Biz Power Tools … New Batavia Pro Telescopic Ladders Launch

Batavia have been leading the way with telescopic ladder advancement for several years now, with safety features such as the ‘Giraffe-Air’ soft-close system and the introduction of rung gaps to help prevent fingers being trapped or broken.

This work is ongoing, and the latest additions have come about through close work with the European and U.K. safety standard bodies, along with taking on board the requirements needed by todays users.

This has resulted in two new professional ladders which are being added to the range.

The Batavia Professional Telescopic Ladders have a light yet durable aluminium construction, with extra-wide steps for increased safety and more comfort. Fitted with a stabiliser bar and rubber wall mount caps for increased grip and stability. They also incorporate an angle indicator to guarantee a safe angle of inclination. If you put the ladder against the wall, you can immediately see whether it is at the right angle. Safe use is between 65° and 75°.

Supplied with a carry bag for easier transportation, it meets all of the strictest safety requirements and complies with the latest EU and US standards and regulations for Heavy-Duty use and both are TÜV certified.

2 lengths are available:

  • Model BAT7063668 is 3.27m but only 83cm when closed
  • Model BAT7063670 is 3.81m but only 91cm when closed

The Batavia range of ladders, power tools and associated products is distributed to members across the U.K. by BIZ Power Tools Ltd.

For details, please contact us:

Email:                             Telephone: 0344 463 2325

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