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Are You Ready For GDPR? If you have employees this will affect you.

Are you ready for GDPR?

 Have you heard of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)?

It’s just around the corner – 25th May 2018, and if you have employees this will affect you.  A couple of areas that you should consider:-

  • How you maintain your employee records, how secure are they?
  • How you process your employee data e.g. using their personal information to pay their wages.
  • Information you hold on candidates who have applied for jobs.
  • Do your staff know what is required of them for GDPR?
  • Have your staff given consent for using their data?

Not sure of the answers, contact Allison Pymm for an initial chat and guidance on GDPR.  It’s easier than you think with the right help. 07770 989791

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CE Marking and the UK Conformity assessment protocol

On Saturday February the 4th the United Kingdom Government, Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy launched the UK conformity assessment protocol designed to “replace” the CE mark. This is of course in the event that there is a no deal exit from the European Union on the 29th of March.

So for many months we, as BSIF, have been, to the best of our ability, passing on information and advice “in the unlikely event of a no deal Brexit”. Recent events have, it would appear, given little reason for optimism that the industry can rely on business as usual.

The Personal Protective Equipment market has since the early 90’s been premised on the CE mark and harmonised performance standards for these life critical products. Should we leave the EU without a transitional arrangement in place the process of replacing the CE mark with the UKCA will begin and along with it a whole new chapter for the PPE industry.

The formal government advice follows detain that “The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking is the new UK product marking that will be used, subject to parliamentary approval, for certain goods being placed on the UK market if we leave the EU without a deal. Personal Protective Equipment marketed under the Regulation (EU 2016/425) is indeed included within the UKCA process.

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal economic operators in the PPE market will still, in the majority of cases, be able to use the CE marking to demonstrate compliance with the legal requirements and to sell products on the UK market after 29 March 2019. However, in some cases you will need to apply the new UKCA marking to products being sold in the UK.

Using the UKCA marking
The rules around using the new UKCA marking will mirror those which currently apply for the application of the CE marking to PPE. This is extremely important and confirms that whatever happens the new UKCA process will copy the CE marking process. Therefore BSIF members and users of PPE will not have to adopt new rules but simply work under a system with a different title.

However, if products require third party assessment of conformity, and if this has been carried out by a UK conformity assessment body, you will have to apply the new UKCA marking after 29 March 2019 (where required by legislation). This will not be the case if the certificate of conformity has been transferred to an EU-recognised body (in which case the CE marking would apply).

If products currently rely solely on a self-declaration of conformity for the CE marking this  will also be available within the UKCA marking based on self-declaration, for those products within scope of the marking. Again the same basic rules will apply.

The UKCA marking will not be recognised on the EU market, and products currently requiring a CE marking will continue to require a CE marking for sale in the EU. In essence the situation described means that under if PPE is CE compliant then it will continue to be compliant in the UK.

Technical documentation
Manufacturers, or brand owners or authorised representative (where allowed for in the relevant legislation), must keep documentation to demonstrate that the product conforms with the statutory requirements. This information can be requested at any time by market surveillance or enforcement authorities to check that your product conforms with the statutory requirements. This can be up to a maximum of 10 years after the product is placed on the market.

BSIF has for a considerable time been at pains to point out to the authorities that market surveillance under present rules fails to deliver the necessary oversight! We see no reason as why this will change under the UKCA and call on those in position to discharge their responsibilities or formally delegate that to the Industry.

The information that must be kept in support of the UKCA again follows CE and brand owners must keep general records of:

  • how the product is designed and manufactured
  • how the product conforms to the relevant requirements
  • the addresses of the manufacturer and any storage facilities

Again like as in CE this should be kept in the form of a technical file which can be supplied if requested by a market surveillance authority.
UK Declaration of Conformity
There will be the need for a UK Declaration of Conformity which must accompany most products lawfully bearing a UKCA marking. In the document you as the manufacturer, should:

  • declare that the product is in conformity with the relevant statutory requirements applicable to the specific product
  • make sure the document has the name and address of the manufacturer (or your authorised representative) together with information about the product and the conformity assessment body (where relevant)

Existing UK Notified Bodies can automatically qualify to be UKCA Approval Bodies but as of the 11th of February BEIS were not able to confirm whether any of the existing 14 Notified Bodies scoped for CE had requested to become “UKCA Approval Bodies”

CE marking of products assessed by UK conformity assessment bodies
If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, the results of conformity assessment carried out by UK conformity assessment bodies will no longer be recognised in the EU.

