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Makita Introduce New OMNIBOHRER Multi-Purpose Drill Bits

  • New range of multi-material, multi-purpose drill bits
  • Tungsten carbide tips
  • Time saving and convenient
  • Fast, efficient and accurate drilling in any material

The new OmniBohrer range of drill bits joins the extensive range of high performance Makita accessories.  Bits in this multi-purpose collection are suitable for use with a diverse range of materials including concrete, tile, brick, slate, limestone, wood, composite materials, aluminium and plastics, totally eliminating the need to switch between bit types.  Ultimately, the new OmniBohrer range is time saving while improving operator efficiency and accuracy.

The collection of 25 drill bits, ranging from 3 – 14mm diameter and lengths of 60 – 400mm, feature a high quality tungsten carbide tip that can be used for different applications across various industries.  Tungsten carbide is more durable than many other materials because of its exceptional levels of toughness and hardness.  The wide flutes of the OmniBohrer bits deliver quick and efficient material extraction.

This multi-purpose collection will be welcomed by many manufacturing professionals using multi-layer, or composite materials such as that used in the manufacture of windows and doors, or for fixing wood or metal to brickwork without the need to switch bit types.

Choose OmniBohrer drill bits for improved quality, convenience and versatility.

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Makita Introduces New Cordless 18V LXT Top Handle Chainsaw Designed For Forestry Professionals

  • Prioritising operator safety
  • Chain speed and performance equal to a petrol machine
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Brushless motor for longer run time and increased power

Makita chainsaws have gained a high reputation amongst forestry professionals with models that are renowned for power, performance, rugged reliability and value.  The new Makita DUC254Z 18V Brushless Top Handle Chainsaw LXT is no exception.  With a single 18V Lithium-Ion battery it generates a 570 watt output providing ample power to run the 3/8th inch chain over the 25cm bar at up to 24 metres per second matching the performance of a petrol machine.  The Brushless motor ensures longer runtime, substantially greater power and lower maintenance.

Setting an industry benchmark this new model features the main power switch with Auto-Off function making it one of the safest chainsaws on the market.  It automatically turns the machine off if the operator does not grip the lock-off lever within 10 seconds of turning the machine on.  Equally, the Auto-Off function kicks in if the operator does not trigger the switch within one minute, even if the lock-off lever is gripped.  And again, if the operator does not grip the lock-off lever within 10 seconds after releasing the lock-off lever the Auto-Off function takes control.  Classified as a top-handle model this chainsaw should only be used by trained and certificated professionals.

Light and compact, weighing just 2.8kg, this cordless machine is designed for operators when climbing and for single handed use, and is ideal for tree pruning.  Neatly packaged with a sturdy hand-grip the DUC254Z features a variable speed control trigger, electric chain brake and kickback brake.  This model also provides a soft start function which accelerates the motor into action reducing the sudden torque load on start up.  Sold as body only, this LXT chainsaw has an oil capacity display, hanging hook and captive nuts.

Makita’s cordless chainsaws offer low noise in operation, low vibrations for operator protection and comfort, zero emissions to protect the environment and unbeatable charge times.  The Makita range of cordless and 2-stroke chainsaws is comprehensive to cover the needs of professional users and industry applications with selected models being the product of choice of the British Army and are used by specialist disaster relief charity DART International UK.

For more news and product information about Makita UK please visit  Follow us on Twitter @MakitaUK, and

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Makita Launch H Class Approved Dust Extractor

  • Advanced specification meets dust Class H (HEPA) highest EU standard
  • Automatic self-cleaning filter system
  • 110v and 240v models with power take off facility

The new Makita VC3211HX1 dust extractor is fully approved for use with Dust Class H, the highest safety standard of EU site safety regulations.  Dust extraction is a legal requirement in all working environments with L Class being the lowest filtration standard; M Class filtration the minimum standard required in commercial work environments, and H Class being the current highest standard of filtration for operator safety.  It is not however suitable for processes involving asbestos particulates.

Powered by a 1,050 watt motor the new VC3211HX1 gives maximum sealed suction of 22.0kPa and a maximum air flow of 3.5m³/minute.  Suction power is controlled by a dial, and an air flow sensor emits warning beeps if the flow is reduced by a clogged filter or nearly full 32L tank.  The stainless steel tank has a wet tank capacity of 27L.

This H Class extractor has an automatic self-cleaning filter system where the air flow switches between two triple structure filter units so that clean air drives the dust in one filter through the pre-filter, damper and powder filter into the tank.  The air flow then switches and does the same for the second filter unit thus maintaining the cleanest possible filter system for maximum dust collection efficiency.  This is essential to maintain the performance of the HEPA system for EU standards approval.

This rugged yet highly manoeuvrable extractor weighs 16.9kg, has large rear wheels and a front caster for full mobility with large bumper surround.  This extractor is available in 110v mode with 600w power take off or 240v mode with 1,900 watt power take off.  Both models are supplied with a full cleaning kit including 2.5m of flexible hose, pipes and floor and crevice nozzles.

For more news and product information about Makita UK please visit  Follow us on Twitter @MakitaUK, and

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Makita Launches Two 18V BL LXT Linetrimmers And Dual-Purpose Grass Shears

  • Cordless models with Brushless motors for longer run time and more power
  • Linetrimmers with ADT for enhanced cutting speed
  • Grass shear with compatible hedge trimmer attachment


Makita continues to expand the inventory of cordless tools designed for the professional grounds maintenance industry, adding new technical features and improving performance.

The new Makita DUR189Z 18v LXT linetrimmer, which replaces the popular DUR184L model, has a 240 watt output Brushless motor providing capacity to run the head at three selected speed settings.  Having the motor at the drive head improves the balance of the machine and eliminates the loss of power through the traditional drive shaft where the motor is at the operator end of the machine.  The DUR189Z linetrimmer has the benefit of the innovative Automatic Torque Drive Technology (ADT), where the revolutions per minute are automatically increased from between 4,000, 5,000 and 6,000rpm according to the density of the weeds and foliage being cut.  This allows for greater and improved energy saving, lower noise levels, optimum operation and user comfort.  A speed indicator is conveniently positioned on the control panel.

