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An Audience with Brad Sugars

Troy / THS is delighted to bring you a valuable business insight opportunity…. an audience with Brad Sugars, Founder of Action Coach 

The globally acclaimed #1 Business Coach will be sharing his expertise on ‘Pulling Profits’, on the evening prior to TMB – an absolute must for any business looking to be inspired, motivated and ready for growth.



Registration for the event is at 5.30pm on 18th March
at the Brooklands Suite, Whittlebury Hall
Mr Brad Sugars speaking from 6pm – 8pm
Dinner to follow at 8-8.30pm

Why Brad Sugars?….

The management team recently took a trip to Las Vegas America gaining immense value from taking part in a week long training conference run by Action Coach. There they heard Brad Sugars speaking on business strategy, ownership and management providing realistic and tangible tips and strategy to implement in our business. Since the trip, employees have felt this training filter through the business and the value Brad provided has already been put into daily practice. With on going support, literature, videos and our local Action Coach representative, the proposition is designed to encourage constant engagement and provide value for the life time of your business.

Troy Academy with Action Coach
Last year we embarked on a joint venture with Action Coach unveiling the new Troy Training Academy. Our Training Academy can support members to grow their business through knowledge and training as well as keep them up-to-date with the necessary industry standard training, required by law, ISO accreditation and for best practice.  All our members are busy running their business and focusing on front line duties, the academy is developed with this in mind and all the courses can be delivered remotely and via webinar links as well as on site should the need arise.

In a competitive market place, quality and customer service need to be your unique selling features and our training courses can help you to deliver this with courses focusing on; Sales and Marketing, Finance and Planning, Team Work and Employee Engagement. 

Registration for this ‘must attend’ event will be on Wednesday 18th March, 5.30pm at The Brooklands Suite, Whittlebury Hall, with Mr Sugars speaking 6pm-8pm.  Dinner will follow shortly afterwards, 8-8.30pm at The Grand Prix Suite, Whittlebury Hall.  To attend and book your team’s place at the pre-show event or for further enquiries, contact in the first instance.  Miss it, Miss Out!

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ATA Garryson Flexidiscs®

ATA Garryson Flexidiscs® are designed for blending and finishing on curved and contoured surfaces. 

 Follow the link below to find out more about this unique range !


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Bott Develops New Ergonomic Workstation And Configurator

Bott have designed an ergonomic workstation, combining advanced design, high-quality manufacture and a flexible approach.

 The Bott Group have been developing workplace storage solutions for over 80 years, and has facilities all across Europe. Delivering high levels of service and quality, they have expertise in delivering efficient working environments for both static and in-vehicle applications.

In today’s challenging environment, businesses are introducing LEAN principles to deliver both agility and efficiency in their operations. With this in mind and as a result of in-depth research into their customer’s challenges, Bott have developed a flexible and efficient workstation, allowing for customised applications and seamless expansion for when business needs change.


Ergonomic Optimised Design.

The ergonomically designed workstation can be changed to suit varying processes, with a height adjustable frame bench as the base, integrated accessories and flexible overhead solutions. The overall depth and width are modularly expandable with tilting and swivelling options allowing users to position accessories in the most comfortable positions. The adjustable working height options also allow for seated or standing working.

Ensuring staff welfare, safety and productivity, Bott believe that investing in a professional system is key to creating the optimal operational process.


What are the benefits of a professional system?

Flexible & Adaptable

  • Versatile solutions for material provision
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
  • Re-configure to suit varying processes


Advanced Ergonomic Design

  • Custom solutions for individual applications
  • Creates comfortable & healthy work environments
  • Versatile adjustment of reaching distances


Zero Waste

  • Eliminates wasteful activities
  • Increases quality & performance
  • Reduces errors & processing times
  • Simplifies workflows and increases efficiencies


High-quality manufacture

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 10 year ‘Built to Last’ guarantee
  • Competitive delivery

 Configure your own workstation.

 Simple and easy to use, Bott have developed a new online configurator tool, allowing customers to design a unique workstation that best suits their operational needs and activities.  

Click the links below to view more details

Ergonomic workstation Graphic

Ergonomic Workstations


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Celebrating The Ingenuity of the Tooling Industry... TMB Innovation Award

The TMB Innovation Award was created back in 2013 to recognise and celebrate cutting edge technological advances and excellence within the tooling industry.  Seven years on and this now coveted prize attracts nominations from brands that are both household names and from lesser known, smaller and specialist, manufacturers.  These compete against each other, at the TroyTHS annual show at Silverstone, and are judged not on the type of product but on the innovative technology behind it.