This means brand owners must get products assessed and marked by an EU recognised conformity assessment body if you want to sell them in the EU. You could also arrange for assessments to be transferred to an EU-recognised body before the UK leaves the EU.
You should speak to your conformity assessment body (Notified Body) in the UK or an equivalent EU-recognised body about how this can be arranged.

Continued use of the CE marking in the UK
You will not need to do anything for goods that are sold on the UK market before 29 March 2019. These goods can continue to circulate in the UK as they do now without any changes to the marking requirements. They are considered to be “placed on the market”.
After 29 March 2019 you will still be able to sell goods which have been made and assessed against EU regulatory requirements and then CE marked on the UK market. This is intended to be for a time-limited period. The UK government will consult with industry and provide notice before ending this time-limited period. BSIF have made it very clear that few if any items of PPE are manufacturer exclusively for use in the UK and therefore any UKCA requirements that are mandated will be in addition to the CE marking.

BSIF have for the last 2 and a half years striven to ensure that the interests of the economic operators in the UK PPE market have been represented to the best of our ability. If indeed we do leave without a deal at least in the short term we will have rules that are familiar, even if they are titled differently.

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Check Out TV Advertising Push From Gorilla Glue During The World Cup

It’s only 2 days to go until the FIFA World Cup .. with over 20 million UK viewers … and we are on TV throughout the competition from Thursday 14th June until 15th July 2018 ..

The Gorilla & O’Keeffe’s TV campaign (combined £9m spend) is designed to raise brand awareness, and really drive customers into your stores



We are on TV continuously throughout June 2018 with a heavyweight TV campaign


We would ask all our retailers to review their June Bank stocking profiles so that we can maximise sales from the TV adverts.

If you would like more info about our TV campaigns, we would be keen to talk to you & your teams.


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Get Connected. Take Control With Tool Connect™ From DEWALT®

DeWALT® continues to shape the jobsite of the future with expansion of Tool Connect™ functionality, featuring intelligent inventory management and tool customisation


  • DEWALT Tool Connect delivers advanced connectivity, enabling users to manage inventory via the updated Tool Connect web and mobile app
  • Enhanced platform and app bring intelligent tool location, tracking and personalisation options
  • New DEWALT 18V XR Hammer Drill, Drill Drivers and Impact Drivers offer full Tool Connect functionality and customisable settings
  • Tool Connect Tag keeps track of any asset on-site
  • Unique Tool Connect 18V XR Connector links user’s existing 18V XR power tools


With its unparalleled reputation for delivering breakthrough technology that is shaping the jobsite of the future, DeWALT® has introduced a range of significant new advances in functionality within its innovative Tool Connect™ platform.

According to research carried out by DeWALT in the US, the equivalent of one full working day per week is wasted searching for tools or waiting for them on site, and approximately $8,500* per year is lost due to poor inventory management. Therefore, the development of pioneering connected technology such as Tool Connect, which provides intelligent inventory control, protection and monitoring, is being welcomed by site managers and individual users alike.

Building on the existing DeWALT Tool Connect Bluetooth® functionality, which allows the tracking and management of Tool Connect compatible 18V XR batteries, a host of new tool location and customisation benefits has been introduced with this latest update.

Designed to provide comprehensive inventory management for the professional’s full range of tools, products can be linked, named, logged and monitored using the enhanced DeWALT Tool Connect app, accessible on iPhone or Android smartphones, or via the web platform.

For additional peace of mind, the user will receive an ‘asset leaving vicinity’ notification shortly after a tool goes out of range and is potentially leaving the jobsite area. The tool and battery can then be disabled, rendering it unusable until returned.

Further functionality includes the ability to add purchase dates, costs and manage service information, plus the option to lend tools to a specific user, view the last seen location of an asset or mark an item as lost or stolen, which can then be tracked through the Tool Connect app user network within a 30 metre radius.

