Trojan Catalogue Update


The Trojan catalogues have now been printed and delivered to Barnstaple, these will be despatched – to members who have pre-ordered copies – week commencing 15th July.


Click this link Trojan catalogue V9FINAL to view the new edition of the Trojan Tooling & PPE catalogue. This highly sought after publication is unpriced and is a great selling aid.

We have a large stock of these unpriced catalogues available for members to purchase, with all references to Trojan Tools removed so you can apply labels with your own contact details.

The cost is £2 per catalogue and can be purchased in boxes of 40, plus carriage which will vary depending on quantity ordered. Box quantities can be split if you would prefer a smaller quantity.

To order, please click this link Trojan catalogue order form to complete the order form and send back to



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