As this is a TMB award, it is open exclusively to Troy Suppliers.
In order to enter the product must;

  • have been released no earlier than the last quarter of the previous year 
  • have unique selling features.

A vast array of products has been entered over the years, including power tools, abrasives, PPE and more.  Each nominated supplier gives a short presentation at TMB to a diverse panel of judges, with expertise in the tooling sector.  The winner is then deliberated and announced later that evening at the TMB after-show gala dinner.

Troy is keen to drive technological advancement, research and design, so is adding more value and recognition to this already beneficial accolade.  This year, as well as receiving the award itself and being recognised within the group, we are providing the winning product with an enhanced promotional campaign.  This will include a Troy designed advertorial, to appear within an up-and-coming issue of a well known industry magazine, a prominent banner feature that will run all year ‘round on the Troy website and a full press release created by TroyTHS, to be sent to other tooling industry related media outlets. And more…

If you’re interested in attending
the TMB Innovation Award presentations at TMB on Thursday 19th
March, ‘20, please visit the TroyTHS Presentation Area, in Hall Suzuka at 2pm.

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DIY SOS come to Barnstaple

As you all know Troy UK HQ is located in Barnstaple, North Devon and BBC One’s DIY SOS is heading there this summer. For any locals to the area, the show is appealing for tradespeople and suppliers to get involved.

Nick Knowles and the team are heading to Barnstaple this July to take on a big build as they look to transform the home and lives of one a local family.

They are on the hunt for tradespeople and suppliers willing to be part of the show by donating their time, skills, supplies and materials for the big build, which takes place between Tuesday, July 23 and Thursday, August 1.

Hot meals, the experience and a lifetime and the chance to turn a family’s life around by getting involved are promised by the makers of the show.

Those interested are asked to email
with their trade, availability and telephone contact details.

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Don't Miss The Brad Sugars Event - FREE When You Attend TMB (Worth £350 pp)

No#1 Business Coach, Brad Sugars…Insightful, Inspiring, Indispensable


Come & see Brad Sugars at TMB, on pre-show day, on Wednesday 18th March ‘20

We make no secret that Troy’s successful journey over recent times has been significantly boosted by Brad Sugar’s practical and progressive influence.  Brad bases his approach on three fundamental principles: Engagement, Culture & Communication.  He teaches you that in breaking down your company into practical, digestible areas you can increase your focus to make more considered and open-minded decisions.  When put into practise, this simple and effective concept really does clarify your business priorities.


Unconvinced?  Sound too simple?

“If success was easy, everyone would be doing it” Brad Sugars

Brad Sugars doesn’t offer a weak, quick fix solution.  He understands that in order to be successful in business it takes a lot of hard work.  He certainly practices what he preaches, as this is evident from his own long running, international success.


“I won’t lie at first I did have my reservations and wasn’t sure what to expect, having come from a background in large business where you receive a lot of ongoing training and development. However, having met Brad my opinion has completely changed. His is a very engaging, motivational speaker who empowers you to believe that once you set your mind on a goal it is truly achievable. What’s more is he keeps it simple. Several courses in my lifetime have been hugely over complicated whereas this approach leaves you armed with a few simple tricks to ensure you stay on track and focus on what is important.”  Troy Business Leader


Brad Sugars has helped us, and he can help you too…

Empowering our workforce to manage things on a higher level, has allowed us precious time to focus on the direction of Troy. Equip your workforce with the toolkit to step-up and make decisions.  Their performance will be the best indicator that you’re going in the right direction and your new clear thinking will give you an uninterrupted, aerial view of your company’s destination. 


“Paul Kilbride had been on the course last year, he found great value in it and believed it would be better delivered by Brad himself to key members of the leadership team. Paul believes in investing in people as they are the future of the business…Leadership is all about developing future leaders and if you get the right people on board with the right attitude, then you are future proofing your internal business structure. Troy has huge ambitions for the future and there is no stopping us with the right focus and attitude which needs to stem from above.”  Troy Business Leader


Managing time is one of the biggest obstacles that business owners face…

Short term investments in your team will bring long term results.  Creating time efficient processes now, will free you up to evolve, build and improve.


