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"Which?" Conducts First Consumer Comparisons Of Reusable Face Coverings

As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic and efforts to contain the spread of the virus public wearing of face coverings is now the norm in many situations. But how effective are they?

It is important to remember that these face coverings are not Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and should not be used as such. Face coverings are intended to minimise the risk of the wearer spreading the virus to others. Work place risk assessments will identify where PPE is required as opposed to face coverings, and BSIF (British Safety Industry Federation) has put together this useful selection tool to help you identify where and when it appropriate to use PPE or indeed a Face Covering.

When comparing Face Coverings Which? tested 15 different models discovering that the worst allowed 93% of potentially harmful particles to escape from the wearer.
While some face masks were able to block more than 99% of potentially harmful bacteria from penetrating the mask’s material and escaping, the worst only prevented 7% of these particles from escaping.

Which? is now urging manufacturers and retailers to “up their game” after three of the 15 face coverings it tested were branded as a “don’t buy”. The research revealed that masks with multiple layers are more effective than single-layer masks – but Which? said there is a clear trade-off between ‘breathability’ and how effective they are at filtration.

Natalie Hitchins, Which? head of home products and services, said there is a “huge difference” in quality between reusable masks sold in stores around the country and online.

While reusable fabric face coverings are not designed to block ultra-fine particles such as COVID-19, they are intended to help block larger droplets and aerosols breathed out by the wearer, who may be infected but asymptomatic.

Which? found the quality of instructions and advice on the face coverings was generally quite poor. Only a few products had clear and easy-to-follow guidance on wearing and washing the face covering. Concern was raised by Which that six of them didn’t state that reusable face coverings are not PPE or medical devices and seven did not explain how to safely use the mask – both of which are required by (voluntary) product standards.

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#becomexpert with the Rawlplug Academy e-learning platform.

Rawlplug have just released their Rawlplug Academy e-learning platform. With their original training courses structured in such a way that allows you to build knowledge even in very technical areas. It is an innovative development program and It is the only solution in the fastening sector dedicated to education, building competences and exchange of experience. Providing over 250 hours of training videos across 82 e-learning modules.

Who is the Rawlplug Academy designed for?

  • Architects.
  • Contractors.
  • Engineers.
  • Salespeople.

They have even added courses for those of you that only have 20 minutes to spare. Meaning you can use the time you have available for brief summaries of specific areas. With each course ending with a test, you can check your knowledge as well as keep track of your teams results.

View the Rawlplug Academy introduction video here.

With a variety of video tutorials, animations, knowledge pills, infographics, and benefit packages Rawlplugs academy enables you to acquire the knowledge you need efficiently. Thanks to Rawlplug and their Academy, you can develop your knowledge about their products and services using their 3 training types.

rawlplug academy

Alongside this, Rawlplug have 3 specific stationary training centres that have been designed in such a way to simulate site conditions making it possible to try and test the correct product installation live. Divided into multiple zones you can interact with products as well as learn about Rawlplugs heritage.

If you can’t get to one of their training centres they have also launched the Rawltruck, a mobile educational and training centre. Enabling them to showcase, products, services and training.

In order to allow you to find out how to use the Rawlplug Academy e-learning platform conveniently, how valuable the knowledge we provide is and how interestingly it is presented, they have prepared a demo training course for you.

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A note on disposable gloves from the British Safety Industry Federation

Due to supply shortages, the BSIF are hearing reports of companies attempting to import nitrile gloves and who have been asked to pay deposits to secure supplies. Please be cautious as we are also hearing instances where, when these deposits have been paid, it turns out to be bogus agents and suppliers and the monies are being lost.
Please be careful. 

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A versatile and easy-to-use fixing solution for a wide range of applications has been unveiled by JCS Hi-Torque Ltd.

JCS Banding is the ideal fixing solution for duct work, HVAC installations and much more, utilising a simple cut-to-size banding system.


Tom Allen, Sales & Marketing Manager at JCS Hi-Torque, said: “The big advantage of JCS Banding is its simplicity – cut the required banding length, engage one end into a connector and apply. It is easily adjusted, repositioned and reused.


“It will save installers valuable time on site as it makes the fixing process fast and simple.  No specialist tools are required, just a cutter and a socket driver.”


“JCS Banding is strong, reliable and can often be used in place of more expensive and difficult to use bracketry secured with nuts and bolts.”


The JCS Banding cut-to-size fixing system is supplied in 10m and 30m coils complete with worm-drive connectors, and is in both zinc-plated mild steel or high-strength 304 stainless steel, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. It can be purchased via a global network of distributors.



About JCS Hi-Torque

  • JCS is a specialist British manufacturer of high performance worm drive clamps with a proud history that can be traced back to 1768.
  • JCS Hi-Torque has approvals for BS EN ISO 9001, BSI Kitemark and Lloyd’s Register Type Approval.
  • JCS is a proud member of the community..
  • To find out more visit their website,


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Another BSIF Import & Export Course On 7th December - Members Don't Miss Out!

In response to the large member demand BSIF have arranged a second date for the training course on Import & Export essentials. This will be taking place on 7th December 2021, 10am – 3.30pm, please email BSIF team ( to register for you or a member of your staff.

Copies of the slides used on the course will be provided to each delegate as a workbook for future reference. The one-day course will take place online and a link will be sent upon registration.

The training course will be delivered by our partners from Strong and Herd Import and Export services. The cost of the training course is £85 +VAT per person. This price has been subsidised by BSIF for BSIF members.  Please register as soon as possible to ensure your participation.


• THE IMPORT PROCESS: Key points to consider
• IMPORT CLEARANCE: The Customs Declaration, the information required. Payments to HMRC at Import.
• FOCUS ON COMMODITY CODES: The format of the code. The UK Tariff and the requirements of Import Duty / VAT. Product specific examples. An overview of the rules of tariff classification and details of HMRC assistance to enable the trader to classify correctly
• VALUATION OF GOODS: Valuation rules. Why an accurate valuation is important, what needs to be included in the value for duty and VAT payments
• THE EXPORT PROCESS: Your responsibilities, Proof of Export
• GOODS ON THE MOVE: Transport options. Working with Freight Forwarders and Carriers
• INCOTERMS® 2020 RULES: Understanding what Incoterms do and do not do. An overview of each rule. Import and Export considerations
• ORIGIN RULES: Understanding the differences between Non-Preferential and Preferential Origin and their role in trade compliance
• CUSTOMS PROCEDURE CODES (CPC): Why goods are being Exporting or Imported
• DOCUMENTS & RECORD KEEPING: Key documents examined and explained
• WORKING WITH HMRC : Trade Compliance at Export and Import
• TRADING WITH NORTHERN IRELAND: An overview of the regulations

To register for this training course please send an email to detailing the names and email addresses of those from your company that wish to attend.

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Armorgard Launch New Product TREKDROR

New Product – TREKDROR  


Secure drawer system for installing in the back of commercial vans. Ideal uses are for storing small tools and power tools neatly and securely in the vehicle.

Key benefits; Neat/organised, secured with 2x 5-Lever deadlocks, optimise van space.


Product Code

TKD1 / TKD2 / TKD3

External Dims

490x1105x300 / 980x1105x200 / 490x1105x490


44kg / 62kg / 58kg





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Biz Power Tools ... New Batavia Pro Telescopic Ladders Launch

Batavia have been leading the way with telescopic ladder advancement for several years now, with safety features such as the ‘Giraffe-Air’ soft-close system and the introduction of rung gaps to help prevent fingers being trapped or broken.

This work is ongoing, and the latest additions have come about through close work with the European and U.K. safety standard bodies, along with taking on board the requirements needed by todays users.

This has resulted in two new professional ladders which are being added to the range.

The Batavia Professional Telescopic Ladders have a light yet durable aluminium construction, with extra-wide steps for increased safety and more comfort. Fitted with a stabiliser bar and rubber wall mount caps for increased grip and stability. They also incorporate an angle indicator to guarantee a safe angle of inclination. If you put the ladder against the wall, you can immediately see whether it is at the right angle. Safe use is between 65° and 75°.

