We partner with our members and suppliers to offer:

A competitive advantage

Instant access to more than 400 suppliers – leading manufacturers with great brands and huge ranges to choose from. Sourcing high-quality products for your customers is quick and easy, even when they’re looking for highly specialised tools and equipment.

Backed by our collective buying power, you can always offer very competitive prices. And you’ll have access to exclusive product offers, giving you yet another way to keep your customers happy – and to attract new ones.

More sales - creating time to sell more

As every business knows, time is money – and being a member can save you significant amounts of both. We offer full back-office support that simplifies and streamlines your admin, leaving you free to focus on selling to your customers.

You can buy from as many suppliers as you like, and have just one invoice to deal with. So you make a single payment to us. You can also track and view your account online, trade stock with other members and access many more time saving tools within the dedicated members area of our site.

Strategic support

Being part of the group is about much more than looking after your customers day to day. We help you think ahead, to find new ways to build and improve your business.

You’ll gain exclusive insights through our business intelligence, market analysis and product information. We also help you use technology more effectively – especially to develop the digital options for choosing and buying products that many customers now expect.

Having an evolving strategy is vital to any business. We can support you in this by leveraging both our member & supplier network and look to develop continuous improvements in pricing, trading solutions, credit facilities, reward programs and much more.

An extended team

The beauty of joining our group is you’re never alone. You might be a small business, but we provide a range of services you can use as an extension to your company.

This includes support with ongoing sales development, creating opportunities to become a key account, servicing large scale end users, provision of VMI solutions, contract negotiations, and providing access to marketing services and product specialists.

We’ll also put you in touch with trusted providers of business services, such as printing, recycling, phone and internet contracts, and can offer continuous business support in the area of training and development through our partnership with Action Coach, offering the Training Academy.

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