Troy Supplier Big Wipes Go Antiviral

Big Wipes are now certified as Antiviral (EN14476) including effective at killing the enveloped virus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes Covid-19. This transforms the Big Wipes range and offer, in that they are now the only industrial-strength wipe manufacturer that covers all three critical bases;

1.) Performance – 4 high powered cleaning solvents that can quickly and effectively remove even the most stubborn construction muck and grime faster than any other wipes on the market

2.) Safety – 4 skin conditioners to protect and nourish hands, plus dermatological tested, specifically designed to be safe for prolonged use on human hands. 

3.) Protection – Antiviral and antibacterial certification as recognised by British and European biocidal standards (EN14476 & EN1276) 

Big Wipes antiviral report 

All Big Wipe products are retrospectively upgraded to this anti viral status. Which means all Big Wipes in member branches are immediately antiviral. Big Wipes Dump Stack Displays are available to clearly communicate the antiviral message until the product starts coming through from the factory with the new antiviral labels.

Big Wipes Antiviral Dump Stack Display Option 

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