“We are all incredibly busy, independent business leaders. Juggling multiple roles on a shoestring team, can mean we lose focus on the business. For those that don’t have the time to do long extensive training programs which can be quickly forgotten, this is an ideal, convenient way to regain that focus, put everything back into perspective and keep it simple, with some great “go to” templates for reference. Less procrastinating and more action come from engaging with Brad’s action coach.”  Troy Business Leader


“Long term is exactly it.  We want to grow as a business and be relevant in a modern world which is heavily technology driven. The course gave us insights into how we could do that encompassing the 5 pillars of ongoing success: MISSION, EXECUTION, PEOPLE, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND STRATEGY.”  Troy Business Leader


It’s working for us, what more endorsement do you need?

“It was a truly engaging and uplifting experience. I would highly recommend going as it cleared the fog, created clarity and focus on what we needed to deliver and provided me with some great tricks/ quick wins to hit the ground running.”  Troy Business Leader


“Brad keeps things simple.  His approach to business is to work very hard at the start and have the business work for you later.  Sounds easy – it isn’t but Brad puts it across in a way that you feel it can be done.  His delivery of the message is inspiring.”  Troy Business Leader


Of course, we’ll share every valuable nugget of information that we possibly can on Brad Sugars.  But there’ll be nothing like experiencing this seminar for yourselves and to see first-hand how Brad can unlock your thinking. 

Make sure you secure your place at this inspirational event, open to anyone who it attending our infamous TMB event!


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DRS780Z - Twin 18V (36V) Brushless Circular Saw


Sleek new rear handle design for greater control; ideal for ripping through timber with ease.

Magnesium base makes for a lightweight product whilst the built in dust extraction nozzle allows for a safe and comfortable working environment.


  • Brushless motor
  • Electric brake
  • Soft start
  • Automatic Torque Drive Technology: Automatically changes the cutting speed according to load condition for optimum operation
  • Magnesium base
  • Retractable joist hook
  • High power similar to AC Tool
  • Rear handle design
  • Rear handle design

Contact Makita to find out more.


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Jegs Online Ordering Made Easy

Click on the link below to view instructions:


JEGS Online Ordering Made Simple

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Molyslip Named Official Speciality Lubricant Partner with Bellini SpA

December 2018 – Leading global lubricants specialist Molyslip Ltd has been officially named the speciality lubrication partner with Bellini SpA.  In addition to the partnership in Italy, the company’s Indian office will also represent Bellini in India.


Bellini SpA is a leading manufacturer of industrial fluid lubricants based in Bergamo, Italy.  It will now distribute the entire Molyslip range of Lubricants including market leading Copaslip, TAP, WRL and Arvina across Italy.  In reverse, Molyslip India will be distributing Bellini’s metal cutting lubricants throughout India.


Andy Cunningham, General Manager, Molyslip said “We are looking forward to the start of a long and fruitful relationship between Molyslip and Bellini.  Our two companies share very similar values and aspirations, with customer satisfaction through technological innovation, service and flexibility at the heart of everything we do.”


Molyslip is an independent UK-based manufacturer of specialised lubricants and has been supplying products both nationally and internationally since the 1930’s.  The company exports to over 60 countries worldwide and its products (market leading Copaslip, TAP, WRL and Arvina) are used across a range of Industry, with particular strengths in Metal-Working, Oil & Gas, Repair & Maintenance and Automotive as well Marine/Off-shore, Ship Building, and Food & Beverage (both production and packaging areas).

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Molyslip Strengthens Team with Two Graduate Trainees

Leading lubricant specialist Molyslip has introduced a new apprenticeship programme recruiting two graduate trainees – Joe Bertera and Mike Green.  Both employees are currently enrolled in a 12-month Graduate Trainee Programme which is endorsed by the Institute of Sales Management and managed by recruitment specialist – BMS Performance.

Both Mike and Joe have joined the company’s sales team direct from university.   Mike who studied at the University of Worcester will be managing Molyslip customers in the South and Midlands whilst Joe from Cardiff Metropolitan University will cover accounts within Wales and the North of England.  Both recruits have enjoyed a thorough induction and training programme at Molyslip’s head office in Irlam, Manchester and are now working hard in their respective territories.