The lightweight design of this model has an operating weight of 3.3kg, including the LXT battery, soft grip handle and forward loop handle for maximum machine control.  The bent pipe shaft is adjustable in length and the foldable wire guard helps to reduce risk or damage to foliage, fences and ornaments.  The smaller protector allows a better view of the 300mm cutting circle.  Soft start, electric brake, reverse rotation and overload protection add to the efficiency of this new linetrimmer, which is available as a body only model.

Makita’s new DUR188LZ linetrimmer has all the features of the DUR189Z model, including ADT, with the additional advantage of a 2-part shaft so this model can be split in two for easy transportation and storage; a trigger switch with lock-off lever and a multi-functional control panel with speed and power indicators.  Again, this is a body only model.

Makita’s new DUM604Z 18v LXT grass shears will be a favourite too and replaces the hugely popular DUM168 model.  Fast, powerful and brilliantly handy, a compatible hedge trimmer attachment is also available that has a tool-less blade change.  The shear has a double blade action, a cutting width of 160mm, and a 3-stage cutting height adjustment from 15 – 25mm for really fine work.  With an ergonomically designed soft grip handle and light in weight at just 1.8kg, including the battery, user comfort is guaranteed while low noise emissions will ensure Sunday morning peace and quiet for family and neighbours.  This model is available as a body only.

The Makita range of outdoor maintenance and grounds care equipment continues to expand with innovative tools that excel technically, and are equally enjoyed by professional users and keen gardeners.

For more news and product information about Makita UK please visit  Follow us on Twitter @MakitaUK, and

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Makita's 18V LXT Brushless Power Cuts Wheelbarrow Effort

  • In-wheel Brushless motor drives up to 3.5 km/h (2.2 m/h)
  • 130kg max load up to 12° incline
  • Adjustable chassis with pipe frame or bucket frame option

AT LAST – Makita has harnessed the impressive power of the incredibly successful 18v Brushless motor to reduce the back-breaking task of pushing a fully laden wheelbarrow across a rocky, bumpy building site, a muddy commercial garden or rough pasture towards a favourite fishing lake!

In fact, designed principally to reduce the physical demands in the construction industry the new Makita DCU180Z will prove popular in many operating fields.  Capable of carrying 130kg of blocks on the tubular frame, or similar amount of ballast in the barrow bin option, this power-assisted wheelbarrow has the Brushless motor integrated into the front wheel to ensure the maximum possible traction to the heavily ribbed agri-tyre.  This barrow has two forward speeds: Hi up to 3.5 km/h, Lo 1.5 km/h, and powered reverse of 1.0 km/h and will climb a 12° maximum incline.  Main braking is provided by the front disc brake controlled by the hand lever on the steering handles. The wheelbarrow weighs just 32.5kg, is ready to work with handles that can be adjusted to three height levels for operator comfort and also fold for easy storage.  The detachable rear trailing wheels with kick down brake can be adjusted from a width of 480mm to 760mm which further improves stability and reduces operator effort.

Powered by any of the Makita 18v LXT Lithium-Ion batteries used to power Britain’s number 1 professional power tool range, the new Makita DCU180Z power-assisted wheelbarrow has soft start to ease the load away; constant speed control; twin LED driving lights and locking brake lever for maximum site safety.  For site security an individual ignition lock key is provided.  Previous walk-behind powered site platforms can cost several thousand pounds but the new Makita powered wheelbarrow will prove particularly attractive in relation to price competitiveness and rugged performance.

The DCU180Z is a body only machine which is available with a choice of optional accessories which includes the pipe frame set and bucket frame set.

For more news and product information about Makita UK please visit  Follow us on Twitter @MakitaUK, and

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Makita's New 36V BL Slide Compound Mitre Saw


  • 36v Brushless motor powers 260mm blade to 4,400rpm
  • Weighs just 27.3kg for total mobility
  • 60° mitre and 48° bevel ranges
  • New 18v Brushless LXT mitre saw with 91mm depth of cut

The new Makita twin 18v (36v) Brushless Slide Compound Mitre Saw has the same premium attributes as the new mains-powered LS1019 coupled with the total manoeuvrability provided by the high-performance 36v Brushless motor, which generates similar power to the mains machine. The flexible mobility, coupled with outstanding motor performance makes the new Makita DLS110Z slide compound mitre saw a very valuable machine for all operations on construction sites. Weighing just 27.3kg, and with the same top carry handle as on the mains machine, transport and movement are simple and convenient.

The Makita DLS110Z 36v slide compound mitre saw will run the 260mm blade up to 4,400rpm and has a maximum mitre range of 60° L – 60° R, with a bevel range of 48° L – 48° R, and a max 91mm depth of cut.  The rail-forward slide design allows the rear of the machine to be placed close to a wall whilst the twin slide rails are robustly mounted in the machine body ensuring smooth operation for a superior cut finish. As with the mains machine the Automatic Torque Drive Technology changes the cutting speed depending on load conditions to achieve optimum operation. Slide, bevel and mitre locks are easy to operate while holders support a wide work piece.  The rugged, fully machined cast alloy base and chassis ensures accuracy, safety and stability in operation.  This body only model features an electric brake, soft start, large turn base and dust extractor connection.

The new compact Makita DLS600Z 18v Brushless LXT Mitre Saw weighs just 6.6 kg and with its well-placed top carrying handle is ideal for rapid deployment to any job site.  The 165mm diameter blade can be run up to 5,000 rpm by the Brushless motor with a cutting performance that benefits from ADT, Automatic Torque Drive Technology.  ADT adjusts the blade speed according to the load conditions to achieve optimum cutting performance while the soft start facility protects both the machine and the operator. 