At the end of each job, inventory can be accounted for using the ‘MY TOOLS’ function in the app, to guarantee that all units are identified. The ‘last seen’ location feature ensures that products can be traced more swiftly, should they be lost or left behind by mistake.

Delivering additional convenience for contractors managing a fleet of tools for a large team, tools can be linked to particular users, ensuring full visibility of each item’s location at all times. Contractors with existing tool inventories can import their legacy asset information and link them to Tags or Connectors for tracking. Furthermore, planned and completed maintenance can be recorded for every tool, and the app also enables owners to locate nearby service centres.

As part of the expansion of the Tool Connect platform, DeWALT has launched five 18V XR Tool Connect power tools incorporating full Tool Connect functionality and customisable settings. The series includes: DCD997 Premium Hammer Drill, DCD797 Hammer Drill, and the DCF888 Impact Driver.

With these new products, through the Tool Connect app, RPM and torque can be customised within each speed mode, allowing the user to program the tool to suit the material being drilled, while helping to prolong tool and accessory life. Furthermore, bespoke LED settings enable the tools to be set up with the brightness required for each job, as well as the length of time the light remains illuminated.

Three customisable Tool Connect modes allow the user to switch between different application settings quickly and easily, while a fourth ‘home’ setting guarantees that there is always a familiar base drilling method available.

The DeWALT Premium Hammer (DCD997)) incorporates a further advanced Tool Connect safety function: ‘bind up’ protection in drilling mode instantly recognises when the drill bit catches, for enhanced user protection.

Additional Tool Connect features include warning notifications if a tool is being driven too rigorously, and notification of remaining coin cell life.

Tool Connect 18V XR Tag

The discreet and practical Tool Connect tag can be attached to any asset using cable ties with the integrated tether holes, or secured with adhesive pads, to enable the tracking of tools, materials, keys and other equipment – in fact, anything on site. Designed to facilitate inventory management and easy monitoring, it provides out of range alerts and allows the user to allocate and log a name for each item within the Tool Connect app.

Tool Connect 18V XR Connector

Compatible with all DeWALT XR 18V power tools, the new 18V XR Connector allows the user to manage and link their entire 18V XR inventory, enabling them to assign a name to each item within the Tool Connect app. An industry first, this innovative device fixes securely to the product, providing a visible deterrent against potential theft and also ensures owners can identify any lost tools, quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the Connector allows the user to enable or disable the tool attached to it, and delivers warning alerts when out of range.

Tool Connect app

Available for Apple iOS and Android phones, the updated DeWALT Tool Connect app is downloadable free from iTunes and Google Play.

DeWALT said, “With increasing developments in connected technology and digital innovations on the jobsite, professionals are benefitting from major enhancements in usability and safety, while at the same time improving efficiency, and significantly reducing downtime and costs. In addition to the existing advantages of Tool Connect tracking, protection and management, these advanced new features have pushed connectivity to the next level. Allowing users to take complete control of their kit, tools can be customised to suit their own preferences and specific applications, ensuring that work can be completed more effectively – ultimately delivering increased productivity for contractors and their customers.”

A three year warranty is available on registration for all Tool Connect power tools.

Find DeWALT on social media at:




About DeWALT

With more than 90 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing world-class solutions for the professional construction industry, DeWALT represents performance, innovation and reliability. Tools that carry the DeWALT brand are Guaranteed Tough: engineered to exceed the expectations of building contractors and professional tradesmen, even when tested in the most extreme construction environments. The DeWALT reputation for quality has been earned from the company’s commitment to providing best-in-class products that meet the highest levels of durability and end-user protection. DeWALT supplies complete application solutions for the modern construction environment, which include corded and cordless power tools, saw blades and power tool accessories, dust extraction attachments, anchors and fastenings, jobsite storage, lasers and instruments, generators, compressors and more. DeWALT also has one of the most extensive service and repair networks in the world. For more information, visit

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Get Ready For Ladder Safety Month 2018

The American Ladder Institute (ALI), the USA’s not-for-profit ladder association comprised of the leading U.S. ladder manufacturers and manufacturers of ladder components, has declared March as National Ladder Safety Month in the USA.

We at TB Davies (Cardiff) Ltd, want to make you aware that we are participating in National Ladder Safety month here in the UK.