Supplied with a carry bag for easier transportation, it meets all of the strictest safety requirements and complies with the latest EU and US standards and regulations for Heavy-Duty use and both are TÜV certified.

2 lengths are available:

  • Model BAT7063668 is 3.27m but only 83cm when closed
  • Model BAT7063670 is 3.81m but only 91cm when closed

The Batavia range of ladders, power tools and associated products is distributed to members across the U.K. by BIZ Power Tools Ltd.

For details, please contact us:

Email:                             Telephone: 0344 463 2325

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Bollé Safety Make Last Minute Price Increase Due To Covid-19


Dear Valued Customer,

As you are all aware, we are facing an unprecedent global crisis due to Covid-19.

Our first aim is to provide healthcare professionals and key workers with appropriate means to protect themselves against the virus.
However, this health crisis has significantly impacted upon our business and organization.

As you may be aware, the availability of our finished goods is greatly depleted at the moment, partly through the shutdown of manufacturing across the globe and partly through significant increases in consumption of PPE. Consequently, we are experiencing exceptional demand on critical product lines during the Covid-19 crisis.

In view of these exceptional circumstances arising from Covid-19, there has been, and will continue to be, a significant increase in transportation costs as well as difficulties in sourcing raw materials. Also we have had to increase investment in new moulds to boost capacity and expand the workforce within the company.

Unfortunately, due to this current dramatic economic situation and this commercial unpredictability, we are left with no rational alternative but to increase our current 2020 prices in line with these costs. We are confident, nonetheless, that we will continue to deliver to you and your customers the same high level of quality and protection that our products offer. We will, of course, do our best to return to our normal pricing policy as soon as possible after the crisis.

Please note that our new prices will be effective on the 2nd of April 2020 and will remain in force until the additional costs we face decrease.
I hope this provides some clarity on our position, however please let me know if you any queries. Otherwise we look forward to supporting you as we continue to do our very best to meet demand in these exceptional times.

Yours sincerely,

Executive Vice President
Damien Guillobez

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Global workwear brand Dickies has teamed up with Bolton Wanderers FC to test its new Advanced Waterproof Technology (AWT) range at the University of Bolton Stadium.

Dickies Workwear has outfitted stadium ground staff, security and maintenance staff with clothing and footwear from the range, which is designed to guard the wearer against the elements. Featuring materials that repel rain, sleet and snow while remaining breathable, AWT products were considered especially useful for the ground staff who work outside every day caring for the pitch.

“With the weather in constant flux with rain, hail, wind, freezing temperatures and even snow, it can be quite challenging to work in and play at the home of Bolton Wanderers FC, so this was an ideal opportunity to put our new AWT range to the test,” said James Whitaker, Marketing Director at Dickies Workwear.

“Not every piece of workwear or outerwear is suited for that level of punishment, but what Dickies Workwear does well is craft tough, no-nonsense workwear at a price everyone can afford that can stand-up to the outdoors. We’ve had some great feedback from the staff at the club who enjoyed trialling our new range.”

Items worn by ground staff at Bolton Wanderers FC include the Dickies Winter Jacket, which features an exceptionally high level of waterproofing (10,000 mm) while also being breathable – making it an ideal option for working outdoors in bad weather conditions.

Chris Simm, Head Groundsman of Bolton Wanderers FC, said:

“The ground staff, security and match day staff have a lot riding on their shoulders given the level of work that goes into making sure our facilities perform. Our workers need to feel comfortable and protected and we know Dickies Workwear provides exactly what they need to make sure they’re able to stay focused on game day.”

The University of Bolton Stadium is a natural partnership for Dickies Workwear as its outdoor setting is well-known for having unique, weather-related challenges. In addition to outfitting workers, the partnership includes Dickies Workwear being featured in-stadium throughout the season via digital signage and advertising, as well as in the official game-day programme. Dickies will also have a presence within various digital platforms, including, the team’s Facebook page and more.

Find out more about the hard work that goes into maintaining the pitch and grounds at Bolton Wanderers FC by watching Dickies’ video here (which was filmed prior to the Covid-19 outbreak): Video Link

About the Bolton Wanderers FC

The historic Bolton Wanderers FC, established in 1874 as Christchurch FC before adopting its current name in 1877, is one of the founding members of the Football League in 1888. The Club won three FA Cups in the 1920s and once again in 1958 when they beat Manchester United 2-0 at Wembley. It enjoyed a prolonged spell in the Premier League in the 2000s during which they featured in two European campaigns.

More information is available online at

About Dickies Workwear

Dickies Workwear, has provided workers with durable, functional and comfortable workwear since 1922, pioneering such iconic styles as the Redhawk coverall. A brand of VF Corporation, the Dickies Workwear brand portfolio continues to evolve and today includes modern apparel, footwear and accessories for men, women. The brand’s range of products are available in more than 100 countries, allowing individuals around the world to experience the performance of Dickies®. For more information, visit

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Bott Develops New Ergonomic Workstation And Configurator

Bott have designed an ergonomic workstation, combining advanced design, high-quality manufacture and a flexible approach.

 The Bott Group have been developing workplace storage solutions for over 80 years, and has facilities all across Europe. Delivering high levels of service and quality, they have expertise in delivering efficient working environments for both static and in-vehicle applications.

In today’s challenging environment, businesses are introducing LEAN principles to deliver both agility and efficiency in their operations. With this in mind and as a result of in-depth research into their customer’s challenges, Bott have developed a flexible and efficient workstation, allowing for customised applications and seamless expansion for when business needs change.


Ergonomic Optimised Design.

The ergonomically designed workstation can be changed to suit varying processes, with a height adjustable frame bench as the base, integrated accessories and flexible overhead solutions. The overall depth and width are modularly expandable with tilting and swivelling options allowing users to position accessories in the most comfortable positions. The adjustable working height options also allow for seated or standing working.

Ensuring staff welfare, safety and productivity, Bott believe that investing in a professional system is key to creating the optimal operational process.


What are the benefits of a professional system?

Flexible & Adaptable

  • Versatile solutions for material provision
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
  • Re-configure to suit varying processes


Advanced Ergonomic Design

  • Custom solutions for individual applications
  • Creates comfortable & healthy work environments
  • Versatile adjustment of reaching distances


Zero Waste

  • Eliminates wasteful activities
  • Increases quality & performance
  • Reduces errors & processing times
  • Simplifies workflows and increases efficiencies


High-quality manufacture

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 10 year ‘Built to Last’ guarantee
  • Competitive delivery

 Configure your own workstation.

 Simple and easy to use, Bott have developed a new online configurator tool, allowing customers to design a unique workstation that best suits their operational needs and activities.  

Click the links below to view more details

Ergonomic workstation Graphic

Ergonomic Workstations


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Bott Verso delivers style and substance for a demanding workspace


Stolen BMX are a BMX bike brand famed worldwide for their product-orientated ethos. Based out of their UK head office, they work collaboratively with SR75 World Team; athletes competing across global motorsport events.

With a love of leg and horse power, creating a workspace fit for two purposes presented quite a challenge. Stolen BMX required a stock area to store parts and build their pedal power bikes, while SR75 needed a functional area to build competition-ready motocross bikes.

For Anthony Revell, Co-owner and Director of Stolen BMX, and Geoff Walker, Owner of SR75 World Team, the wide choice of product led them to select Verso as their workplace solution.

The modular Verso system has such a diverse range of sizes and options it allowed them to confidently configure their own design; creating two bays to work on both BMX and motocross bikes.

A combination of shelf cupboards and 100% extension drawer cabinets provided plenty of storage possibilities, with adjustable drawer dividers optimising organisation throughout. Wall mounted Perfo panels and hooks offered easy access and visible tool storage, alongside plastic hook on bins for small parts storage.

With style and reliability being everything in racing, the sleek aesthetics of the Verso range in gentian blue, coupled with great engineering, resonated with Stolen BMX and SR75 World Team.

For people living in the high-speed world of extreme sports, the fast delivery time offered by Bott appealed to the teams, getting them up and running quickly; allowing them to get on with the job.

In the gruelling sphere of extreme sports, you need to be strong, your kit has to be tough and you need a durable workspace that can handle the pace. For Anthony and Geoff, their Built to Last Verso workspace solution has met all their expectations.