A fully machined, cast aluminium base lends maximum stability in use and the mini sub-fence provides wide guide support when performing vertical cut or left bevel cut.  Premier mitre and bevel ranges make the new Makita DLS600Z a valuable saw for operations with a maximum mitre range of 52° L – 52° R, and the double bevel range has a maximum of 46° L – 46° R with the lever lock released.  An LED job light is provided together with a very useful and highly accurate laser line system, electric brake and battery fuel gauge.  This new mitre saw is available as a body only machine.  This is a small, light and compact mitre saw which is ideal for 3rd fix jobs including the preparation of skirting, dado and picture rails.

For more news and product information about Makita UK please visit  Follow us on Twitter @MakitaUK, and

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Makita's Twin 18V LXT Angle Drill Exceeds Mains Delivery And Makes Tough Tasks Look Effortless

  • High performance angle drill meets mains delivery with additional benefits
  • BL motor for longer runtime and performance
  • Many advanced technologies and features
  • Ideal for larger timber and steel constructions

Makita has launched its first cordless twin 18V LXT Brushless Angle Drill featuring all the power and performance of a mains machine whilst benefiting from the freedom and manoeuvrability that only a battery powered tool can provide.  The mighty DDA460ZK is powered by two Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries giving 36V power from the Brushless motor which not only massively extends runtime but substantially increases power.

This new angle drill has a no-load speed of up to 1400rpm in Hi mode and 350rpm in Lo with variable speed control by trigger action.  An auger bit of maximum 50mm diameter will make light work of drilling holes in oak beams, even through the toughest knots.  This rugged and intelligent mechanical 2-speed machine has a chuck capacity of 2 – 13mm capable of drilling up to 13mm in steel; 118mm in Lo and 65mm in Hi mode when using a self-feed bit in wood or with a hole saw, 159mm in Lo and 105mm in Hi mode.  The addition of Automatic Torque Drive Technology (ADT), literally automatically adjusts the drilling speed according to the load conditions to achieve optimum drilling performance, while the auto power-off function automatically shuts down, or times-out, if the trigger is not pulled for five minutes.

This body only machine features an electric brake and the soft start function. This accelerates the motor into action even if the trigger is pulled fully home from Off.  In drilling mode soft start reduces the sudden torque load on start up.  In operation the torque limiter will cut the motor drive should the drill bit snag, so providing further operator protection.  The front handle can be installed in any position within 0 – 112.5° for maximum user comfort, control and accessibility in confined spaces.

The capacity of the new Twin 18V DDA460ZK LXT Angle Drill will make the toughest tasks completely effortless, including drilling roof trusses, barn conversions and even large steel structures above the open seas.

For more news and product information about Makita UK please visit  Follow us on Twitter @MakitaUK, and

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Managing your energy bills through challenging trading times

1. Take meter readings
Many meters now take half Hourly readings which communicate with suppliers meaning that your energy usage will be billed on actual usage, however there are also still many meters that will not do this, therefore it is important to take meter readings while your usage is minimal so that the suppliers do not just estimate your usage based on passed month. When businesses are closed and not consuming energy you should only be paying for the standing charge as per your contract except for those contracts that have volume tolerance clauses. If you are unsure, contact your Troy Business Development Manager. 

2. Seek whether a payment break can be negotiated.
Some suppliers will be happy to offer this for their customers, which will simply mean that the period of non payment will be added at the end of the contract, do not cancel any direct debits without speaking with your energy suppliers as this will affect your credit rating. 

3. Check whether there are any volume tolerances in your Ts and Cs
It’s possible that you have terms in your contract that may cause you issues later in the year, the most common is called Volume Tolerance. This tends to be for larger energy users and means that you have agreed on a level of energy to be used on-site over a set time period. Energy consumption will reduce as businesses have a break in trading, Volume Tolerance means that you could be charged for a set level of Energy whether you use this or not. If you’re not sure on your position here, we will happily review your Terms and Conditions and check how a change in your consumption may impact you.

4. Turn off all non essential Electricity and Gas consumption
As your business premises will likely be empty or running with skeleton staff it’s recommend turning off any piece of equipment including computers, machinery and any lighting which is not needed. This will help reduce your demand and subsequently lower your bills while the premises is not in use.

5. Contracts nearing their renewal date
It is important to keep an eye on any contract renewals due in the next few weeks/ months as if these are left to roll, you will be put on out of contract rates which can be very expensive. It’s important to tender, negotiate and renew these contracts as per usual, even though this will not be top of mind right now. If you are renewing your contract and switching suppliers, it’s important to adhere to your Terms and Conditions and remember to terminate your existing contract.

6. Set up an online account with your supplier
This can easily be done through your energy supplier and will allow you to submit meter readings, monitor your energy usage or make changes to your billing requirements such as changing to electronic bills.

If you would like further support as a Troy THS member we have energy consultancy partners to support you. Click here for more information. 

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Metabo are proud to announce the launch of the Cordless Alliance System known as CAS

One battery pack for everything – Nine power tool manufacturers present a joint battery pack system with CAS click the link to read the full story 

One battery pack for everything


Click this link The CAS Partners at a glance to read about CAS Partnership

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Metabo increases the capacity of its powerful LiHD battery packs from 7.0 to 8.0 and from 3.5 to 4.0 Ampere hours.

Metabo recently held it’s highly successful, LiHD BREAK FREE EVENT in Berlin.



Thanks to our new industry leading next generation LiHD technology, Metabo is the only manufacturer in the world to cover the entire power range – from 400 to 2,800 watt – from standard machines to unique system solutions. Applications previously reserved for only the most powerful mains powered machines can now be handled cordlessly.