TB Davies’s over-riding goal is to prevent injuries and save lives by making working at height as safe as standing on solid ground. Getting that one person home safely to family and friends is why we do what we do. We are literally changing the world, one ladder at a time.

National Ladder Safety Month

TB Davies would like to work with you to spread this important message and would like you to feel free to participate in this event in any way that you like.

We would be more than happy to assist you with any of the promotional and marketing materials created by ALI as if you were in the US, as well as encourage you to work with your national ladder safety standard institute to develop a ladder safety month in your home country.

Take a moment to review the attached information explaining what Ladder Safety Month is all about, as well as what we are doing to promote Ladder safety month here in the UK. Please feel free to contact me with any interest or questions you may have in participating. We are supporting our US partners, in particular Little Giant Ladder Systems and would love to see this develop into a Global Ladder Safety Month. We will do all we can to help make this happen.

Important Information will be posted up on the and websites during the month of March.

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Hitachi Koki Announces Brand Name Change to HiKOKI

Simultaneous to the rebranding efforts, the company is establishing a subsidiary as its European headquarters called Koki Holdings Europe GmbH in the suburbs of Dusseldorf, Germany to reflect the strategic importance of the European market. The subsidiary will commence operations in November 2017, and will serve to carry out the parent company’s activities in Europe, with the aim to be closer to our customers to facilitate faster decision making in managing their needs.

“We have delivered award-winning innovation in manufacturing with solid business performance for over 70 years, and now is the time for us to focus on expansion as a truly global company while remaining rooted to our Japanese tradition,” said Osami Maehara, President, Hitachi Koki. “We have fully committed to accelerate growth alongside a dynamic new partner in KKR as we pursue our goal to become a global leader in power tools and life-science instruments. We have set an aggressive sales target of US$2.7 billion in fiscal year 2020. We are confident we can take our business to the next level with the support of all our employees and partners worldwide, and the revamping of the brand name is the first step to making this possible. We look forward to continuing to build a brand that exceeds the expectations of discerning customers around the world.”

The HiKOKI brand was created to embody the three core competencies of the company, including its innovative technologies that give rise to products with superior performance, the reliability of its products and services backed by a 70-year company history, and the potential for new business growth represented through the new partnership with KKR. For ease of pronunciation, the new brand name uses a lowercase “i” in its first syllable, and includes the implicit numeral “1” to express our commitment to providing our customers with the “No. 1” products on the market, and our aim to achieve “No. 1” global status.

 The new corporate name, Koki Holdings Co., Ltd., is designed to maintain continuity with our current name, while also reflecting the multiple brands it encompasses around the world, and accelerate our investment in acquisitions to expand our global business.

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Makita’s Powered Wheelbarrow Helps Landform Consultants To Take Not One But Two Gold Medals At RHS Chelsea ‘18

The Makita 18v LXT Brushless power-assisted wheelbarrow has taken some of the back-breaking labour out of Landform Consultants inspirational garden builds at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018.

Mark Gregory, managing director of award winning Landform Consultants Limited, together with his talented team, designed The Welcome to Yorkshire Garden in Main Avenue.  It was justifiably awarded the Gold & Best Construction medals as well as winning the People’s Choice Award.  Landform also designed and constructed The Seedlip Garden in the Space to Grow area of the Show which was awarded a cosseted Gold medal. 

“Chelsea garden show builds are always an enjoyable challenge and we take them extremely seriously so any help from Makita is very welcome,” says Mark Gregory, now a twentyone-time Gold medal winner.  “This labour-saving powered wheelbarrow has helped to reduce much of the pushing of a fully laden wheelbarrow.  This is a very impressive piece of kit and a fine match for the greatest flower show anywhere in the world.”

Designed principally to reduce the physical demands in the construction industry the new Makita DCU180Z is proving popular in many operating fields including commercial gardens.  Capable of carrying 130kg of blocks on the tubular frame, or similar amount of ballast in the barrow bin option, this power-assisted wheelbarrow has the Brushless motor integrated into the front wheel to ensure the maximum possible traction to the heavily ribbed agri-tyre.  This barrow has two forward speeds: Hi up to 3.5 km/h, Lo 1.5 km/h; powered reverse of 1.0 km/h and will climb a 12° maximum incline.  Main braking is provided by the front disc brake controlled by the hand lever on the steering handles. The wheelbarrow weighs just 32.5kg, is ready to work with handles that can be adjusted to three height levels for operator comfort and also fold for easy storage.  The detachable rear trailing wheels with kick down brake can be adjusted from a width of 480mm to 760mm which further improves stability and reduces operator effort.