“We would highly recommend Bott products. The quality and value for money are second to none.

Throughout the whole process of selection, to delivery, to aftercare; the customer service has been unrivalled!”

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BSIF...Latest News

BSIF Registered Safety Supplier Scheme named as finalist in OPSS Awards

BSIF were delighted to be named as a Finalist in the OPSS Regulatory Excellence Awards 2021. The awards celebrate outstanding achievements in supporting businesses and protecting consumers, contributing towards fighting coronavirus, rebuilding the economy, and unleashing innovation.

The BSIF put forward the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme as the entry and it was duly named as a finalist in the hotly contested Product Safety category.

The Mission of the scheme is to provide assurance to users that only compliant and correctly performing products are being supplied through a capable, educated, competent supply chain. The scheme provides a recognised route to enable a member to demonstrate compliance and due diligence.

The RSSS is open only to members of the BSIF, and a mandatory requirement for all members engaged in PPE manufacturing, marketing and supply. New members to the BSIF need to work towards achieving Registered Safety Supplier Scheme status within the first 6 Months of BSIF membership.

A Registered Safety Supplier Scheme member…

  • Formally declares and commits to selling only Certified PPE and safety products that perform to claims made
  • Ensures that they meet all the responsibilities of the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425
  • Submits their products to random independent performance testing
  • Commits to having their customer facing staff educated and accredited in the Safe Supply Course
  • Maintains a company Quality Policy
  • Holds necessary authorisation for service provision
  • As a Federation member trades honestly and ethically

On hearing the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme had been named as a finalist BSIF CEO Alan Murray said;

‘We at BSIF are delighted to hear that the RSSS has been named as a finalist, the excellent work of the scheme through the members involved with it is helping to ensure that critical products such as PPE and safety equipment meet their regulatory requirements which helps to keep the UK workforce safe while also contributing to a fairer marketplace which helps to keep people safer every day’

The Health & Safety Event 2021

The Health & Safety Event showcases the latest products and services from the industry and is the meeting place for anyone responsible for running a safe and efficient workplace. The event has grown to be the fastest growing exhibition in its sector, attracting the UK’s largest decision makers and specifiers looking for product information, solutions and best practice.

Date: 7th – 9th September 2021

Location: NEC, Birmingham

Interview with the new Registered Safety Supplier Scheme Audit & Compliance Assessor – Luke Neale

Hello Luke, thanks for joining me in this discussion, congratulations on making it through the first six months of your role as Audit and Compliance Assessor for the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme here at BSIF!

I wanted to discuss your experience of BSIF and how your work over the past six months has shaped the RSSS.

How much did you know about the RSSS before you joined BSIF?

I had a really good knowledge of the RSSS and the audit process before joining because the company I worked for previously are members of the RSSS and it was my responsibility to conduct the audit, so I experienced two audits from the ‘other side of the desk’ before joining the Federation.

Could you tell us a bit about your role and how an additional Auditor benefits the RSSS?

With a membership of over 300 organisations each requiring an annual audit, it was a challenge for the team to conduct all of the audits as well as invigilating the final SSA exams and also dealing with the many day-to-day enquiries from our membership and external organisations.  I was primarily brought on board to conduct Audits and respond to enquires our members may have in relation any number of topics, such as the various standards in place covering PPE, testing, documentation, certification and UKCA to name a few.  I genuinely love my job and enjoy engaging with our members each day.

I’m really looking forward to the networking event this year – it’s going to be a fantastic opportunity to meet our members and get together with the BSIF team!

After six months working within the scheme has anything surprised you?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the depth of knowledge & level of expertise that our members have within the PPE Product & Service sector as well as the safety industry in general.

What has been the biggest challenge for you in regard to the RSSS throughout the last six months?

There have been various challenges for me since joining the BSIF, obviously the pandemic has had a massive impact on our members in many ways, and the reduced staffing levels and remote working situations have been a challenge to the audit process. The regional and national lockdowns have prevented the final invigilated Safe Supply Accreditation course exams taking place, but I’m pleased to say we are in the process of arranging these exams now, so if any of our members are in the position to sit their final exam, I would encourage them to get in touch so we can make arrangements to invigilate.

UKCA is also representing a challenge for our members as they try to get to grips with their obligations in relation to the transition from CE to UKCA.

Another strange aspect of joining BSIF when I did is that I have yet to meet all of the team or visit the head office!  I hope to do so before too much longer.

Has your perception of members changed since you started here?

It has – whilst I already held the view that our members were committed to the RSSS, conducting the audits and engaging with our members has shown me just how dedicated they are to the supply of compliant safety products and services.

How do you think the RSSS helps the marketplace and general standard of H&S in UK workplaces?

Earlier in the year, Roy Wilders and I conducted a ‘Supermarket Sweep’ where we had one hour to source as much PPE from non-members as we could. I bought motorcycle clothing, protective gloves, safety footwear, Hi Vis and flame retardant clothing. I have to say, the results shocked me – for the most part the products were supplied without any of the required documentation – Declarations of Conformity, User Instructions etc. and when these were requested from the supplier, more often than not we were met with silence.  Some of the products tested didn’t perform as claimed either – I tested a glove claiming to be cut level F and it only achieved level B – needless to say these products and traders have all been reported to the relevant Market Surveillance authorities.

I’m pleased to say that we don’t have any such issues with our members, and the audit verifies their status as a fully compliant supplier of safety equipment & services.  In short, membership of the scheme makes the marketplace safer and in turn saves lives.

Do you find enthusiasm for the scheme from the companies you audit to adhere to the scheme?

In all honesty, the members of the scheme wear the Shield of Protection with pride – without exception all of our members are eager to ‘do the right thing’ in terms of the relevant legislation and the systems many of them have in place are really impressive.

What advice can you give to people looking for a supplier?

The BSIF/RSSS website has an excellent search feature where you can filter by product type or service, these can be found by visiting

What is involved in an RSSS audit?

As many of our members will attest, the audit process is relatively quick to do and really straightforward – we make checks to ensure that the member is aware of their obligations under the relevant legislation and that they have correct and relevant systems in place. Where relevant we also perform an indicative test on PPE to verify the claims made through a UKAS approved lab.

How important do you see the role of the Safe Supply Accreditation in helping to raise the standards of PPE/Safety equipment sellers?

The role is crucial, educating those selling PPE/safety equipment is key to improving the supply chain, all RSSS members commit to having their customer facing staff trained in safe supply, the qualification teaches them their obligations in regards to the supply of the product, knowledge they can then pass on to customers when helping to select appropriate PPE/Safety equipment.

Why do you think the RSSS has become so important firstly to companies that operate within the PPE/Safety product and service sector and secondly to those that purchase PPE/safety products and services?

Simply put, by using a member of the RSSS you can be sure that the product you are buying is safe and fully compliant.

What’s next for the RSSS? How do you see it developing?

We often ask for feedback from our members during audits to see if there are things we can do better or differently to give them the most value from the scheme – we always take their comments on board and we will be looking to incorporate some extra features in the coming year to give the members more value and to make the scheme more robust.

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BSIF...UKCA Deadline Extension

In response to industry lobbying, the UK Government has just extended the deadline by one year, through until the 1st of January 2023, for the placing on the market of CE marked product to still be acceptable in GB (England, Wales and Scotland). The link below is the updated guidance just published.

This html text is the only guidance available at the moment, with product specific information (including PPE) still to be created. 

While this extension is very welcome and will help to avoid the difficulties in the short term, we would advise against any relaxation of efforts in ensuring that your products are appropriately UKCA marked with the relevant UK Approved Bodies. I am told that this is the final extension that will be granted!

Northern Ireland guidance remains as was previously published in December 2020.

We will keep you updated on any other developments

Alan Murray
Chief Executive Officer, BSIF

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Check Out GPC Industries' New Products Here ...

For further information about these fantastic new products and more visit

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Corona Virus impact on Supply Chain



Sorry, this content is only available to members. If you have an account please login at the top of the page.