The combination of new high-performance battery cells and completely re-developed components within the LiHD batter pack ensures maximum power availability over an extremely long run time. With enlarged power rails and contacts capable of handling high currents and 3 x better conductivity with cell connectors made of specialized copper alloy. This now gives each new Metabo LiHD battery a longer service life due to its protection against internal contamination with fully encapsulated cast design and full protective coating of electronics, as well as an optimal gasket in the cover structure. The internal cells are protected against vibration and thermal damage. They require less charging cycles due to more usable cell energy


Metabo UK took a number of customers including Troy members to the event who were very impressed by the new LiHD battery technology, creating quite a buzz as they were getting an understanding of how this leading system works, and seeing the potential for increased power tool efficiency by putting our solutions to work. The Break Free Event also gave our guests the chance to see the extended Metabo portfolio of tools, accessories and innovations, including an opportunity to check out a variety of hands on demonstrations.



With the market introduction of the ground-breaking LiHD battery pack technology Metabo have already taken a great stride towards independence from mains power. The new LiHD 18v battery packs will be available in 4.0 Ah, 5.5 Ah and 8.0 Ah, allowing us to expand our overall 18v platform to the end user on the job site”, says Scott Thompson, Metabo National Accounts Manager UK & Ireland. Our new battery pack generation however not only offers advantages for extreme applications, but also in normal operation, the life time of the electric storage doubles since under the same load as our LiHD battery packs by heating up less than battery packs with standard cell technology.

With so much expertise on show, the UK sales team are looking forward to arranging regular member visits to find out about your specific requirements and discussing future opportunities in greater detail.


Please contact Scott Thompson on 07834 514869 or email if you’d like more information on our new LiHD battery technology, or any other aspect of Metabo products.

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Mobile Training & Exhibition Unit Available From Spectrum

Spectrum Industrial now has a Mobile Training Unit (MTU) which can showcase Lockout Tagout, Signage, Tagging systems and associated products. Working in conjunction with its reseller network the MTU is the ideal vehicle providing ‘hands on’ product training and sales support to help its customers drive sales through enhanced product knowledge, examples of sales techniques and identifying target customers.
Having already attended a number of exhibitions, open days and site visits we have received some fantastic feedback and positive sales growth for the distributors involved.  

Spectrum would like to offer members use of the unit to train representatives and sales teams, for site visits to large potential end users or for open/trade days.

For bookings or further details contact our team on: 01302 800273 or email:

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New Animations From Bott

Bott have always been known for quality heavy duty products, but what is it that makes their ranges built to last.  

Every product has been designed to perform, so bott have prepared some animations to show benches, cabinets and cupboards down to the smallest detail. 

To see what makes a bott cabinet check out the animations on their website ( or view the snippets here:

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video] [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]
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New C.K Magma Technician's Wheeled Toolcase

Click here to watch a short product video


Let the New C.K Magma Technician’s Wheeled Toolcase take the strain!

Following the successful launch of its range of premium storage toolcases, Carl Kammerling International is enhancing its range with the new C.K Magma Technician’s Wheeled Toolcase (MA2650).  Set to be a firm favourite with tradesmen whose work requires them to regularly transport a heavy toolkit, this high quality Technician’s Wheeled Toolcase, offers great features and benefits to make every task that much easier.   Designed for all terrain use, the Technician’s Wheeled Toolcase will effortlessly transport a fully laden toolkit which, with test equipment and power tools, can top 20kg – around the maximum that Health & Safety regulations direct.

Great Product Features and Benefits

The C.K Magma Technician’s Wheeled Toolcase provides many outstanding features and benefits to make every tradesman’s job that much easier to handle.  Its balanced design includes a tough and durable chassis, wheels and a telescopic handle, perfect for all terrain use and effortless movement of larger toolkits, test equipment and power tools,  whether that involves areas on a factory site, or commercial premises.  The ground covered is often rough, so rugged large wheels and strong handles are a major bonus.      

In addition, back problems are a significant cause of loss of working days for all trades. With this in mind, the C.K Magma Technician’s Wheeled Toolcase offers the perfect solution for a tradesman who is unable to get his vehicle close to a particular job and would normally have a long, tiring walk carrying a heavy toolkit.

Other handy features of this high quality Technician’s Wheeled Toolcase include:  A tough 600-denier polyester construction, for superb strength and durability; an extra wide compartment with a red lining for high tool visibility; a zip down front panel featuring tool and A4 document storage; and an impressive 35 deep square pockets and tool holders for efficient tool storage.

Charles Whitfield, Product Development Manager at C.K Magma, comments:  “The C.K Magma Technician’s Wheeled Toolcase has been built as a result of insight from professional users, ensuring the product successfully meets the needs of trades requiring the transportation of heavy toolkits to complete their work.

“The many features include an exceptionally tough and durable construction for all terrain use; a generous capacity and efficient storage for the larger toolkit, all designed to make a real difference to tradesmen who are looking for high quality and efficient portable tool storage equipment.”


The perfect solution for tradesmen who need to transport a fully laden toolkit to complete their work, the C.K Magma Technician’s Wheeled Toolcase is available with a RRP of £137.86 (ex VAT).

For further information please visit  or call 01758 704704.


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New Flexiband From Jubilee

Jubilee’s new band and buckle system called Flexiband further increases its range of clamping and banding solutions.

Click here for full details Lit – Jubilee Flexiband

Contact Jubilee direct for further details

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New Makita Twin 18V (36V) 40mm SDS-Max Rotary Demolition Hammer Matches Mains Performance

  • First cordless SDS-MAX Rotary Demolition Hammer added to LXT range
  • 8.0 Joules of impact energy
  • Matches mains performance
  • New Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS) for dust extraction

Makita has launched its first ever cordless SDS-MAX Rotary Demolition Hammer, featuring all the power and performance of a mains machine whilst benefitting from the freedom and manoeuvrability that a battery-operated tool has to offer.  The mighty DHR400ZKU is powered by two 18v LXT batteries giving 36v power from the brushless motor for extended run-time and increased power.

