The Advanced Lighting Systems Range from Sykes-Pickavant offers a Wide Selection of Solutions for the Industrial Sector and Includes Two Year Warranty

The Advanced Lighting Systems range from Sykes-Pickavant launched earlier this year, boasting a solution for every working environment. Developed with extensive market insight, the selection is carefully curated to bring higher-quality solutions to the workplace. The range has been recognized by leading industry experts; having received no less than seven Red Dot awards and three iF awards for its combination of quality, performance and style.

The extensive ALS range features a selection of lighting options geared towards the industrial sector, with options ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 lumens including floodlights and heavy-duty audio lights as well as a range of accessories for ease of use and increased applications.

A complete and portable lighting solution is provided by the Floodlight Series with brightness ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 lumens. The brightness of each light is adjustable to five levels with the option to control this remotely using the exclusive mobile app for certain models. Also available are two types of tripods for use with a selection of lights from this range. The floodlights feature a USB power-bank for handy device charging and include models with various power options; corded, rechargeable and combined.

To eliminate the need for carrying multiple pieces of sound and lighting equipment, the audio light range is comprised of heavy-duty work lights with high quality integrated speakers. Ranging from 600 – 5000 lumen, the series includes rechargeable and corded LED lights, all which feature Bluetooth connectivity to play audio with superior sound via the paired device. The built-in power bank also eliminates the need for carrying separate charging equipment, offering a portable 3-in-1 solution. Selected models from this range can also be used with the optional Heavy-Duty Tripod Stands and L-Shaped Bracket to provide angled lighting.

A range of carry cases is also available to protect the lights in transit, for further details on these please visit the Sykes-Pickavant website.

Take a look at the Advanced Lighting Systems range on our website here – or in the latest Sykes-Pickavant promotional brochure here –

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