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Countdown to Christmas with new limited-edition Draper Tools advent calendar

Whether your customers love it or loathe it, this year has seen a nationwide interest in DIY. With more time spent at home, DIY projects around the country were taken on, leaving many in need of new tools. In fact, a quarter of the UK’s homeowners say tools and DIY supplies are likely to be on their Christmas list this year*. So, why not fix Christmas for your customers with the brand new Draper Tools advent calendar? 

Give your customers the ultimate Christmas countdown with this limited edition calendar, featuring 49 specially selected tools hidden behind 24 doors. Simply open each door throughout December to build a handy Draper toolkit in time for the big day.   

Building on the success of last year’s sell-out advent calendar, which received widespread media attention, this year’s model features an all new toolkit inside. It’s the perfect pre-Christmas gift for new DIY enthusiasts and seasoned home-improvement pros alike. The tool kit inside has broad appeal and would be useful for anyone around the house, garage or even at work. 

The calendar includes a measuring tape, adjustable wrench, a selection of pliers, hex keys and a ¼” hex magnetic screwdriver with 31 different insert bits – all contained in a sturdy case to keep everything safe and organised. 

Each Draper Tools advent calendar contains: 

  • 1x 2m Measuring tape 
  • 1x 100mm Adjustable wrench 
  • 1x 115mm Combination pliers 
  • 1x 115mm Diagonal pliers 
  • 1x ¼” Hex magnetic bit driver 
  • 1x ¼” Hex 60mm magnetic bit holder 
  • 9x 25mm PZ TYPE insert bits: No.0, No.1 (x2) No.2 (x4) and No3 (x2) 
  • 3x 25mm Cross slot insert bits: No.2 
  • 4x 25mm Plain slot insert bits: 3, 4.5, 5.5 and 6.5mm 
  • 7x 25mm DRAPER TX-STAR insert bits: T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30 and T40 
  • 3x 25mm Square insert bits: No.1, No2 and No.3 
  • 5x 25mm Hex insert bits: 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6mm 
  • 10 x Hex keys: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3., 4, 5, 5.5, 6, 8, 10mm 
  • 1x Storage case with EVA insert 

Christmas is the season of goodwill and giving, that’s why for every advent calendar sold, Draper Tools is donating £1 to NHS Charities Together in recognition of all hardworking NHS heroes who have done so much this year.    

For more information details visit (stock no: 19777) or contact your Draper Tools Area Sales Manager.

and trade enquiries visit:

Advent calendar RRP: £35, see for all the details. 

*source Draper Tools survey, conducted by OnePoll August 2020, sample size: 2,000 UK homeowners. 

About Draper Tools:  

The family business that’s been supplying the nation with tools since 1919.  

Draper Tools is a leading distributor of hand and power tools. Established in 1919 by Bert Draper, the company is now over 100 years old and is still family owned and run today. Draper Tools prides itself on the range, quality and value of its expanding portfolio which includes over 10,000 quality products. Product categories include automotive, construction, engineering and many more. Draper Tools products are available through a wide range of stockists both online and in stores. For more information, stockist details

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Covid-19 Updates From Suppliers

For the most up to date news on all of the Troy THS Group suppliers. Please check out their supplier profiles. All updates from today referring to Covid-19 (Corna Virus) will be added to their profiles, along with inclusion in Friday operational emails.

Thank You.

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Digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2022

digital marketing


With 2021 rapidly coming to an end we take a quick look at what could be dominating the digital marketing landscape over the next 12 months. Troy’s in-house Digital Marketing expert, David Coggin has some great advice on top marketing trends to watch out for in 2022 and how they can benefit your business.



Voice Search

With the increase in voice activated gadgets people have around their houses, it’s safe to say people are now more comfortable talking to them and expecting to get a coherent answer.
Voice search has been predicted as the next big thing for a few years and the search queries that contain the What, How or Who have long been valued as a way of owning these results. But over the next 12 months there is sure to be an increase in audio ads alongside Googles existing YouTube audio ads offering.
Android Auto usage is also on the rise, allowing users to safely access apps on your car display so that you can focus while you drive. You can control features like navigation, maps, calls, text messages and music. Which is further boosting voice searches, so there is another captive audience waiting to be advertised to by Google.
How can it benefit you?
Voice activation allows a greater number of people to access digital technology, connected devices, and the internet more easily. It improves accessibility for people with disabilities, especially for individuals who have impaired vision or motor functions.
It also allows people to search your website easier and faster meaning people can find what they want, when they want it. Imagine the tradesman that’s in the middle of a job and needs to order a spare part or some materials. Voice search allows them to access what they need quickly and efficiently. 


With TikTok expected to surpass 1.5 billion users in 2022, it is going to absolutely dominate social media, bringing with it the continued captivation with influencers, memes, and trends.
TikTok has quickly advanced its advertising platform to become more accessible for brands. In the coming 12 months I think we’ll see smaller brands and independents using the platform to help highlight what makes them different and why people should shop with them.
‘Always on’ micro and nano influencers will also become more valuable as brands try to target their niche in an affordable way.
How can it benefit you?
Use TikTok to showcase your stores and drive footfall, offer product demonstrations and comparisons as well as promote in store discounts. Everything can be done from a phone which allows you to create content whenever you need to.
The platform also lends itself to the humorous side of content, meaning you can lean into your audience’s sense of humour whilst promoting your product and brand.

Content Marketing

Focusing purely on content volume is a mistake. And yet, you cannot rank it if you’re not producing it.
In 2022, challenge yourself and your team to really think about the ways your stories and information are being presented. Could that article be a more compelling video? Would releasing an audio version help expand your audience?
On mobile and across social channels, consumers are craving interactive, bite-sized, entertaining content.
How can it benefit you?
By repurposing a piece of content into different forms ie written, video, audio you are reaching many audiences and reducing the need to constantly create bespoke content for your digital marketing. 
This can be useful when you have a small busy team that doesn’t always have the resource to generate content consistently.

Organic Instagram Video Builds Intimacy and Trust

Video will continue to be the way to build trust faster with your audience so you can sell more.
When Instagram was founded, it was a photo app, but today it’s more important than ever to use video if you want the work you do on social media to have a real effect on your business’s bottom line.
How can it benefit you?
Instagram Reels: These short videos are getting the most organic reach of any type of post. You don’t have to use the wildest effects and transitions to take advantage of the exposure that reels can provide.
Instagram Direct Messages: Both video messages and live video chats are a smart way to create conversation. Be sure to say the name of the person you’re talking to so it doesn’t feel like a copy and paste video. It’s worth the extra time to create a real connection with a lead.
Instagram Live: You can bring on up to three guests into your Instagram Live who add value to the topic you’re talking about. Plus, their audience members will get a notification that the person they follow is live, bringing a new audience to your broadcast.

Video Leads LinkedIn Content Creation

In 2021, LinkedIn launched Creator Mode, which is more than simply a tool—it’s a way to encourage and support professionals and businesses in posting more original content and amplifying their brand messaging.
Here’s what you get when you turn Creator Mode on:
  • Your profile is converted to a Follow account and you’re eligible to be featured as a suggested creator to follow.
  • You get access to all new Creator tools as LinkedIn rolls them out. Creator Hub shows your early access to features.
  • You get the option to publish a LinkedIn newsletter to get more visibility for your content.
  • You gain access to LinkedIn Live without going through the application process.
  • A ‘Topics You Post About’ section is added to your profile in the form of five hashtags, and LinkedIn will highlight your posts and show likes and comments.
LinkedIn is expected to launch a short video feature as part of Creator Mode, similar to Instagram Reels and TikTok.
How can it benefit you?
You can use this new video feature to market their products and services with short how-to videos and continue to grow your LinkedIn user sessions and LinkedIn video marketing effectiveness.

After what’s been an unusual 18 months for everyone, these advances will allow you to drive forward your businesses, improve your digital marketing and help you capitalise on opportunities to engage with your customers and drive footfall to your stores.

All the best for the festive season!

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Dormer Pramet UK - Sales Unit Closure


Due to the recent restrictions on movement, we have taken the decision to close our sales office until further notice. This is a precautionary measure to protect the health and wellbeing of our employees, customers and partners.

