Welcome to Troy’s New Welding Expert … Forbes England

A huge welcome to Forbes England, the new Welding Category Manager, at Troy.  He has already been busy partnering with existing and brand-new Troy suppliers and wholesalers of Welding products for the Membership. 

Forbes has 25-30 years’ experience in the welding sector and gained an accumulation of contacts in the welding world, both in manufacturing and distribution.  With his wealth of insight he understands all areas of the business at Troy – Members, End Users and Suppliers. 

We recently received the below question and put it to Forbes:

The global welding market is a 14.5Bn USD market right now, how do your welding suppliers see the shift from Oil & Gas (Every pipes welded at some point! ) to renewable industries affecting their product ranges?

Forbes asked one of his contacts who doesn’t wish to be named – although we can however state that this came from one of the Worlds largest welding and consumable manufacturers – this is what they have said:-

Fundamentally there are significant opportunities available to pursue in respect of the offshore wind segment for which we are developing new solutions & products to meet some of the exacting requirements.

Of course there are product & solution overlaps between the Oil & Gas and Renewable energy segments, but to some extent it depends on who & how they are being defined, for instance the EU has recently started to include gas as being ‘green’ in addition to nuclear!

So long as we continue to ‘weld’ metals we have a bright future !

Forbes will be reaching out to Members about developments in the coming weeks and months via the usual channels; marketing emails, the website, social Media and the Member magazine, Troy News. In the meantime, if you are interested in anything welding related, please email him at forbes.england@troyuk.co.uk.

For more information on Forbes and how he can help your business, please see page 4 of the Winter 2022 issue of Troy News found in the publications area of the website …

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