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Europa FREE Respirator Tooling Update

At the start of lockdown, as news of furlough schemes and uncertain futures began to spread, the team at Europa, along with many others were rightly worried. So when the government announced that they would be asking UK companies to make ventilators and respirator parts, we made a decision with a dual purpose; to help in the fight against Covid 19 we offered free tooling to any company involved in this manufacturing project, which in turn gave the Europa team a morale boost and a sense of pride that we were “doing our bit”. This was an offer of a package of tools to complete the job, not just free trial tooling. The only criterion was that the manufacturer must show proof of order for the parts before we supplied anything.

We have supported many companies with free tooling during this period, mainly with tooling for aluminium. Typically, we would receive a part drawing in the morning, our Technical Solutions Managers would make a process and tooling recommendation, a copy of the end users order and quantity list would be received in the afternoon, and we delivered the free tools the next day.


None of the details of the companies that contacted us have been kept on record as this was a truly altruistic offer and not intended for gain. However, if any of them contact us now we will of course put any business through their preferred distributor.


At a time when some suppliers were refusing to top up vending machines, or were unable to deliver next day as their stock is in Europe, it was a gesture that was well received by end users and distributors alike. Let’s hope that nothing like this crops up again in the future, but if it does we would do exactly the same thing every time.

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Everyone's Waxing Lyrical About Troy Digital ... LIVE Member & Supplier Events

Thank you so much to everyone who joined Richard Pymm, Wendy Perkins and the rest of the Troy team on Tuesday 27th October for our Member & Supplier October LIVE digital events, that were hosted from a studio in Bristol …

Following the success of our LIVE events in June, we decided to go big with an action-packed Power Tools showcase for Members AND hosted another special Supplier Digital Show to boost our valued Supplier partnerships and get the absolute best products, brands and offers in front of our independent distributors.

We have been bowled over by the kind messages of support – this has been a true demonstration that we really are #strongertogether

Highlights from the Member October Power Tool LIVE Digital Event …

  • Bosch Expert new branding showcase & chat
  • Draper seasonal promotions, B2B website, live demonstration & chat
  • JCB showcase new Power Tools range through Troy
  • Makita Power Tools product ranges & training, repair & showroom facilities
  • Metabo Garden Specialists Stockist Opportunity and Metabo & HiKoki brand news for 2022
  • SB&D introduce industry game-changer brand new ‘Power Stack’ batteries
  • Offers, new technology & more

And that’s not all!  There was …

  • A chat with Keira Parks, Marketing Manager, talking through the #SupportIndependents campaign, a new opportunity with our Dual Branding Programme and what’s new for 2022
  • A discussion with our ‘Power Tool Expert Panel’ with Mark Batchelor from Makita, Matt Sheen from Metabo, Ian Taylor from Dewalt, Richard Pymm & Jim Chadwick from Troy
  • A feature on ‘Sustainability in Industry’
  • A welcome to your extended team through Troy covering IT, Purchasing, Marketing, Product Data & More
  • Update on the E-Z Base Product Data Solution – Loads more suppliers now on-board!
  • Our count down on the road to TMB in March 2022 – All the usual fantastic suppliers & new suppliers galore!!

Members – did you miss it? No problem, click here to watch the October Power Tool Digital Event now! As always, if you would like to discuss any aspect of the Member events, please speak with your designated Business Development Manager.


Our Highlights from the Supplier LIVE Digital Event …

  • Jim Chadwick, Purchasing Director at Troy talked supply, end-user events, TMB & More
  • Our PPE Team showcased the PPE Hero Campaign
  • A welcome to your extended team through Troy
  • A conversation around the industry’s Trading Calendar
  • A Tour of the Trojan Tools Website
  • A Fantastic Competition & more

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Fake CE logos – is your PPE is correctly CE certified? How do you know?

The British safety industry federation has reported an area of risk around fake CE logos; Chinese Export logos masquerading as ‘conformite europeene’. 

What is CE certification?

To be sold in the European Union, a product must have a CE mark. The CE mark indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). CE marking applies to all products, ranging from electrical equipment to toys and from civil explosives to medical devices. If a product has the CE mark it does not mean that the product was made in the EEA, but states that the product is assessed before being placed on the market. 

European standards are in place for a wide range of PPE from protective clothing against chemicals, heat and flames, to head protective helmets, eye protection, gloves and safety footwear. Many regions outside of the EU are increasingly turning towards the CE mark to show that the product is up to standard and has been tested comprehensively.


If your product is certified it means;


The product meets minimum performance specifications defined in legally recognised standards applied throughout Europe.