However, all our staff continue to work from home.
Below is a list of telephone numbers you can call based on your business
location. In addition, our email address ( remains
live and is constantly monitored during working hours. Therefore, please
contact us via these channels with your enquiries, stock-checks and orders.
Electronic ordering (DOL/EDI) remains unaffected.

North East England 01246 571313
North West England 01246 571316
South East England 01246 571318
South West England 01246 571319
Southern England 01246 571317
West Midlands 01246 571350
Yorkshire & N/E Midlands 01246 571315
Scotland 01246 571350
Ireland 01246 571315
Wales 01246 571313
Technical Support 01246 571335

If you find your local number is engaged or not answering, please feel free to
call an alternative.

At this stage, there is no disruption to our services and deliveries will
continue as normal. The only exception being product returns, which we will
unfortunately not be able to accept back until our office re-opens. We will
monitor the situation closely and up-date you with any development and

If you have any further questions, please contact our customer
service team using the telephone numbers or email address shown above.
 Alternatively, you can contact your local Dormer Pramet Sales Engineer on
their usual number.

Thank you for your support and patience during this time.

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Draper Tools Advent Calendar Raises £7k in Aid of 'Tools for Self Reliance'

Family run tool firm, Draper Tools, launched its 2021 tool advent calendar earlier this year, featuring 24 doors of tools to open in the countdown to Christmas. With Christmas being the season of goodwill, the company pledged to donate £1 from the sale of every calendar to the charity Tools for Self Reliance. The calendar has been so popular that it raised £7,000, which was recently presented to the charity alongside an additional donation of £500, made in lieu of sending Christmas cards this year.

Draper Tools has a long-standing relationship with its charity partner Tools for Self Reliance. The charity collects and refurbishes hand tools and sewing machines for training projects in Africa, enabling people to learn a trade and earn a sustainable income. Since becoming an official charity partner earlier this year, Draper Tools has been giving its support with fundraisers and tool donations.

Fran Weeks, PR Manager at Draper Tools commented: “Recent times have been tough for so many organisations but especially charities, who’ve faced numerous challenges throughout the pandemic. When the time came to launch our 2021 advent calendar, we all felt it made sense to donate some of the proceeds to our charity partner Tools for Self Reliance, in recognition of the incredible, life-changing work they do. It seems our customers felt the same way – the calendar was snapped up in record time. We’ve been so happy to see the reaction to it and how it’s been helping people countdown to Christmas. We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who bought one this year.”

Lauren Smits, Fundraising & Events Officer at Tools for Self Reliance, commented:

“Tools For Self Reliance couldn’t be happier with the success of the fantastic Drapers Tools advent calendar and would like to say a big thank you on behalf of all the team here in the UK and everyone we work with overseas. The continued support from Draper Tools enables people in Africa to earn an income and support their families and communities – we can’t wait to see what we can do next as a charity partnership.”

The Draper Tools Advent Calendar 2021 received widespread media attention and was named one of the best in the national press. It even made its TV debut this year when it was featured on Steph’s Packed Lunch on Channel 4. The 24 doors of the calendar open to reveal specially selected tools that make up a 54-piece tool kit. Draper Tools has completely sold out of advent calendars, though any tool lovers keen to get their hands on one may still find a limited number available from local retailers and online sellers.

The team at Draper Tools send a huge thanks to the Troy members who bought calendars!

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Draper Tools launches Festive Deals as 25% of Brits want tools for Christmas

With the increased interest in DIY and gardening this year, retailers could be in for strong seasonal sales. According to Draper Tools latest research, a quarter of UK adults say tools and DIY supplies are likely to be on their Christmas list this year*. That’s why Draper Tools has launched a huge new promotion for the festive season. The company’s Festive Deals promotion is packed with over 300 products at great prices offering everything from stocking fillers through to ideal Christmas presents for DIY enthusiasts, gardeners, motorists and tradespeople too. 


With Draper’s Festive Deals promotion, retailers can meet customer demand and get a great deal at the same time. By getting involved with the promotion, Draper Tools stockists have the opportunity to benefit from seasonal sales-boosting extras such as a digital toolkit with imagery and graphics for social media. For qualifying orders there’s also festive in-store POS available to dress shop windows and counters. Plus, there’s a printed gift guide available, featuring over 40 pages of inspiration to entice customers and encourage festive sales. To find out how to qualify for these added extras speak to your Draper representative today! 


Draper Tools has thought of everything with a whole range of products on offer that will appeal to a wide range of customers this festive season – from power tools that pack a punch, right through to smart, stylish garden essentials. Whether your customers are hardworking tradespeople, DIY enthusiasts, gardeners or keen motorists, there’s something to suit.  


Don’t miss exciting offers on the Draper D20 and Storm Force 20V power tool ranges, which each feature their own convenient, multi-tool battery system – where one battery system powers every tool in the series. These top-quality ranges are ideal to enhance anyone’s power tool collection, appealing to both new and seasoned DIYers. 


There are also great deals available on storage solutions to get your customers organised and handy household must-haves such as hex keys, LED torches and battery chargers too. Festive Deals really is a comprehensive collection, packed with products and support to help retailers on the way to successful seasonal sales.  


Speak to your Draper Tools representative for all the details on Festive Deals or talk a look at

*source Draper Tools survey, conducted by OnePoll August 2020, sample size: 2,000 UK adults. 


About Draper Tools:  

The family business that’s been supplying the nation with tools since 1919.  

Draper Tools is a leading distributor of hand and power tools. Established in 1919 by Bert Draper, the company is now over 100 years old and is still family owned and run today. Draper Tools prides itself on the range, quality and value of its expanding portfolio which includes over 10,000 quality products. Product categories include automotive, construction, engineering and many more. Draper Tools products are available through a wide range of stockists both online and in stores. For more information, stockist details and trade enquiries visit:

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Draper Tools message, we remain fully operational

A statement from Graham Wade, Managing Director of Draper Tools.

I wanted to update you on how we’re adapting to the uncertainty of COVID-19.

As a family business, we’ve always taken seriously the health of our staff and customers. In these turbulent times, this has never been more important, and we are striving to do everything we can to protect us all.

Now, as ever, the entire Draper Tools team are working tirelessly to adapt to these ever-changing situations and make sure that we keep it business as usual.

We understand the challenges faced by our customers, so please be assured that we remain fully operational.

We have lots of stock available to supply all customers. We have a warehouse team that are ready and raring to go to pick, pack and deliver our tools. And most importantly, we wanted to do something to support you during these difficult times, so in the next few days we’re reducing our drop shipping fee from £6.50 to £4.95 (we’re just in the process of making the necessary adjustments to our systems to achieve this). In these times, more and more people are working at home and so this change will hopefully enable you to attract extra business with our carriers delivering directly to your customers.

Our carriage paid order values remain unchanged.

From the Draper family and I, we want to say a huge thanks to you, for your ongoing support. We are doing everything we can to ensure that we help you, your customers and our team through these unprecedented times.

We will continue to review our measures as the situation unfolds.

Thank you and stay safe.


Graham Wade

Managing Director
Draper Tools

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Draper: Never Get Caught Out By A Flat Car Battery Again

If you haven’t driven your car for a while, or have only been making occasional short trips, you could find that your car won’t start the next time you need it. Draper Tools has launched a brand new range of Smart Chargers & Battery Maintainers to help solve this problem and stop you or your customers getting caught out by a flat car battery. The new range includes four different models that will extend the life of your battery. They’ll also activate, analyse and recondition your car battery, as well as being suitable for motorbikes, vans and caravans.

UK lockdowns have seen millions of us reducing and even completely stopping driving and this has led to an increase in flat battery breakdowns*. The situation is made worse in winter, as batteries can struggle in cold weather conditions. But there is a solution in the Draper 6V/12V Smart Charger & Battery Maintainer range (available in 2A, 4A, 6A and 10A options). These portable smart chargers will work with a range of 6V and 12V vehicle batteries and can be connected to a Lead-Acid or Lithium battery for a long duration without the risk of overcharging. This means you can simply leave them to charge overnight without worrying. Winter conditions aren’t a problem either, the Draper range of Smart Chargers & Battery Maintainers can all be used in temperatures as low as -20°C.

