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Maintenance, repair and overhaul represents a broad range (and hundreds of sub-categories) of products. Typically purchased on a regular basis, and vital in keeping premises and equipment operational, a strong business MRO procurement strategy can reduce downtime, extra expenditure and general stress of restocking.

Even though MRO purchases are often for low-value items, an inefficient procurement process can actually negate the cost savings as the time spent researching MRO products can on average incur twice the cost of the actual product. In addition stocking up on unneeded items can be expensive because it ties up capital that could have been used elsewhere. Or items can become lost, damaged or even obsolete while waiting to be used. Troy UK’s Business Development Team work with members to understand when and why they are buying stock in and our I.T. solutions and insight work to minimise wastage. 

Troy UK is a supplier of MRO products to a diverse base of independent distributors. Our range of over 500,000 includes paints, electrical supplies, dust extraction, storage and handling and raw materials. This gives our independent distributor members the access to what end users require at the right price with the right terms and delivery.

End users are looking for quality products at the right price delivered by knowledgeable experts, and Troy UK’s team of industry experts is ultimately there to support members in delivering this through fantastic supplier relationships, access to the best brands at competitive prices and procurement strategy support.

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