Andrew Cunningham, General Manager, Molyslip Ltd says: “We are very excited to be investing in and developing young talent. This is our first apprenticeship programme and we hope the first of many.  We are looking forward to watching Mike and Joe grow in their new roles.”

Molyslip is an independent UK-based manufacturer of specialised lubricants and has been supplying products both nationally and internationally since the 1930’s.  The company exports to over 60 countries worldwide and its products (market leading Copaslip, TAP, WRL and Arvina) are used across a range of Industry, with particular strengths in Metal-Working, Oil & Gas, Repair & Maintenance and Automotive as well Marine/Off-shore, Ship Building, and Food & Beverage (both production and packaging areas).


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New Regional Sales Manager at DART Tool Group

A very welcome addition to the DART Team is a new Regional Sales Manager for the South East region. Adie Walker has been in the industry for more than twenty years with a varied and rich background across numerous roles.

Adie worked in Harrison & Clough many years ago as a Regional Sales Manager then after a few years moved on to Milwaukee Power Tools, which provided him great exposure to the power tools industry and confirmed his ongoing love for ‘big boys toys’ as he calls them!

Then he moved in to a role as General Manager in Invicta Tools, which involved working on the other side of the counter and within a merchants – in this time, he helped to build their sales team and project managed an extension for their warehouse – giving him great insights of the industry. Then latterly he worked for Folkstone Fixings as Sales Manager and building their sales team, managing trade shows, doing branch management and again building their warehouse capabilities.

However, Adie says on his new position in DART ‘I love being this side of the industry – selling in to the merchant trade. It’s a real awakening for me to come back to it now – it’s where my passion lies. To be out on the road, selling products I love, for a company with such a great ethos is a fantastic opportunity’

When asked what attracted him to DART he says ‘I had followed the DART brand for the last ten years and could see they were a company that were going in the right direction – they are constantly moving forward and it’s obvious that they are always innovating. The new DART brand particularly caught my eye’

Adie certainly has plenty of energy and describes himself as optimistic, enthusiastic and happy.  His plan for his new role is to hit the ground running, with plans to visit the customers in his area as soon as possible – especially dormant accounts, as he sees immense potential in the region.

What’s more, Adie has a poignant personal achievement that not many of us can claim – he saved a person’s life! A family member had a motorbike accident while on holiday in Bali and needed to be urgently flown back to the UK. Adie rapidly raised funds within the community to get him flown back by air ambulance, and on transition had to make a life or death decision when he took a turn for the worse in transition – of whether to continue with the flight or to land – both with unknown prospects. Thankfully to all – Adie made the decision that saved his life – so amongst his wealth of experience is excellent decision making!

In Adie’s free time, he enjoys a daily early morning walk with his dog, enjoys a spot of fishing and is a bit of a thrill seeker, with having braved bungee jumping, sky diving and paragliding.

For all those that meet Adie, it won’t come as a surprise that his personal mantra is ‘Stand Tall, Be Proud and Stay Strong’. DART is certainly very excited to have him on board and with his extensive knowledge of the industry, he will be a great help to his customers.


For any enquiries, please contact:

Suzie Dempsey

Marketing Manager – DART Tool Group

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Pre-order the NEW Sealey Tool Catalogue™ Today

The NEW Sealey Tool Catalogue will be available from 1st March 2019.

Pre-order your copy online at today!



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Purchasing Insight from Our Industry Experts.

We’re dropping in on our Prodigy of Purchasing, Jim Chadwick, Group Purchasing Director, and the Brains of Business Development, Richard Pymm, Business Development Director for an ‘exclusive’ on Purchasing. They’ll be sharing their views and advice on how best to consider your procurement process and successfully source the highest quality & best value products, whilst minimising surplus stock and maximising profit…

Click here for the full article

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Six New Suppliers Join From 1st September 2018

New Suppliers – Effective 1st September ’18

We would like to welcome the following 6 new suppliers to Troy in September:

  • Anco Storage Equipment
  • BeA Fastening Systems Ltd
  • Ejendals AB
  • Heller Tools gmbh
  • Knight Tool Ltd
  • Progressive Safety Footwear & Clothing

Please search Select section of website for full details & discount terms

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Spot Light on Bison UK

Operating from their 10,000 square feet office and warehouse in Peterborough and holding in excess of £1M items worth of stock, Bison UK can offer Troy members next day delivery. In addition to the sales and service Bison UK can also offer technical support to assist members with their requirements.