The Welcome to Yorkshire Garden, sponsored by Welcome to Yorkshire, is inspired by the picturesque Yorkshire Dales, world famous for its dry stone walls, buttercup meadows, wild woodland, tumbling becks and artisan Wensleydale cheeses.  The Landform team made cheese in the stone dairy during the show and served it in the traditional Yorkshire way – on fruit bread.  “This is a celebration of Yorkshire’s stunning scenery and it is hoped that the garden will inspire visitors to experience Yorkshire’s captivating and serene beauty first hand,” continues Mark.  “And we are proud to have been awarded Best Construction too.  After breakdown everything in the garden will either go to charity, be recycled or reinstated, and even taken back to Yorkshire.”

The Seedlip Garden, designed by Landform’s senior designer Dr Catherine Macdonald, is sponsored by Seedlip, the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit.  Inspired by the humble pea the garden was a first for Chelsea Flower Show as all the plants were from just one family – the pea family. “It’s a wonderful feeling to be awarded Gold for something I thoroughly love doing, and it’s even more special when you think the design is centred around the humble pea,” comments Catherine.

Compatible with any of the Makita 18v LXT Lithium-Ion batteries used to power Britain’s number 1 professional power tool range, the new Makita DCU180Z power-assisted wheelbarrow has soft start to ease the load away; constant speed control; twin LED driving lights and locking brake lever for maximum site safety.  For site security an individual ignition lock key is provided.  Previous walk-behind powered site platforms can cost several thousand pounds but the new Makita powered wheelbarrow will prove particularly attractive in relation to price competitiveness and rugged performance.

The DCU180Z is a body only machine which is available with a choice of optional accessories which can include the pipe frame set or bucket frame option.

For more information on Landform Consultants visit  For more news and product information about Makita UK please visit  Follow us on Twitter @MakitaUK, and


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New EN131 Standards From Lyte Ladders

Lyte has gone through a huge product change since the beginning of the year due to changes to the European standards for steps and ladders.

Click on the link below for full details

18325 EN131 Z-Card Credit Leaflet – CONTENT 4 – PRINT

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New exciting changes coming for JEGS


Announcement from Jegs


‘We would like to announce that there are some exciting new changes ahead. Qualtex Global have made the decision to centralise the JEGS Electrical Warehouse with our Denton Head Office.


This will have a positive impact for our customers. JEGS Electrical will continue to Trade as normal. We will maintain our Southend based Sales Team. The only change will be that your orders will be dispatched from our Denton Warehouse rather than Southend.


We have made the decision to centralise so that both the Qualtex and the JEGS customer base will now be able to benefit from the increased product range and can place orders in a single basket spend rather than multiple location dispatch.


And we are pleased to say that the centralisation has now been completed. ‘

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New PPE Regulation Update Effective From 21-04-2019

Lots of changes around PPE regulations to be aware of from 21st April 2019.

Read more from the PPE Range Via Toolbank here SCAN-PPE-Directive 


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SIP Becomes Proud Bloodhound SSC Product Sponsor

Throughout the company’s existence, SIP Industrial Products have tried and succeeded at engaging with the local and wider communities, consistently sponsoring various projects, events, and teams, and regularly supplying equipment to different causes at no cost.

With that said, SIP Industrial Products are incredibly proud and excited to announce that they have recently backed another project, perhaps of a grander scale than any other before, agreeing a product sponsorship with the currently in-development Bloodhound SSC supersonic car and the loyal team that service it.