What sets this range apart from standard battery chargers is a special 10-step process that can analyse and repair your battery. The chargers can check the status of your battery and ensure it’s kept at 95-100%, with the voltage continually monitored.

And, what could really save the day, is how these chargers can even be used on deeply discharged batteries (aka a totally flat battery) – which can happen when you’ve left something on such as an internal light or headlights. By keeping a Draper Smart Charger & Battery Maintainer handy, you can totally avoid the need to jump start a flat battery with another vehicle. Thanks to the 10-step process, deeply discharged batteries are restored by repeated charging with small current pulses to rejuvenate battery capacity. 

The Draper Smart Charger & Battery Maintainer are an easy to use and cost-effective solution to keep batteries in good condition all year round – especially in the current climate where many of us are using our cars less and less. With prices starting from £29.95 – they’re a must have for any car owner.

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Draper's new campaign reveals health benefits of DIY & Gardening

Draper’s new national campaign to promote the health and wellbeing benefits of DIY & gardening has already been making headlines in the The Sun, The Daily Mirror and other national media. There are some really fascinating findings – PE with Joe Wicks might be over, but there’s still plenty of ways for the nation to burn calories at home. 

Read the full report here. 

  • UK Homeowners burn more than EIGHTY THOUSAND calories a year by gardening and doing DIY 
  • During a typical year, house proud Brits will spend 165 hours in total on their home & garden improvements
  • 67% of the population said doing a DIY or gardening job well is more satisfying than doing a good job at work
  • 73% of homeonwers consider gardening to be a nice way to de-stress and to relax and 47% feel similarly about DIY 

Survey commissioned by Draper Tools, conducted by OnePoll. Sample size: 2,000 UK homeowners. 

About Draper Tools: Draper Tools is a leading distributor of hand and power tools. Established in 1919 by Bert Draper, the company is now more than 100 years old and is still family owned and run today. Draper Tools prides itself on the range, quality and value of its expanding product portfolio which includes over 10,000 quality products. Product categories include automotive, gardening and landscaping, construction, engineering and many more. Draper Tools products are available through a wide range of stockists both online and in stores. For more information, stockist details and trade enquiries visit:   


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Draper's New Poll - Gardening Is Officially Cool Say Young People...

Think the typical gardening enthusiast is retirement age with a large outside space? Think again. Draper Tools has surveyed the nation’s young people to get their views on gardening and it’s clear gardening is enjoying a renaissance among 18 – 34 year olds.

Night clubs out, garden centres in

The Draper Tools poll of 2,000 young people found that gardening has enjoyed a surge in popularity among 18 to 34 year-olds during lockdown.  83% of young people now describe gardening as ‘cool’ and 54% would rather amble around a garden centre than dance the night away in a club. The appeal is rooted in mindfulness, with a desire to make their homes and gardens a nicer place to be, to improve mental health, and creating a space they can escape to. It also emerged that gardening is so popular that young adults spend close to two hours during a typical week taking care of their beloved plants.

Kev Smith, Head of Marketing at Draper Tools commented on the findings: “The popularity among young adults is fantastic to see, we knew it was popular, but even we were surprised by the outpouring of love for it. There’s a tendency to think of gardening as an activity for older people, but this study proves that gardening really is for everyone, whatever your age. Gardening is a very calming activity, as well as a rewarding one – everyone can enjoy the benefits it brings.”

Shopping for the garden

The study found the most popular houseplants among those polled are cacti, orchids, and aloe vera, followed by basil, spider plants and peace lilies. Outdoors, the most common are daffodils, roses, and lavender, along with tulips, mint and hydrangea. While the act of gardening itself is one of the biggest appeals – it appears to be more than that. Two thirds (66%) also said they love shopping for gardening items – whether that’s plants, seeds, or tools.

When it comes to tools and equipment, some the items most likely to be on the wish list are garden gloves, a hedge trimmer and pruning tools. To date, those polled have spent £318.56 on such items – with 58% revealing they’ve spent more on gardening during the past 12 months or so than ever before. In fact, 56% said gardening is one of the things which has kept them going in the wake of the pandemic. But this doesn’t mean their interest looks likely to shrivel-up like an unloved plant – 72% intend to keep on investing in plants, tools, equipment, and more to fulfil their vision for their garden.

Garden size doesn’t matter

Carried out through OnePoll, the study also found 60% wish they had access to more outside space than they do currently – so they could be even more green fingered. However, 78% believe you don’t need a big outdoor area to experience the benefits of gardening. The most popular place to grow plants is on the kitchen windowsill, while living rooms, bathrooms and balconies are also popular locations for all things green.

Kev Smith continued: “Gardening is incredibly accessible which might in part explain its increasing popularity. Wherever you live, whatever your space, anyone can give growing plants a go – and we’re seeing more and more people embracing this. The transformative effect of plants on areas big or small is just one of many great things about having plants in your home – both inside and out.”

Support for garden retailers

Draper has all the tools to help retailers tap into this exciting new market, contact your Draper Account Manager to find out more or take a look at Draper stockists will also be able to access more details on Draper’s b2b website.


The top ten tools on young people’s wish list:

1. Garden gloves
2. A complete set of gardening tools
3. Lawn mower
4. Hedge trimmer
5. Pruning tools such as loppers, secateurs, shears
6. Weeders or tools for weed control
7. Garden kneeler
8. Hand trowel or fork
9. Leaf blower
10. Spade or digging fork

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Easing Of COVID19 Restrictions ... A Message From Troy

With lockdown restrictions across the UK easing from today, Monday 19th July, we would like to wish all our valued Members, Suppliers & Business Partners the very best wishes and safe working for the weeks ahead.

Please remember that we are here, as part of your extended team, and always on the end of the phone or email should you need anything at all.

Stay Safe & Take Care, The Team at Troy

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Empower your Sales Support Team, with our invaluable PPE Product Training Videos ...

We are delighted that even more fantastic, bite sized, category focused PPE training videos are now available on the Knowledge Hub in the members’ area of These short yet comprehensive insights into a full range of head-to-toe PPE products are delivered by our very own PPE experts alongside specialists from our incredible PPE suppliers.

Whether you want to develop your PPE offering or diversify into this product category we are here to help you …

We currently we have product training in face, eye, head, hearing, respiratory, and several areas of hand protection.  Over the coming months the PPE specialist team will be busy creating more recordings in the Troy Studio to add to the series – including Hi-Vis, FR, ARC flash clothing, hand protection, fall arrest, footwear – at Beginner, Intermediate & Expert levels.  AND we want to make sure this library remains up-to-the-minute and relevant to give your team instant access to a well-rounded pool of PPE Knowledge.

Head on over to Knowledge Hub at and build your team’s PPE product expertise!

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Everyone's Waxing Lyrical About Troy Digital ... LIVE Member & Supplier Events

Thank you so much to everyone who joined Richard Pymm, Wendy Perkins and the rest of the Troy team on Tuesday 27th October for our Member & Supplier October LIVE digital events, that were hosted from a studio in Bristol …

Following the success of our LIVE events in June, we decided to go big with an action-packed Power Tools showcase for Members AND hosted another special Supplier Digital Show to boost our valued Supplier partnerships and get the absolute best products, brands and offers in front of our independent distributors.

We have been bowled over by the kind messages of support – this has been a true demonstration that we really are #strongertogether

Highlights from the Member October Power Tool LIVE Digital Event …

  • Bosch Expert new branding showcase & chat
  • Draper seasonal promotions, B2B website, live demonstration & chat
  • JCB showcase new Power Tools range through Troy
  • Makita Power Tools product ranges & training, repair & showroom facilities
  • Metabo Garden Specialists Stockist Opportunity and Metabo & HiKoki brand news for 2022
  • SB&D introduce industry game-changer brand new ‘Power Stack’ batteries
  • Offers, new technology & more

And that’s not all!  There was …

  • A chat with Keira Parks, Marketing Manager, talking through the #SupportIndependents campaign, a new opportunity with our Dual Branding Programme and what’s new for 2022
  • A discussion with our ‘Power Tool Expert Panel’ with Mark Batchelor from Makita, Matt Sheen from Metabo, Ian Taylor from Dewalt, Richard Pymm & Jim Chadwick from Troy
  • A feature on ‘Sustainability in Industry’
  • A welcome to your extended team through Troy covering IT, Purchasing, Marketing, Product Data & More
  • Update on the E-Z Base Product Data Solution – Loads more suppliers now on-board!
  • Our count down on the road to TMB in March 2022 – All the usual fantastic suppliers & new suppliers galore!!