A product has been subjected to a series of tests on physical characteristics and finished product performance according to application or protective tape


How do we know if the product is correctly CE certified or not?

All CE certified products should feature a label with everything you need

The info shown on the label should be very specific, this is a legal requirement. Each product type, whether it be protective gloves, glasses or boots has its own specific labelling or marking requirements.



Fake CE Logos

Sometimes, alongside the CE mark can be seen a code which represents the ID number of the respective Notified body needed for conducting the product’s certification.

The CE “Chinese export” mark can be seen on some, not all, products produced in and exported from China. The mark is with a similar design, and if you don’t know how to distinguish it from the real CE mark, it can look identical to you. As a result, y

ou can think that your product is CE marked and safe to use. The “Chinese export” mark is not an official European mark and is considered as fake. Many factories in China apply that mark on their products and afterwards, put them on the market. Such products haven’t had any risk assessment, safety evaluation, or testing. They haven’t been certified against the relevant CE standards, and their placing on the EU market is seen as an illegal act. As overall, products bearing the CE “China Export” mark vary in quality from being acceptable to completely dangerous in their design. A good example of products on which you can very often see this mark is the power supplies.


New legislation came about in 2016 evolving from a loose directive, outlining that responsibility lies with all ECONOMIC OPERATORS to comply with PPE supply chain standards.  The new terminology ‘ALL ECONOMIC OPERATORS’ now places responsibility for compliance throughout the entire supply chain manufacturer, wholesaler to distributor. To keep you compliant and your business away from risk, BSIF membership will provide spot checks of products and on site checks. Read more here


To read the Lakeland article click the following link – Lakeland CE Certification

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FEIN ... Majority Of Metalworkers Keen To Innovate With New Tech

Research recently commissioned by leading power tools manufacturer, FEIN, has revealed more than two-thirds of metalworkers would like to advance their current ways of working by introducing new technology into their role, improving the overall productivity of the sector. While 37% admit their company isn’t doing anything to plan for a successful future.

The data also uncovered 29% believe new technology would improve the efficiency of the industry, with more streamlined processes likely to inform the decision-making process of new business for years to come. While 60% believe it’s important their company is investing significant amounts into digitalisation and half say it’s imperative their company has software-enabled intelligent machines rather than stand-alone hardware.

“Technology and innovation have been causing a buzz across the production sector for several years now. Traditionally slow to adapt compared to other industries, there has been a great period of change emerging in the metalworking industry when it comes to innovation and transformation recently,” comments Andy Mills, managing director, FEIN UK. “However, it’s clear there still needs to be strong investment in this area, with one-in-six stating there isn’t enough focus on the introduction of technology in their business.”

On evolving and adapting to change, the research found that:

  • 79% say it’s important to adapt to the latest technology quickly with the talent and projects which can come off the back of these adaptions, signalling it’s not just investment in new technology that needs focus from the metalworking sector
  • 64% claim they want the specialists who supply machines or tools to provide ongoing training and support into how to effectively use any new solution which is brought into the business
  • 65% would like better training to improve their company’s overall efficiency
  • 63% admit they don’t know what their company is doing to plan for a successful future

The research further outlined that over half of those surveyed believe companies in the metalworking sector had to be seen to be moving quickly, adapting to change and transformation, in order to gain the advantage over their competitors.

“It’s clear digital methods and technology will play a pivotal role in futureproofing the metalworking sector and will be integral if the UK is to remain a global industry leader in the space. Those who are embracing new technology will have the upper-hand when it comes to recruiting the best talent and securing the best work.

“There does however need to be increased awareness that integrating any new technology needs to be accompanied by significant training before they can be properly adopted. Without this, the level of time and budget wasted without proper insight into the way it works will heavily impact the return on investment. For this very reason, we recently adapted our global strategy to provide more hands on training for our tools, ensuring end users are utilising them as effectively as possible,” concludes Andy.

To find out more and to download the full ‘future of the metalworking sector’ report, visit

Dated: August 2021

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FEIN's Research Suggests Half Of Metalworkers’ Tools Aren’t Fit For Purpose

52% of metalworkers have admitted they believe the tools they’re using aren’t ‘fit for purpose,’ according to research recently commissioned by power tools and accessories manufacturer, FEIN.

FEIN’s ethos is very much rooted in providing solutions for end users. The foundation of each and every one of its power tools has been manufactured with efficiency and reliability firmly front of mind, to help resolve the everyday problems those in the metalworking sector face. For this very reason, the manufacturer commissioned the research to really delve into the issues the industry is facing, while gaining insight into the pain points of end users.