For those that may be unaware of the Bloodhound SSC spectacle and the vision that it embodies, the Bloodhound SSC supersonic car takes over from a long line of predecessors that have attempted to break the land speed record. In fact, Thrust SSC, which set a speed of 763mph (1,228km/h), currently holds that record. Not content with breaking it, the Bloodhound intends to smash this speed, matching or exceeding 1,000mph (1,609km/h), leaving all previous records in it’s wake. To put the intentions of the Bloodhound team into perspective, the supersonic car will cover a mile in 3.6 seconds, whilst weighing 7.5 Tons. While a jet engine would provide considerable speed, a rocket engine has also been factored into the design, meaning that, when combined, the car will generate more than 135,000hp. In their words, it’s six times more powerful than all Formula 1 car present on a starting grid put together. With such a large project, SIP thought it would be suitable to send a range of their most premium, heavy-duty equipment, so that all concerned with the Bloodhound SSC project are covered. This includes a range of boosters/chargers, industrial- grade heaters, and much more.

SIP wishes them all the best with the project, and look forward to seeing the results in the near future, beginning with testing and trial stages at Newquay in late 2017. Should you wish to visit, learn and see more Bloodhound SSC in action, visit to receive a £5 ticket discount, as an SIP customer, for SSC’s Public Day on 28th October 2017.

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Stealth Launches Major Strategic Initiative

UK cornerstone customer group – Troy UK and United Tooling Solutions ‘UTS’

Established in 1986, Troy is a privately held group of industrial engineering supplies businesses in the UK. Troy is the UK’s largest independent industrial buying group with over 400 member trade retail outlets in the UK, and a comprehensive online presence. Troy recently received recognition for a Top 75 fastest growing companies based on sales turnover over the last four years in South West region of the UK. Revenue has grown by ~85% since 2016.

The Troy and UTS group consist of three principal areas of business operation;

Troy Buying Group – An industrial buying group with 300 members operating more than 400 trade outlets, that generate a combined revenue of in excess of GBP1.1b

  • United Tooling Solutions – is an industrial supplies distributor holding 8 company trade branch outlets directly owned by the same major Troy shareholder.
  • Toolshop Direct – operates under UTS, focused on online distribution specialising in industrial product and tooling sales with Tier 1 status ranking via the Amazon platform.

Sales and distribution of Bisley Workwear will be driven through both UTS and Troy’s trade retail outlets, and via UTS on the Amazon platform through the group’s online division Toolshop Direct. The arrangement with this group provides BSA Brands with an immediate UK national platform to introduce and grow the Bisley Workwear brand throughout the full UK market from commencement.

Troy also holds 20% ownership of a major European industrial buying group with 1,500 members and over 3,300 trade outlets throughout UK and Europe with a combined trading volume of EUR16 billion – BSA Brands will seek an opportunity to further expand into Europe in the medium term through this group.

Click here to read the full story

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TB Davies Announce Change Of Regulations On Ladders

Ladder and stepladder standards are changing, with the current British Standard BS 2037 Class 1 (ladders for heavy duty and industrial use) being withdrawn. A revised BS EN131 containing a Professional rating will replace Class 1, with a Non-Professional rating introduced for DIY applications. The main difference between the ratings will be durability, as both will have the same safe working load of 150kg.

The Ladder Association has asked its members to fully implement the new version, at the latest by the end of 2018. The most noticeable change will be to extension ladders over 3m, which will include a stabiliser bar to reduce, slip along with the chance of the ladder flipping or toppling.

All of the current EN131 stepladder products available from TB Davies already comply with the new standards requirement, with several new and improved ladder and step models becoming available during the first part of next year, as we replace the Class 1 products.

As standards are not applicable, retrospectively you will not need to stop using ladders built to the previous criteria. The revision simply sets a new minimum, to ensure even the most basic DIY products are designed to be safer and more durable.

If you would like a site visit report where we can update on standards and legislation, inspect existing equipment and evaluate current practices. We can currently offer the visits to Troy members free of charge for a limited period instead of the normal £300 fee.  

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The L S Starrett Company Ltd, New For Troy Members

In an effort to improve the level of customer service we provide you with Starrett Welded Bandsaw Blades, we would like to explain a new strategic partnership we have developed with East Midland Saw & Tool Ltd which will enable us to guarantee you a 48 hour delivery time for Starrett Duratec SFB, Woodpecker and M42 Welded Bandsaw Blades.