As with the popular HR4013C mains machine, the new Makita DHR400ZKU Twin 18v SDS-MAX Rotary Demolition Hammer will punch a 40mm hole into concrete, will run up to 500rpm and will generate up to 2,900 blows per minute with 8.0 Joules of impact energy. 

Makita’s AVT – Anti-Vibration Technology – is featured in this model which gives the hammer drilling vibration rating – when hammer drilling into concrete – of just 5.0m/s².  This rugged 2-mode machine – rotary drilling with hammer action and hammer action-only for chiselling – has the easy-to-operate mode change switch positioned conveniently on top of the motor body ahead of the vibration-reducing rear grip handle. With variable speed controlled by the grip trigger, and a constant speed control that can be set for constant running when chiselling, the DHR400ZKU can also be used with the trigger controlling chiselling for intermittent work.  A further position of the mode control allows the bit angle to be set as required.

The DHR400ZKU also benefits from the new Makita Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS) which allows the tool to automatically connect to compatible Makita dust extractors.  A unique chip will come with every machine that features AWS allowing the user to pair it up with the selected dust extractor. Once paired, the dust extractor will automatically start once the trigger on the hammer is pulled.

This new machine also has the Soft Start feature which accelerates the motor into action even if the trigger is pulled fully home from off. In drilling mode this reduces the sudden torque load on start up. When operating, the torque limiter connected to the side handle will cut the motor drive should the drill bit snag thus providing further operator protection. The soft no load function automatically cuts the motor speed during idling to reduce vibration generation which contributes to this hard-working Makita rotary hammer.  An electric brake and useful LED job light are also featured. 

The DHR400ZKU is available as a body only machine and comes with a carry case.

For more news and product information about Makita UK please visit  Follow us on Twitter @MakitaUK, and


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New PPE Guidance from the Office for Product Safety and Standards

In March 2020 the EU Commission published their ‘recommendation’ on COVID 19 related PPE conformity assessment which was an attempt to alleviate the severe supply shortages for healthcare and key workers. 

The UK adopted the ‘recommendation’ and published guidance on how to be able to place COVID 19 products on the market without completing the normal CE conformity assessment process. 

The guidance is primarily for manufacturers of PPE but of course ‘Importers’ and Importers’ obligations are also laid out. These can be found in section 9 of the guidance. 

This guidance has evolved since it’s first iteration and there is now a 6th version which you can view here

The most significant change being, The new guidance still requires the submission to and confirmation of acceptance by a Notified Body of PPE for conformity assessment. However if you wish to begin selling this product prior to the completion of the full CE conformity assessment process you must get the approval from the market surveillance authority (MSA), who are responsible for confirming that it meets the necessary essential health and safety requirements. This approval must be obtained from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or HSENI in Northern Ireland. You can apply for this approval through emailing (If PPE is exclusively for private consumers use Trading Standards and the relevant MSA) 

This is clearly an important requirement and a key difference from previous guidance. There are many other conditions carried over from previous versions which of course must also be adhered to. 

Although this process is, by its nature temporary it has been in existence for 5 months and there will be PPE that is at various stages of the easement assessment process. 

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New W5133 3/8 square drive impact wrench From Ingersoll Rand

Click on the link below to view full details and specifications of this new impact wrench

PDS_W5133_EN (1)

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One battery pack for everything – Nine power tool manufacturers sign up to a joint battery pack system with CAS

Double freedom for professional users in trade and industry: With the battery pack system you can not only work without cable, but you can also use the machines of different manufacturers.


Metabo, in conjunction with Rothenberger, Mafell, Eisenblätter, Collomix, Haaga, Starmix, Eibenstock and Steinel have signed up something which is unprecedented in the industry – a manufacturer-independent battery pack system. With its LiHD battery packs, Metabo delivers currently the most powerful technology on the market. The high-performance cells from Nürtingen have convinced the CAS partner companies as well.

The basis of the Cordless Alliance System (CAS) is the Metabo’s battery pack technology. In the past years, the German manufacturer has conquered in this area of technology leadership with a whole series of innovations. The latest step towards its vision of a cordless construction site is the 2nd generation of Metabo 18V LiHD battery packs, the 8.0 ampere hours (Ah) capacity battery pack with only 10 cells delivers a massive 1,600 watts of power. “With LiHD we have enough power even for the most energy-intensive applications. Therefore, we can today build any hand-held power tool as a cordless machine – and in such a way that it meets the requirements of professional users in terms of power and endurance”, says Scott Thompson, Metabo`s UK National Accounts Manager.

A system with great end user benefit

Metabo were thinking about the professional users when the idea for CAS was created. “We intensively discuss the requirements and wishes of our users. And in many of these discussions, one request was at the very top of the list: The flexibility to be able to work with only one battery pack system and the machines of different manufacturers.

For mains-powered machines this is not a problem, since the socket is the universal interface of all manufacturers. However, the battery pack systems of the individual manufacturers have not been compatible with each other until now.

We would like to change this at least for the machines of the CAS partners. This provides end users with double the freedom: The one of cordless working, and the one to combine machines of different manufacturers just like with mains-powered machines. With CAS they could automatically recognize which manufacturers work with the same battery pack system and are therefore 100% compatible with each other.”

Ultimately – One battery pack – for 9 different partners. With CAS, professionals can switch between different manufacturers without having to purchase a new battery pack or charger.

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PORCA-FAST Vacuum Brazed Diamond Blade For cutting exterior porcelain paving tiles


Diamond tool specialist, Premier Diamond Products, have launched the PORCA-FAST diamond blade for cutting exterior porcelain paving tiles. Steve Webb, PDP’s Director of Marketing and Operations, said: “Exterior porcelain paving tiles have grown largely in popularity and are set to become the next big patio material. The problem, however, is they’re incredibly hard and brittle, so even top quality metal bonded diamond blades struggle to cope – the issue is so bad that many paving installers have been turning work away because they cannot cut them.”