The research also uncovered that 72% believe if they had access to better tools, the time it takes to complete a job would be reduced significantly – meaning increased efficiency and, in turn, more profits for businesses operating in the sector.

Furthermore, on average, 32% are having to change their tools every one-two years, with as many as 20% having to renew their tools every four-six months. With 11,100 companies operating in the sector, this could be resulting in a significant level of unnecessary spend across the industry annually.

“At FEIN, we’re committed to supporting those across the metalworking sector who are struggling to find tools that effectively work for the job in hand,” comments Andy Mills, managing director, FEIN UK. “Since launching over 150 years ago, our primary goal has been to listen to those working across the industry and to provide them with a solution to the everyday problems they’re facing, by ensuring they have access to reliable tools that help complete jobs with the utmost efficiency.”

On the complexity of the tools being used across the metalworking industry, 35% say the tools they’re usually provided with by their employer are too complicated to use and they aren’t supported with adequate training upon them being implemented into the business. While just 13% of respondents indicated their company consulted a specialist to solve the more complex problems which require advanced tools – in turn resulting in a loss of revenue for the business, as well as mistakes and poor-quality results.

On improving efficiency across the metalworking sector, the research uncovered that:

  • 65% would like better training
  • 42% are calling for more funding
  • 39% would like better quality tools
  • 35% asked for better tool accessories
  • 29% would like to see the introduction of new technology

“The development of high-quality, innovative tools, supported by structured training programs for users is an essential element in driving efficiency. Specialist tool manufacturers can be instrumental in creating new techniques and improving workflows, and should be encouraged to provide quality training to both the distributors that supply those tools and the end users,” adds Jim Chadwick, group purchasing director, Troy UK.

“Meeting with end users and understanding their applications at work, while providing them with in depth training has always been rooted in our strategy, so it’s great to see the research confirm our approach aligns with exactly what metalworkers are looking for – with 65% admitting they would like better training. However, as just 13% admit their company consulted a specialist to solve the more complex problems which require advanced tools, we are more committed than ever to ensuring we are speaking to end users, understanding their pain points and helping them to get the best out of their tools,” continues Andy.

Upon being questioned about ways to improve, the vast majority (83%) of those surveyed argued that they’d rather have their employer seek out tools which will support the business in the long-term, as opposed to being given a tool that’s only going to provide a short-term fix and may have to be replaced again just a few months down the line.

“The research solidified the fact that the industry shouldn’t be looking to a quick fix when it comes to providing efficient and reliable tools. It really is crucial for businesses to seek expert insight into the right tools that will work for the job in hand from manufacturers, to save both time and money in the long run,” concludes Andy.

To find out more and to download the full ‘future of the metalworking sector’ report, visit

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Free Business Growth Webinars- with Action Coach



Steve Gaskell of Action Coach is on hand providing a series of valuable webinars in the lead up to TMB Digital 2020 where Brad Sugars, CEO and founder of Action Coach will be speaking! 

If you are a Troy Member, join TMB Digital on 22nd October 2020 where Brad Sugars will close the show with a rousing presentation on pivoting your business, business survival and success. Brad is a bestselling author and the #1 Business Coach in the world according to Entrepreneur Magazine, we look forward to welcoming him to the inaugural TMB Digital 2020. 

Steve Gaskell’s Action Coach webinars are listed below, they are free to Troy members, and will take place on;
01.10.2020, 08.10.2020, 15.10.2020 – pop them in your diary now! 

5 Ways To Massive Profit Webinar


click here for the webinar

At our free 5 Ways To Massive Profits Workshop, we’ll share over 350 different ways you can improve these five areas to multiply your profits! And you’ll leave with a clear action plan to begin boosting these areas right away. The ActionCOACH Business Coach Chassis focuses on the five areas that can transform your business into a profit powerhouse. Join us for a profitable time working on your business.

Watch a short youtube introduction to 5 Ways To Massive Profit Webinar here

6 Steps To Achieving Business Profits and Growth


click here for the webinar

6 Steps To Achieving Business Profits And Growth will both inform and entertain you, but most importantly, it will teach you how to be a better business owner and leader. This webinar is designed for independent businesses and every business owner. The 6 steps will help you climb the ladder of business growth and have a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you.

Watch a short youtube introduction on 6 steps to achieving Business Profits and Growth here

Marketing With Compassion


click here for the webinar

Learn where and how to market your business in challenging times. Understand the impact of marketing which empathises with your customers and prospects. Build marketing strategies which will overcome any fears of a downturn and offer confidence in what you do and sell.

