opportunities to engage with your customers and drive footfall to your stores.

All the best for the festive season!