PORCA-FAST is a unique vacuum brazed diamond blade, which benefits from diamond finishing inserts to provide relief for the cutting edge – this allows the blade to run smoother through the material ensuring a faster, cleaner cut.

Available in 230mm (9”) for use on angle grinders and 300mm (12”) for disc cutters, the PORCA-FAST blade will be a welcome addition to any trade person looking to install porcelain paving tiles.

To see the blade in action search ‘PORCA-FAST’ on YouTube or scan the QR code with your device.  Alternatively you can visit PDP’s website:

Click this link to see more 158 PORCA-FAST A4 Flyer

Click the link below to view watch the video

For further information, please contact Premier Diamond Products on:

Tel:                       +44 (0) 1227 711555



Address:              Premier Diamond Products Limited

                              Unit 21 Chislet Close

                              Lakesview Business Park



                              CT3 4LB



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Purchasing Insight from Our Industry Experts.

We’re dropping in on our Prodigy of Purchasing, Jim Chadwick, Group Purchasing Director, and the Brains of Business Development, Richard Pymm, Business Development Director for an ‘exclusive’ on Purchasing. They’ll be sharing their views and advice on how best to consider your procurement process and successfully source the highest quality & best value products, whilst minimising surplus stock and maximising profit…

Click here for the full article

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Raising Funds for Families of Brixham Trawler Tragedy

Troy Member, Tony Rowe, Managing Director of Goldstar Leisure, is raising funds on behalf of children and families of two fishermen that sadly drowned on Saturday 21st November.   The Brixham fishing boat, Joanna C BM265, was previously owned and skippered by Tony and left him and his local community devastated when it sank off the coast of Newhaven in East Sussex.

If you would like to make a donation, please click through to the Go Fund Me page in the link below…

Click here for more information on the fundraising

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Reasons To Go Greener

1. Clients, Customers, Growth
Sustainability is becoming more of a demand from customers. They are seeking to spend with businesses who reflect their green values. Making small steps to reduce waste or fossil fuel use in your business will attract customers, make a positive impact on the environment as well as your bottom line. It could even help you grow through winning Tenders. Tender criteria is growing to include green accreditation such as ISO14001 and if your business can comply with green standards and credentials you may be able to win new routes to market.

2. Attract and retain top talent
CSR is becoming a powerful mechanism in the way it influences customers and employees alike. Ensure your recruitment strategy and the recruiters you use showcase the green side of your business and CSR Policy.
A Corporate Social Responsibility Plan or Policy for your business could include cycle to work schemes, recycling, litter picking, beach cleaning, reducing carbon footprint, reducing plastic usage, volunteering days, supporting the development of your employees, charitable giving. Prospective employees will find a conscientious employer more attractive.  

3. Reduce waste, increase efficiencies save money
Energy conservation and use of alternative energy sources are among the most significant changes sustainability can bring to a modern business.
Not only does it protect the planet but Energy saving policies implemented in the work-place engage the staff and save bottom line costs. Encourage employee adoption by monitoring your energy data from smart meters to prove their efforts are working!  
No area of your business is too small – reduce waste and plastics that end up in the ocean by joining the reusable revolution, shop more locally and reduce the supply chain travel, have your photocopier on a password release so people have to think about what they print.
When it comes to reducing waste and increasing efficiencies, no area is too small and every decision you make as a business owner makes a step towards cost savings.  

Having discussions around sustainability, leads your business and its people to approach its operations and consumptions holistically. Whole system thinking will open your conversations to new efficiencies that can be made rather than looking at things in silo.

If you are not taking it seriously already, then market demands may soon force your hand. The benefits and communities you can enjoy are only growing.

To find out more about sustainable solutions for your business be it green energy contracts or solar power, view Troy Business Services, where you’ll find a number of recommended partners that can support you.

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Sait Release New POWER MAX Cutting Wheels

SAIT Abrasives UK is delighted to unleash POWER MAX-TM, a collection of high-performance cutting wheels that combine the aggressive and free cutting nature of zirconia grain with super-thin formats. The results are wheels that are fierce yet user-friendly – the ideal match to heavy industrial applications.

The first release from SAIT’s new POWER MAX brand, POWER MAX-TM is a succinct collection of flat cutting wheels for portable machines. In the world of portable wheels, zirconia grain is consistently viewed as the optimal choice of technology. Like ceramic technology, zirconia is self-sharpening, but crucially requires less working in order to get results. This excellent grain also regularly outstrips aluminium oxide in terms of performance, delivering more cuts and a longer life span.

All of the above combine to make POWER MAX a highly appealing prospect for reducing the physical impact of cutting operations on machine operatives, as well as limiting down-time required for wheel changes. Added to the mix, super-thin wheel formats allow for a multitude of additional benefits, including shorter cutting times, less heat generation, minimal vibration and reduced waste and dust.

SAIT highlights aerospace, automotive manufacturing, oil and gas, power generation and marine as industry sectors whose needs are particularly well matched to the characteristics of POWER MAX. The wheels are versatile performers, capable of tackling a wide variety of material challenges, including steels, stainless steels, carbon steel, duplex stainless steels, nickel alloy and non-ferrous metals.

Wheels available





Dimensions (mm)


ZZ 60 T



115 x 1.0 x 22.23


ZZ 46 T



115 x 1.6 x 22.23


ZZ 60 T



125 x 1.0 x 22.23


ZZ 36 T



230 x 2.0 x 22.23

POWER MAX joins an extensive portfolio of bonded abrasives from SAIT, tiered according to performance and all designed and manufactured in Italy. It is the latest release from SAIT’s ‘Top Energy’ programme, an initiative which debuted in 2013 and highlights advances achieved from the modernisation of the manufacturer’s production lines as well as the development of new formulations for bonded abrasives.