The ‘Best of Bison’ catalogue features the most popular Bison products which is a perfect aid for Troy members to deal with any workholding customer enquiries.

To get your copy contact or call 01733 230567, alternatively you can go the the Select area on this site and download the catalogue under Bison.

Bison UK only deal through distributors and have had a lot of success with Troy members with joint customer visits resulting in orders and a healthy profit margin.


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TB Davies Announce Change Of Regulations On Ladders

Ladder and stepladder standards are changing, with the current British Standard BS 2037 Class 1 (ladders for heavy duty and industrial use) being withdrawn. A revised BS EN131 containing a Professional rating will replace Class 1, with a Non-Professional rating introduced for DIY applications. The main difference between the ratings will be durability, as both will have the same safe working load of 150kg.

The Ladder Association has asked its members to fully implement the new version, at the latest by the end of 2018. The most noticeable change will be to extension ladders over 3m, which will include a stabiliser bar to reduce, slip along with the chance of the ladder flipping or toppling.

All of the current EN131 stepladder products available from TB Davies already comply with the new standards requirement, with several new and improved ladder and step models becoming available during the first part of next year, as we replace the Class 1 products.

As standards are not applicable, retrospectively you will not need to stop using ladders built to the previous criteria. The revision simply sets a new minimum, to ensure even the most basic DIY products are designed to be safer and more durable.

If you would like a site visit report where we can update on standards and legislation, inspect existing equipment and evaluate current practices. We can currently offer the visits to Troy members free of charge for a limited period instead of the normal £300 fee.  

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The 18V LXT Range From Makita Expands Again

  • First 3/8” square 18V Brushless Impact Wrench
  • Bag-less 18V Vacuum Cleaner
  • New drilling and fixing bit sets

New tools are consistently being added to the ever-expanding 18V LXT range from Makita, the UK’s number one professional power tool manufacturer.  Now included in this popular collection is the DTW180 Brushless LXT Impact Wrench and the super-useful DCL181FZW Vacuum Cleaner to help with the tidy up.

The new DTW180 18V LXT Impact Wrench will drive home M8 – M16 standard bolts and M6 – M12 high tensile bolts.  It will deliver 180Nm of tightening torque and 310Nm of nut busting torque while the 2-stage impact power selection delivers up to 3,600ipm in hard mode, 2,000ipm in soft, with a no load speed of 2,400rpm in hard mode and 1,300rpm in soft mode. The DTW180 is also the first 18V impact wrench in the Makita range to have a 3/8” square driving shank.

The new DTW180 features many benefits including a brushless motor allowing double the run time compared to a standard brushed motor, less friction and more power.  This new impact wrench also benefits from an electric brake, variable speed trigger, forward/reverse rotation and a handy LED job light.  The ergonomic soft grip handle enhances user comfort whilst the belt clip is always an ever useful feature.   This compact, lightweight tool will be enjoyed by all professional tradesmen from engineers to facilities managers, automotive trades and repair engineers, to external cladding applicators.

Perfect for tidying up after a job in a domestic property, or for light cleaning duties, is the new Makita DCL181FZW 18V LXT Vacuum Cleaner.  This new vacuum is bag-less and features a capsule that’s efficient and easy to empty.

Producing an excellent 30 watts of suction power in Hi mode and 11 watts in Lo mode, with a maximum airflow of 1.4m³/min, the DCL181F has a maximum sealed suction of 4.2kPa.  The rubberised ergonomic soft grip handle features a touch button switch where high/low suction power settings can be easily selected. This low noise vac has a run time of 40 minutes when used in Lo mode with a 3.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery, and 20 minutes in Hi mode.  The efficient collection filter will allow a dust capacity of 0.65 litres and also featured on this vacuum is a convenient LED job light for those dark corners.  The DCL181F comes in brilliant white instead of the traditional Makita blue, and is available as body only to utilise existing Makita 18V batteries.  Weighing a comfortable and lightweight 1.4kg this new Makita vacuum comes with floor and sash nozzles for a variety of applications.

