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With increasing safety legislation, this market sector is growing significantly. We all know it’s difficult to get new business, so ensuring sales are maximised to existing customers with products they truly require is a must.

Our members get the ability to add genuine value to their end users by optimising their combined purchasing power and buying through Troy.  We source from some of the world’s leading and most respected manufacturers and brands, ensuring all standards are adhered too. Troy are proud members of the BSIF Registered Safety Supplier Scheme, and have in-house PPE experts that can advise you on buying, merchandising and marketing strategies.

Workplace safety is of paramount importance in all areas of industry and we facilitate access to a comprehensive range of products which enables our members to offer their end users complete protection including First Aid products, eye and ear protection, respiratory protection, helmets, gloves and clothes and garments.

As well as PPE, Troy enables access to thousands of janitorial cleaning products to maintain a clean, fresh and safe environment from cleaning chemicals, mop buckets. Speak with a Troy representative today to find out more. We can provide the right range at the right price with training and support.

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