To deliver product almost instantaneously is almost a given and customer demands and expectations are setting the bar higher and higher on a monthly basis. With this in mind we have agreed a partnership with EMST to establish a regional Starrett Bandsaw Welding Centre based in Long Eaton, Nottingham, right in the middle of the country. EMST will offer you a guaranteed 48 hour delivery on Starrett Welded Bandsaw Blades upon receipt of your order at the same price.
The above partnership only covers Starrett Welded Bandsaw Blades, all other Starrett products should be ordered directly as usual.
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact Troy Customer Services, or if you would like more information please call Starrett Customer Service Team on 01835 863501 who will be happy to assist you or answer any questions you may have.
In closing thank you once again for your confidence in the Starrett brand and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership, including this exciting new project, for many years to come

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TIMco Extends Quality Control Facilities

TIMco, one of the UK’s largest independent wholesale suppliers of screws, fixings and power tools accessories has extended its UK quality control facilities to meet the requirements of its growing product base and provide customers with product training and testing facilities.

The new QC facilities are part of TIMco’s latest investment in a new 30,000sqft warehouse space. The new QC facilities have been implemented to provide further quality control checks on products when they arrive in the UK.  The company already has QC facilities in its offices in the Far East that monitor the manufacturing process and ensure that no products are dispatched to the UK without effective checks.

On arrival to TIMco’s Cheshire offices, products then receive further testing before they are stored and distributed to customers.  The new facilities include a range of technologies from salt spray test machines to devices that measure load and insertion speeds. Products that fail the tests at any stage are promptly removed from the supply chain, while products that pass the tests are then verified for use.

The new facilities also provide customers with the opportunity to visit TIMco’s offices to learn how products work and their best applications.  By supporting customer’s employees they in turn are able to sell with more confidence and research also suggests that customers look for outlets that have knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Simon Midwood, Managing Director of TIMco, comments: “We’re committed to providing a broad range of high quality products to our customers and testing them effectively is a key part of delivering on our promises.  The new state-of-the-art facilities ensure that our standards remain high and also provide us with an opportunity to train customers on our latest products and their applications, which in turn improves their product knowledge and benefits end users. We strongly advise that customers utilise these facilities and services which we can offer.”

Over the last year, TIMco has increased its ranges to more than 6,500 products ranging from traditional fasteners and fixings through to gate hardware, building chemicals and adhesives to new and improved impact driver bits and associated builder’s products.

TIMco is head quartered in Nantwich, Cheshire and imports and supplies more than 6,500 product lines from around the world to distributors throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.  The company was established in 1970 and now employs 115 members of staff from its offices in the UK, Ireland and Taiwan.  For more information, visit

For further information, contact:

Sarah Hawkins/Louis Hill, The Source Partnership                                       



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TIMco Launches First Aid Range

TIMco, one of the UK’s largest, independent and fastest growing wholesalers to the construction industry, is expanding their SHIELD brand with the official launch of a First Aid range, as well as introducing the new SHIELD Protective Board. These new introductions will sit under the rapidly expanding SHIELD Site Protection range. These new extensions reflect the company’s commitment to safety in construction, as well as delivering on the company’s strategy of becoming a ‘one stop shop’ for builders’ merchants. 


The new range includes a selection of workplace and vehicle first aid kits, as well as a heavy bleed and burns kit. The range also includes an eye care kit, heavy duty plasters and an accident book.


The workplace first aid kits include BSC and HSE kits. The BSC kits meet the first new standard for statutory First Aid Kits in the workplace since 1997. These kits reflect the changes in both workplace practice and risks, making them demonstrably more ‘fit for purpose’ in today’s environment. The kits come in a durable and stylish polypropylene case and are wall mountable with an integrated bracket. The HSE kits contain content based on 1997 Approved Code of Practice and come in a durable polypropylene box with green safety clips, integrated carry handle, and a secure airtight lid to provide protection from dust and water. All workplace kits are available in three sizes – small, medium and large.


The Heavy Bleed & Burns kit has been specifically designed to provide rapid and effective treatment to the kind of serious injuries tradespeople may face on site. It includes a major bleed trauma dressing and sterile burn dressings. The Eye Wash Station kit includes saline solution, eye pods and pipettes and meets current HSE regulations. Both kits come in a wall-mountable polypropylene case.


