Will you support Cambridgeshire Repair Café Network – your donation doubled until this Friday 29th April!

Troy Member Mackays have been working closely with The Repair Cafe.

The Repair Cafe originated over in Holland when a lady called Martine Postma was looking for a way to stop perfectly usable goods from being thrown into Landfill for want of a simple repair.  There are now over 1500 Repair Cafe’s worldwide and the idea is growing very fast in the UK, particularly around Cambridge.

Each Repair Cafe group is manned by volunteers who are very good at mending things. Their customers are people who need things mended and don’t want to damage the environment. The other benefit being that the events become a very effective social hub for a community.

Mackays and Troy Supplier Draper Tools have created 2 very large toolkits which are stored at East Road. Every time an event is organised by one of the 26 groups in Cambridge and surrounding area, one of the kits is loaned out to the group and then returned to us following the event.  This allows many more volunteers to give their time without having to lug tools and equipment to the event.

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The Repair Cafe concept has now grown very effectively in the Cambridge area. For the concept to develop more they need to put more resources behind it so that eventually every village and community throughout the country can have one of their own.

Cambridge Carbon Footprint (who organise the Repair Cafe events) have been given a fabulous opportunity of gaining very significant ONE for ONE match funding based upon the amount they can raise in just ONE week. That week started at 12midday Friday 22nd April and ends at 12 midday Friday 29th April 2022

Their fundraising target is £10,000 in a week which will be double to £20,000.

The CCF Repair Cafe donation page can be found at

If possible please help by donating to the cause and support this environmentally positive project.

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