For more details, call SAIT abrasives 0344 801 3355, or email

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Simplify Your Daily Business With The Bosch Power Tools B2B Portal

We’d like you, as a Troy Member, to benefit from an incredibly valuable resource – Bosch’s B2B portal .  Here you can check stock, download invoices, instruction manuals, spare part drawings and product images to name a few of the features, AND it’s all available to you 24/7.

For over 20 years, nearly 27 000 dealers in over 40 countries have used the Bosch Power Tools B2B Portal to support their operational efficiency.  Here are some of the reasons why …

  • Access 24/7
  • Fast order capability via the bulk order pad
  • Robust search and product comparison functionality
  • Live price and availability status
  • View order history and track orders
  • View and download invoices, delivery notes, credit notes
  • Back-in-stock notifications
  • Download stock availability or set up an SFTP transfer
  • Download product data and media
  • Stay informed about news, product launches, promotions
  • View credit limit status
  • Management reporting tool
  • After sales service information
  • Access to online product training
  • Wish list
  • Multiple shopping carts (optional)
  • Alternative views e.g. ‘Customer view’ hides sensitive info so you can present to your customers
  • Mobile version available for your smartphone

Want to create an account today? Go to

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Take A Look At Stanley, Black & Decker's New eLearning Portal ...

Troy & Troy Connect Digital Event Sponsor, Stanley, Black & Decker, join forces with eLearning world, to provide a bespoke page on product training for all Troy Members.

Here, Members can learn all about Stanley, Black & Decker products, with two courses already set-up – one for hand tools and another power tools – so why not log on today!

View the video above to find out more …

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Take A Well Deserved Break On Site With Makita

  • Cordless coffee maker
  • Compatible with Makita LXT and CXT Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Can be used with coffee pods and fresh ground coffee


The new Makita cordless coffee maker is expected to become the most prized possession of all construction trades and outdoor contractors.  The DCM501Z coffee maker is compatible with both CXT and LXT Makita Lithium-Ion batteries and features dedicated battery ports.

Weighing just 2.2kg, with an 18V Makita battery, and complete with carry handle, the DCM501Z can brew 260ml of coffee on a single CXT 10.8V – 12VMAX battery or a 3.0Ah 14.4V battery; 320ml of fresh coffee on an 18V 3.0Ah battery, and up to 640ml of coffee on an 18V 6.0Ah battery.  The coffee maker comes complete with a dedicated cup, with capacity of 240ml coffee, and is designed to fit in the machine without leaving a gap so protecting against splashing or entry of dirt and dust.  Commercial cups up to 90mm high will also fit the machine.

The DCM501Z is compatible with ground coffee as well as 60mm coffee pods for the most delicious brew.  Dependent on battery type and voltage a fresh 160ml cup of coffee can be brewed in just five minutes.  This coffee maker features a cover to protect the empty battery terminal and a boil dry function prevents the machine from burning out, so if the water empties and the temperature inside increases, the integral sensor will turn off the power supply automatically.


For more news and product information about Makita UK please visit  Follow us on Twitter @MakitaUK, and

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Temporary VAT rating for PPE

The Government has announced a zero-rating on VAT on the sale of PPE until 31st October 2020 (Originally it was only to run until 31st July 2020, however it was extended in early July). This took effect from 1 May 2020 and is directly linked to strategy of reducing the impact of COVID-19.

Products covered by the zero rate include;

  • Disposable gloves
  • Disposable plastic aprons
  • Disposable gowns
  • Surgical masks including IIR surgical masks
  • Filtering face piece respirators
  • Eye and face protection including face visors or goggles

Who does the ‘temporary zero-rating for PPE’ apply to?

  • Businesses
  • Charities
  • Individuals in the UK
  • Care Homes (It is expected to particularly benefit care providers, who are often unable to reclaim the 20% VAT incurred on PPE as they are fully or partially exempt businesses)

VAT in the UK is governed by EU Law, at least until Brexit 1st January 2021, however the European Commission approved member states to introduce temporary VAT reliefs to mitigate the impacts of COVID 19 pandemic.

For further information please visit;

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The British Safety Industry Federation Updates On Effect Of Covid-19

Coronavirus Communication – Immediate Halt to Collections

Given the current situation and following government advice we have taken the decision to ban customer collections at all branch locations with immediate effect. This decision has been taken to protect our staff, and I’d like to thank you in advance for your understanding with regards to this matter.

Dowload the links below for more updates.

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The Modern Data Stack Conference EMEA

We are proud to announce that our very own Jenny Bicket, Senior Data Governance & Strategy Lead at Troy, was a Guest Speaker at The Modern Data Stack Conference EMEA that took place on the 25th May ’21.


Jenny Bicket was included in the expert line-up to speak at this year’s Modern Data Stack Conference last month. The online conference brought together data analysts, data engineers, and other data professionals from across the globe, to share the latest innovations, technology tools, and best practices.


Jenny discussed how to improve decision making across an entire business through data-driven decisions with other data experts from Biztory and KatKin during the day.

The online event was FREE, so if you’re looking to find out more about the event click the button below!


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TIMco Launch New Gate & Fence Hardware Range


TIMco, one of the UK’s largest independent suppliers of screws, fasteners, fixings and power tool accessories, has launched a new hardware range under the brand TAURUS. The new range is TIMco’s first venture into fence and gate hardware and will include a broad range of products for external use.

The TAURUS range has been designed and manufactured to meet the high standards associated with TIMco and items within the range are sold with TIMco’s quality fixings and fasteners to ensure a high-quality product throughout.

The new gate and fence hardware range has no officially launched, with the range consisting of hinges, gate catches, bolts, hasps, staples, chains and fence accessories.