The SHIELD Protective Board has been developed to protect and preserve all hard floor and short twill covered floor surfaces from dust, dirt, spills, sprays and site grime. This new product complements the existing Ram Board product in the SHIELD range. The FSC certified board is made from recycled compressed fibre board and this innovative protection system is also 100% recyclable and reusable. It is also breathable and can be laid on wooden floors and new concrete. It will not trap any moisture, therefore allowing the substrate to dry whilst also protecting it from damage.


Stewart Lloyd, Associate Director of Purchasing for TIMco, comments: “The welfare and safety of our end users is of paramount importance to us here at TIMco, which is why we have launched this extensive First Aid range under our growing SHIELD brand, as well as our new SHIELD protective board. We look forward to introducing exciting new product additions to our expanding customer base.”


The new First Aid range and SHIELD Protective Board are now available to purchase on the TIMco website.


TIMco won the title of ‘Best Distributor Brand’ at this year’s coveted Builders Merchant Journal (BMJ) Awards in London. The company was also named as ‘Brand of the Year’ by the National Buying Group (NBG) in November 2018. TIMco was ranked at No. 154 in the 10th annual Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 2019 league table.


TIMco, one of the UK’s largest independent wholesale suppliers of screws, fasteners, fixings, nails, building chemicals and adhesives, power tool accessories, building hardware, site protection and ironmongery, is headquartered in Nantwich, Cheshire and imports and supplies more than 7,000 product lines from around the world to distributors throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.  The company was established in 1972 and now employs 160+ members of staff from its offices in the UK, Ireland and Taiwan.

For more information, visit

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TIMco Make Their Mark With Chemicals And Adhesives Ranges

TIMco, one of the UK’s largest independent wholesale suppliers of screws, fixings and power tools accessories, has introduced Building Chemicals and Adhesives into their latest offering due to high customer demand and to deliver on their strategy of being a ‘one stop shop’ for builder’s merchants.

With over 10 different adhesives, from multi-purpose to grab adhesives to instant mitre kits and over 15 different aerosols from Air & Gas Detectors to Cold Galvanising paint and spot markers, the ranges promise to provide versatility, visibility, speed and protection when needed.

Wood filler is also included within the chemicals range offered in 2-part high strength and 2-part styrene free options for internal and external applications which promise to flex with the natural movement of wood and can even be sanded 30 minutes post application.

Managing Director of TIMco, Simon Midwood comments: “Over the past year, we have seen an increased demand for adhesives and other chemicals commonly used within trades to fix, grease, fill and mark-out during varying stages of construction and renovations and that’s why we decided to introduce our building chemicals and adhesives ranges to TIMco. The addition of these new lines demonstrates how TIMco are meeting customer demands and becoming a ‘one stop shop’.”

The new Building Chemicals and Adhesives ranges are included in TIMco’s biggest ever catalogue, featuring more than 6,500 product lines.

TIMco is head quartered in Nantwich, Cheshire and imports and supplies more than 6,000 product lines from around the world to distributors throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.  The company was established in 1970 and now employs 142+ members of staff from its offices in the UK, Ireland and Taiwan.  For more information, visit

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Toolbank Spring Shows 2019

Click on the link below to view full details and dates of spring shows

Spring Trade Shows 2019_print

Have you had your invitation? If not please contact your local branch, sales representative, email or call 01322 321460



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Trade Survey are pleased to announce their appointment as Fluke Wholesalers.

Trade Survey are pleased to announce their appointment as Fluke Wholesalers.

Founded in 1948 Fluke have grown to become the number one manufacturer of quality electrical and test equipment used by service technicians, engineers, electrical installers and power networks throughout the world.

As a part of this agreement Trade Survey have also become the UK distributor of PLS lasers another leading brand which offers the same quality and performance of the other products in the Fluke range.

Together with a name and brand that is renown throughout the electrical and test industry.

Trade Survey feel that this is a great product to add to their range and compliments their existing product portfolio of Leica, Laserliner, Protimeter, and Nightsearcher.

These are available from stock with a next day delivery service if ordered by 4pm.

For details on becoming a stockist for any of the above contact: Andrew McAllister at Trade Survey, Tel: 0800 292 2188, Email:

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