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The unit price of fasteners and connecting materials does not detract from the importance of these products. The quality and durability of a fastening or connection depend primarily on the tool and the means of fastening being perfectly matched to each other. That’s why our procurement team work hard with suppliers to ensure you have access to only the best in value, compatibility and durability.

Troy Procurement Team work hard to ensure first class terms and service to independent businesses looking to buy the best from this product category – from Nuts, Pins, Rivets and Washers to Screwbolts, Masonry Nails and Wall Plugs, members get access to a vast range of fastener and fixing products with the right terms and pricing. Working closely with Suppliers such as Harrison & Clough, Owlett – Jaton, T.I. Midwood & Co, Rivtex Limited, Brighton Best International and Stainless Threaded Fasteners, Troy deliver brands to independent engineering and tool distributors across the UK to reduce costs and enable owner-managed local merchants to complete with larger national and multinational companies. We constantly update the members area of our site with new deals, new strategy advice and new features to give Troy members a competitive edge and guide them in efficient trading.

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