TAURUS will be available in a range of different packaging options such as bulk and bags which are robust, clear and have consistent packaging throughout. The new packaging will also show the features and benefits of each of the TAURUS products with new labelling and clear product information including the corrosion rating as well as fitting instructions for the end user.

TIMco has strategised and developed the merchandising around the new range with bespoke TAURUS stands which are available for merchants and come completely branded to assist the end user with product selection.

The range and merchandising stands have been put together by Paul White, Ironmongery Products Manager at TIMco, who comments: “We’ve taken a lot of time and consideration over the launch of our new TAURUS range to ensure that the merchandising reflects the quality of the products within this range and is clearly identifiable to the end user in stores. We are ecstatic with the quality of the final products and branded merchandising stands.”

A brand-new TAURUS brochure also accompanies the new TAURUS range, suitable for merchant buyers to assist with the selection process to offer in store and is also available for end users to take away from TIMco stockists.

Simon Midwood, Managing Director of TIMco comments: “TAURUS is a natural extension to our existing ranges and allows us to branch into new areas and provide customers with an enhanced product offering.  We’re thrilled with the final products and innovative packaging and initial feedback from our customers has been extremely positive.”

TIMco is headquartered in Nantwich, Cheshire, imports and supplies more than 5,500 product lines from around the world to distributors throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.  The company was established in 1972 and now employs 115 members of staff from its offices in the UK, Ireland and Taiwan.  For more information, visit


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TIMco Reveals New Superior Formula In Multi-Fix Collection

TIMco, one of the UK’s largest independent wholesale suppliers of screws, fixings and power tools accessories, has developed a brand-new range of TIMco Multi-fix 9 in 1 Adhesives and Sealants with a ground-breaking formula.

The TIMco Multi-Fix 9 in 1 Instant Grab Adhesive has been developed to give superior rapid bonding strength to a wide variety of building materials, even in wet conditions. The instant grab formula can eliminate the need for permanent and temporary support and be painted over almost immediately. Furthermore, the Multi-Fix 9 in 1 Instant Grab Adhesive is capable of setting in as little as 15 minutes and provides superior strength, supporting loads up to 400kg.

The Multi-Fix 9 in 1 Universal Adhesive & Sealant has an advanced formula which provides a replacement for both traditional adhesives and sealants, giving a noticeably professional finish. Having also been ISEGA approved, the adhesive is suitable for use in food preparation areas.

Using a revolutionary hybrid polymer technology, the TIMco Multi-Fix 9 In 1 Universal Adhesive & Sealant, adheres to most traditional building materials, including; concrete, brick, stone, wood, MDF, metal, glass, plastic and ceramic. It has been developed for the use in a wide variety of trade and DIY applications.

Managing Director of TIMco, Simon Midwood comments: “Having recognised an increasing demand for multi-purpose adhesives and sealants, TIMco further developed our Multi-Fix range using proven high performance formulas which make them extremely versatile and highly effective in today’s demanding construction environments. The addition of this exciting new range demonstrates how TIMco is continuing to remain committed to meeting the demands of its customers and becoming a fully comprehensive supply chain solution.”

The new Multi-Fix Adhesives and Sealants range will be included in TIMco’s 2018/19 catalogue.

TIMco is head quartered in Nantwich, Cheshire and imports and supplies more than 6,500 product lines from around the world to distributors throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.  The company was established in 1970 and now employs 150+ members of staff from its offices in the UK, Ireland and Taiwan.  For more information, visit

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TMB Digital 2020 - an event not to be missed!

We have been working hard with Suppliers behind the scenes to bring you an event in the face of COVID-19!

The brand new, TMB Digital is coming exclusively to Troy Members… 


No need to travel, enjoy easy access from the comfort of your desk and take part in a jam packed day with content that is guaranteed to make your life easier and save your business money!

  • Amazing Supplier Offers
  • Big Discounts
  • Product Auctions
  • World Famous Speaker
  • Show-Worthy Deals
  • Huge Prizes
  • Exciting Product Demos
  • Q&As
  • Intelligent Purchasing Solutions 

During the day there will be features you cannot afford to miss out on including product auctions to prove Troy members are truly stronger together, the opportunity to win an all inclusive trip to Las Vegas, as well as the launch of Troy’s new Ecommerce and product data solutions. 

The event will be hosted within the members area of the site, so it’s essential you check you have log in details to on hand, and if not get in touch with your Troy BDM to get set up/recover your password.

Starting around 9.30am and complete by 5pm, Brad Sugars will be closing the event with a rousing presentation on pivoting, business survival and success!

We hope to release a running order in the next week or so. 

Block out Thursday 22nd October 2020 to virtually attend!

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TMB save the date

The Show Must Go On…


We are pleased to announce that our famous Troy THS annual show, recently postponed due to the COVID-19 virus, has now been rearranged for Thursday 22nd October 2020 at Silverstone; with guest speaker Brad Sugars, confirmed as taking the stage the evening before the show (Wednesday 21st October), sharing his secrets of success in business.

We will be getting in touch
with our Members and Suppliers with more details in due course.

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TMB Show postponed



Sorry, this content is only available to members. If you have an account please login at the top of the page.




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Toolbank Give Statement On Distribution Centre Closure

Dear Customer,

I am writing to inform you that, regrettably, due to the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak we have had no choice but to temporarily close our UK distribution centres until further notice. The closures will take effect from close of business today, March 24th, 2020……..

Download the rest of the communication using the link below.

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Troy Celebrates Cyber Essentials Certification...

We are delighted to share that we have recently completed the Cyber Essentials Certification, which means we have reached a benchmark in Cyber Security – another feather in the cap of the Troy Group, demonstrating our security and offering peace of mind. 

This is supported by the National Cyber Security Centre, accredited through IASME & recommended by the ICO …  AND with more and more contracts now requesting for this in the supply chain, it is an absolute must going forward.

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