Members – did you miss it? No problem, click here to watch the October Power Tool Digital Event now! As always, if you would like to discuss any aspect of the Member events, please speak with your designated Business Development Manager.


Our Highlights from the Supplier LIVE Digital Event …

  • Jim Chadwick, Purchasing Director at Troy talked supply, end-user events, TMB & More
  • Our PPE Team showcased the PPE Hero Campaign
  • A welcome to your extended team through Troy
  • A conversation around the industry’s Trading Calendar
  • A Tour of the Trojan Tools Website
  • A Fantastic Competition & more

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Facom Best Sellers 2019



Sorry, this content is only available to members. If you have an account please login at the top of the page.




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Fake CE logos – is your PPE is correctly CE certified? How do you know?

The British safety industry federation has reported an area of risk around fake CE logos; Chinese Export logos masquerading as ‘conformite europeene’. 

What is CE certification?

To be sold in the European Union, a product must have a CE mark. The CE mark indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). CE marking applies to all products, ranging from electrical equipment to toys and from civil explosives to medical devices. If a product has the CE mark it does not mean that the product was made in the EEA, but states that the product is assessed before being placed on the market. 

European standards are in place for a wide range of PPE from protective clothing against chemicals, heat and flames, to head protective helmets, eye protection, gloves and safety footwear. Many regions outside of the EU are increasingly turning towards the CE mark to show that the product is up to standard and has been tested comprehensively.


If your product is certified it means;


The product meets minimum performance specifications defined in legally recognised standards applied throughout Europe.

A product has been subjected to a series of tests on physical characteristics and finished product performance according to application or protective tape


How do we know if the product is correctly CE certified or not?

All CE certified products should feature a label with everything you need

The info shown on the label should be very specific, this is a legal requirement. Each product type, whether it be protective gloves, glasses or boots has its own specific labelling or marking requirements.



Fake CE Logos

Sometimes, alongside the CE mark can be seen a code which represents the ID number of the respective Notified body needed for conducting the product’s certification.

The CE “Chinese export” mark can be seen on some, not all, products produced in and exported from China. The mark is with a similar design, and if you don’t know how to distinguish it from the real CE mark, it can look identical to you. As a result, y

ou can think that your product is CE marked and safe to use. The “Chinese export” mark is not an official European mark and is considered as fake. Many factories in China apply that mark on their products and afterwards, put them on the market. Such products haven’t had any risk assessment, safety evaluation, or testing. They haven’t been certified against the relevant CE standards, and their placing on the EU market is seen as an illegal act. As overall, products bearing the CE “China Export” mark vary in quality from being acceptable to completely dangerous in their design. A good example of products on which you can very often see this mark is the power supplies.


New legislation came about in 2016 evolving from a loose directive, outlining that responsibility lies with all ECONOMIC OPERATORS to comply with PPE supply chain standards.  The new terminology ‘ALL ECONOMIC OPERATORS’ now places responsibility for compliance throughout the entire supply chain manufacturer, wholesaler to distributor. To keep you compliant and your business away from risk, BSIF membership will provide spot checks of products and on site checks. Read more here


To read the Lakeland article click the following link – Lakeland CE Certification

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FEIN ... Majority Of Metalworkers Keen To Innovate With New Tech

Research recently commissioned by leading power tools manufacturer, FEIN, has revealed more than two-thirds of metalworkers would like to advance their current ways of working by introducing new technology into their role, improving the overall productivity of the sector. While 37% admit their company isn’t doing anything to plan for a successful future.

The data also uncovered 29% believe new technology would improve the efficiency of the industry, with more streamlined processes likely to inform the decision-making process of new business for years to come. While 60% believe it’s important their company is investing significant amounts into digitalisation and half say it’s imperative their company has software-enabled intelligent machines rather than stand-alone hardware.

“Technology and innovation have been causing a buzz across the production sector for several years now. Traditionally slow to adapt compared to other industries, there has been a great period of change emerging in the metalworking industry when it comes to innovation and transformation recently,” comments Andy Mills, managing director, FEIN UK. “However, it’s clear there still needs to be strong investment in this area, with one-in-six stating there isn’t enough focus on the introduction of technology in their business.”

On evolving and adapting to change, the research found that:

  • 79% say it’s important to adapt to the latest technology quickly with the talent and projects which can come off the back of these adaptions, signalling it’s not just investment in new technology that needs focus from the metalworking sector
  • 64% claim they want the specialists who supply machines or tools to provide ongoing training and support into how to effectively use any new solution which is brought into the business
  • 65% would like better training to improve their company’s overall efficiency
  • 63% admit they don’t know what their company is doing to plan for a successful future

The research further outlined that over half of those surveyed believe companies in the metalworking sector had to be seen to be moving quickly, adapting to change and transformation, in order to gain the advantage over their competitors.

“It’s clear digital methods and technology will play a pivotal role in futureproofing the metalworking sector and will be integral if the UK is to remain a global industry leader in the space. Those who are embracing new technology will have the upper-hand when it comes to recruiting the best talent and securing the best work.

“There does however need to be increased awareness that integrating any new technology needs to be accompanied by significant training before they can be properly adopted. Without this, the level of time and budget wasted without proper insight into the way it works will heavily impact the return on investment. For this very reason, we recently adapted our global strategy to provide more hands on training for our tools, ensuring end users are utilising them as effectively as possible,” concludes Andy.

To find out more and to download the full ‘future of the metalworking sector’ report, visit

Dated: August 2021

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FEIN's Research Suggests Half Of Metalworkers’ Tools Aren’t Fit For Purpose

52% of metalworkers have admitted they believe the tools they’re using aren’t ‘fit for purpose,’ according to research recently commissioned by power tools and accessories manufacturer, FEIN.

FEIN’s ethos is very much rooted in providing solutions for end users. The foundation of each and every one of its power tools has been manufactured with efficiency and reliability firmly front of mind, to help resolve the everyday problems those in the metalworking sector face. For this very reason, the manufacturer commissioned the research to really delve into the issues the industry is facing, while gaining insight into the pain points of end users.

The research also uncovered that 72% believe if they had access to better tools, the time it takes to complete a job would be reduced significantly – meaning increased efficiency and, in turn, more profits for businesses operating in the sector.

Furthermore, on average, 32% are having to change their tools every one-two years, with as many as 20% having to renew their tools every four-six months. With 11,100 companies operating in the sector, this could be resulting in a significant level of unnecessary spend across the industry annually.

“At FEIN, we’re committed to supporting those across the metalworking sector who are struggling to find tools that effectively work for the job in hand,” comments Andy Mills, managing director, FEIN UK. “Since launching over 150 years ago, our primary goal has been to listen to those working across the industry and to provide them with a solution to the everyday problems they’re facing, by ensuring they have access to reliable tools that help complete jobs with the utmost efficiency.”

On the complexity of the tools being used across the metalworking industry, 35% say the tools they’re usually provided with by their employer are too complicated to use and they aren’t supported with adequate training upon them being implemented into the business. While just 13% of respondents indicated their company consulted a specialist to solve the more complex problems which require advanced tools – in turn resulting in a loss of revenue for the business, as well as mistakes and poor-quality results.

On improving efficiency across the metalworking sector, the research uncovered that:

  • 65% would like better training
  • 42% are calling for more funding
  • 39% would like better quality tools
  • 35% asked for better tool accessories
  • 29% would like to see the introduction of new technology

“The development of high-quality, innovative tools, supported by structured training programs for users is an essential element in driving efficiency. Specialist tool manufacturers can be instrumental in creating new techniques and improving workflows, and should be encouraged to provide quality training to both the distributors that supply those tools and the end users,” adds Jim Chadwick, group purchasing director, Troy UK.