Makita’s range of drilling and fixing bit sets has been extended with new 75, 118 and 125-piece sets.  The new 75-piece Combination Set (P-90641)  is an essential kit for most drilling applications which includes a selection of titanium coated high speed steel drill bits ranging from 3-8mm; nut drivers in chrome vanadium, masonry and brad point drills.  The kit also includes holesaws and screwdriver bits all contained in a convenient carry case. 

Also now available is the 118-piece General Maintenance Tool Kit (P-90635) which is a scaled down version of the successful 227-piece set and the 125-piece Service Engineers Kit (P-70649) has been introduced due to popular demand from the service engineer market sector. 


For more news and product information about Makita UK please visit  Follow us on Twitter @MakitaUK, and


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TIMco Bags ‘Brand Of The Year' and ‘Supplier Of The Year’ At The NBG Awards 2018

On 13th November 2018, the National Buying Group (NBG) Awards evening saw TIMco win the coveted title of ‘Brand of the Year’ in recognition of their excellence in the following categories: brand, product & service. This is the second consecutive year that TIMco has won this prestigious award.


The award was voted for by the whole of the NBG membership and all brands and suppliers were considered. This win secured TIMco’s title as the overall winner of the year.


TIMco was also awarded the title of ‘Supplier of the year’ in the Decorating and Hardware, Category at this year’s awards ceremony. This is an unprecedented sixth consecutive year that TIMco has won the award and the seventh time since TIMco started supplying the buying group in 2011. 


The national awards are designed to recognise excellence in the given category as well as the support and service the supplier offers to NBG’s members.  The awards were presented at a Gala Dinner held at the Cunard Building Liverpool at the close of the NBG’s Annual Conference for 2018. 


Simon Midwood, Managing Director of TIMco comments: “We are delighted to have been once again named as NBG ‘Brand of the Year’ and also to have been awarded ‘Supplier of the Year’ for our category for the sixth consecutive year. This is a fantastic achievement for TIMco and a testament to the team’s efforts to deliver excellent products and services to NBG members.  We’re committed to our strategy of being the supplier that supports independent merchants and intend to continue to build on these relationships by further extending our product portfolio and the high levels of service we are proudly able to offer members. We are extremely grateful to NBG for this recognition and their continued support to TIMco.”

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TIMco Introduces Innovative RAM Board To Their Shield Range

TIMco, one of the UK’s largest independent wholesale suppliers of screws, fixings, ironmongery and power tools accessories, has introduced the new innovative Ram Board Range, which will sit as part of their existing SHIELD range. The range will be dual branded as TIMco SHIELD Ram Board. TIMco has been awarded exclusivity to distribute Ram Board throughout the UK to independent builders merchants.

The Ram Board heavy-duty, temporary floor protection is engineered for contractors. It has been designed with both cost and efficiency in mind, lays out quickly and easily and is also re-usable and recyclable. It is also made from recycled material. Ram Board is non-staining and utilises its exclusive Flex-Fiber & Spill Guard technologies allowing for the curing of new floors on job-sites while resisting water, paint, mud and more. It also helps contractors looking to protect new or existing concrete, wood, tile, stone, linoleum, vinyl composition tile, epoxy and most other floor types, and supports waste packaging on sites.

Launching alongside the heavy duty floor protection will also be a selection of accompanying products; the first of which is a Seam Tape. With a generous width of 3 inches, the tape has plenty of allowance for joining the heavy-duty floor protection seams. The Kraft backing also makes it easy to tear off and install as well as making the product recyclable. Another product launching within the Ram Board range is the Multi-Cutter, used for the safe and accurate cutting of Ram Boards during fitting. The concealed integral blade reduces risk of personal injury and prevents damage to the surface being protected beneath the Ram Boards. Protecting door frames has become an essential part of renovating, moving and even new construction, and so the third product to launch alongside this collection is Ram Jamb – a heavy-duty door frame protector. Ram Board’s door frame protection is flexible and re-usable, with no tape or adhesive necessary.

Sales Director of TIMco, Simon Rance comments: “Over recent months, we have seen an increased demand for protective products for use on construction sites and for renovators and that’s why we decided to extend our SHIELD range by introducing the innovative Ram Board. This product is both easy to use and re-usable, making it a very cost-effective solution for construction sites. We are confident it will be a popular addition to our SHIELD range. We look forward to building our relationship with Ram Board and growing the TIMco SHIELD Ram Board brand.”

Ram Board is now available to purchase and features in TIMco’s 2018/19 catalogue.

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