“Meeting with end users and understanding their applications at work, while providing them with in depth training has always been rooted in our strategy, so it’s great to see the research confirm our approach aligns with exactly what metalworkers are looking for – with 65% admitting they would like better training. However, as just 13% admit their company consulted a specialist to solve the more complex problems which require advanced tools, we are more committed than ever to ensuring we are speaking to end users, understanding their pain points and helping them to get the best out of their tools,” continues Andy.

Upon being questioned about ways to improve, the vast majority (83%) of those surveyed argued that they’d rather have their employer seek out tools which will support the business in the long-term, as opposed to being given a tool that’s only going to provide a short-term fix and may have to be replaced again just a few months down the line.

“The research solidified the fact that the industry shouldn’t be looking to a quick fix when it comes to providing efficient and reliable tools. It really is crucial for businesses to seek expert insight into the right tools that will work for the job in hand from manufacturers, to save both time and money in the long run,” concludes Andy.

To find out more and to download the full ‘future of the metalworking sector’ report, visit

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Free Business Growth Webinars- with Action Coach



Steve Gaskell of Action Coach is on hand providing a series of valuable webinars in the lead up to TMB Digital 2020 where Brad Sugars, CEO and founder of Action Coach will be speaking! 

If you are a Troy Member, join TMB Digital on 22nd October 2020 where Brad Sugars will close the show with a rousing presentation on pivoting your business, business survival and success. Brad is a bestselling author and the #1 Business Coach in the world according to Entrepreneur Magazine, we look forward to welcoming him to the inaugural TMB Digital 2020. 

Steve Gaskell’s Action Coach webinars are listed below, they are free to Troy members, and will take place on;
01.10.2020, 08.10.2020, 15.10.2020 – pop them in your diary now! 

5 Ways To Massive Profit Webinar


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At our free 5 Ways To Massive Profits Workshop, we’ll share over 350 different ways you can improve these five areas to multiply your profits! And you’ll leave with a clear action plan to begin boosting these areas right away. The ActionCOACH Business Coach Chassis focuses on the five areas that can transform your business into a profit powerhouse. Join us for a profitable time working on your business.

Watch a short youtube introduction to 5 Ways To Massive Profit Webinar here

6 Steps To Achieving Business Profits and Growth


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6 Steps To Achieving Business Profits And Growth will both inform and entertain you, but most importantly, it will teach you how to be a better business owner and leader. This webinar is designed for independent businesses and every business owner. The 6 steps will help you climb the ladder of business growth and have a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you.

Watch a short youtube introduction on 6 steps to achieving Business Profits and Growth here

Marketing With Compassion


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Learn where and how to market your business in challenging times. Understand the impact of marketing which empathises with your customers and prospects. Build marketing strategies which will overcome any fears of a downturn and offer confidence in what you do and sell.

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Get Down To Business With XP1000 From Draper Tools

Draper Tools has been hard at work over the last two years developing several new and improved electrician’s essentials. Its brand new XP1000 VDE hand tool range is out now and set to offer strong sales opportunities for retailers.  

Introducing XP1000 

Draper is proud to unveil the XP1000 range of VDE hand tools, which is tested to 10,000V and suitable for use on AC circuits up to 1,000V and DC circuits up to 1,500V. Fully compliant to EN60900 standards, the range features 21 new VDE pliers with tethered options and 55 VDE screwdrivers, including slimline. This is a comprehensive series of hand tools designed to see electricians through a variety of jobs throughout their electrical careers. XP1000 also includes must-have sets of pliers and screwdrivers. 

Phil Rowley, Sales Director at Draper Tools, commented on the launch “Our VDE range of hand tools is really important to us as a business. We’ve offered a good solid range for many years, but we were keen to up our game and home in on what electricians really needed from us. So we listened to feedback, worked with key figures in the industry and spent a long time researching and developing XP1000. It’s been a big investment for us, but we’re confident this is a range electricians will love. It’s reliable, comfortable, safe and comes with our Draper Expert Lifetime Warranty too.” 

Approved by the experts 

Draper carried out pre-launch testing of the XP1000 range with a small but diverse panel of electricians. They put the range to the test on various real-life jobs over a two-week period and reported their findings. The results were encouraging, with over 85% of them saying they’d recommend XP1000 to others in the trade. Three-quarters of the testers said XP1000 was a range they’d buy more from in the future and all agreed Draper Tools was a brand they trusted.   

The company also took time to really get to know the people in the electrical sector with research exploring the highs and lows of the trade. According to the study, the love electricians have for their tools is very real. In fact, “getting to use tools every day” was voted one of the top three parts of the job. A quarter of the electricians said they get a sense of satisfaction from adding to their tool collection. And around one in six admitted they get enjoyment from simply sitting back and admiring their tools, making the tools of the trade a key appeal of the job.  

There are several impressive features in Draper’s new range that electricians will really like. Both the screwdrivers and pliers feature TPE extra-comfort handles and chemically blackened anti-glare finish. The slimline screwdrivers are excellent for getting to hard-to-reach areas and make a very handy addition to an electrician’s tool kit. The screwdrivers also feature a dual-layer “insulation warning” blade sheath for safety and peace of mind.   

Draper’s new comprehensive collection of tethered pliers is a real highlight too and set to be one of the biggest ranges of tethered VDE hand tools on the market.  

See sales surge with XP1000 

Draper will be supporting its retail partners all the way on XP1000, with competitive pricing and eye-catching merchandising options for stores. The bold designs and wide range of XP1000 merchandising materials promise to offer something to suit all display formats and spaces. The company is also working with several high-profile influencers and investing in widespread advertising to build awareness of XP1000 and drive demand to stockists.  

XP1000 completes Draper’s existing range of essentials for electricians, which includes cable knives, crimping tools, pipe cutters, plasterboard saws, plunge cutting blades, hacksaws and even a Wi-Fi endoscope. But the company isn’t stopping there. Rowley explained: “We will be continually adding to XP1000 with high-quality tools designed specifically for the sector. We’re focusing on what electricians need more than ever before, with a lot of big plans in the pipeline. We’ve already got several new ideas under development. Watch this space!”  

Find out more about the XP1000 range at Current Draper stockists can also speak to their Area Sales Manager.  

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Guidance for PPE businesses - from British Safety Industry Federation

In early September BEIS / OPSS published version 6 of Guidance on applying the easement to the conformity assessment of PPE and placing product on the UK market in the context of Covid 19.

In the last few days they have published a 7th version of the Guidance for high volume manufacturers of PPE. You can download this at

The amendments can be found in section 10.

In a similar vein, a 4th version of the Guidance for small scale manufacturers has also been published reflecting the same modest amendments. This document can also be downloaded at

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HSE Safety Alert on KN95 Masks

A message from our colleagues at The British Safety Industry Federation;

In June this year, during the height of the flood of non – compliant PPE coming into the UK, we wrote highlighting the safety alert from the HSE on face masks designated as KN95. These are not to be bought or sold as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

After a period where the problem appeared to settle down, we are now seeing an ever increasing amount of the potentially unsafe KN95 product again being offered for sale.

We are taking the opportunity to re send the bulletin information and ask you to be vigilant ensuring that only safe and appropriately conformity assessed product is offered for sale.

Please continue to feedback any examples you have where PPE offered for sale does not comply with the regulations. We will share this information with the Market Surveillance Authorities.

Please feel free to share this with your customers.
Below is the text and links from the June Bulletin.

Best wishes and stay safe
Alan Murray

Please find below an HSE Safety Alert, warning against the use and supply of KN95 for use at work, as personal protective equipment.

HSE state that “this respirator has been identified as suspect by HSE experts and locally arranged testing has confirmed they would not meet requirements, including to protect against the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.” About 90% of the PPE concerns and queries currently being received by HSE involve KN95 masks which are often accompanied by fake or fraudulent paperwork.

HSE has quarantined around 1.5 million KN95 masks, prevented 25 million items claiming to be FFP3 respirators entering the supply chain and prevented a further four lines consisting of many millions of items entering the supply chain.

Rick Brunt, HSE’s director of operational strategy said: “The KN95 facemask should not be purchased or used.

Alan Murray

HSE Bulletin: Use of face masks designated KN95

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