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Free webinar - Marketing with Compassion

Thursday 15th October at 1.00pm 

Learn where and how to market your business in challenging times. Understand the impact of marketing which empathises with your customers and prospects. Build marketing strategies which will overcome any fears of a downturn and offer confidence in what you do and sell. You’ll learn:

  1. How to gain trust in the market place
  2. The customer journey
  3. Being the expert
  4. The power of blogging
  5. How to make content memorable.

Webinar run by Steve Gaskell of Action Coach. 

Register for the webinar here 

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Get Connected. Take Control With Tool Connect™ From DEWALT®

DeWALT® continues to shape the jobsite of the future with expansion of Tool Connect™ functionality, featuring intelligent inventory management and tool customisation


  • DEWALT Tool Connect delivers advanced connectivity, enabling users to manage inventory via the updated Tool Connect web and mobile app
  • Enhanced platform and app bring intelligent tool location, tracking and personalisation options
  • New DEWALT 18V XR Hammer Drill, Drill Drivers and Impact Drivers offer full Tool Connect functionality and customisable settings
  • Tool Connect Tag keeps track of any asset on-site
  • Unique Tool Connect 18V XR Connector links user’s existing 18V XR power tools


With its unparalleled reputation for delivering breakthrough technology that is shaping the jobsite of the future, DeWALT® has introduced a range of significant new advances in functionality within its innovative Tool Connect™ platform.

According to research carried out by DeWALT in the US, the equivalent of one full working day per week is wasted searching for tools or waiting for them on site, and approximately $8,500* per year is lost due to poor inventory management. Therefore, the development of pioneering connected technology such as Tool Connect, which provides intelligent inventory control, protection and monitoring, is being welcomed by site managers and individual users alike.

Building on the existing DeWALT Tool Connect Bluetooth® functionality, which allows the tracking and management of Tool Connect compatible 18V XR batteries, a host of new tool location and customisation benefits has been introduced with this latest update.

Designed to provide comprehensive inventory management for the professional’s full range of tools, products can be linked, named, logged and monitored using the enhanced DeWALT Tool Connect app, accessible on iPhone or Android smartphones, or via the web platform.

For additional peace of mind, the user will receive an ‘asset leaving vicinity’ notification shortly after a tool goes out of range and is potentially leaving the jobsite area. The tool and battery can then be disabled, rendering it unusable until returned.

Further functionality includes the ability to add purchase dates, costs and manage service information, plus the option to lend tools to a specific user, view the last seen location of an asset or mark an item as lost or stolen, which can then be tracked through the Tool Connect app user network within a 30 metre radius.

At the end of each job, inventory can be accounted for using the ‘MY TOOLS’ function in the app, to guarantee that all units are identified. The ‘last seen’ location feature ensures that products can be traced more swiftly, should they be lost or left behind by mistake.

Delivering additional convenience for contractors managing a fleet of tools for a large team, tools can be linked to particular users, ensuring full visibility of each item’s location at all times. Contractors with existing tool inventories can import their legacy asset information and link them to Tags or Connectors for tracking. Furthermore, planned and completed maintenance can be recorded for every tool, and the app also enables owners to locate nearby service centres.

As part of the expansion of the Tool Connect platform, DeWALT has launched five 18V XR Tool Connect power tools incorporating full Tool Connect functionality and customisable settings. The series includes: DCD997 Premium Hammer Drill, DCD797 Hammer Drill, and the DCF888 Impact Driver.

With these new products, through the Tool Connect app, RPM and torque can be customised within each speed mode, allowing the user to program the tool to suit the material being drilled, while helping to prolong tool and accessory life. Furthermore, bespoke LED settings enable the tools to be set up with the brightness required for each job, as well as the length of time the light remains illuminated.

Three customisable Tool Connect modes allow the user to switch between different application settings quickly and easily, while a fourth ‘home’ setting guarantees that there is always a familiar base drilling method available.

The DeWALT Premium Hammer (DCD997)) incorporates a further advanced Tool Connect safety function: ‘bind up’ protection in drilling mode instantly recognises when the drill bit catches, for enhanced user protection.

Additional Tool Connect features include warning notifications if a tool is being driven too rigorously, and notification of remaining coin cell life.

Tool Connect 18V XR Tag

The discreet and practical Tool Connect tag can be attached to any asset using cable ties with the integrated tether holes, or secured with adhesive pads, to enable the tracking of tools, materials, keys and other equipment – in fact, anything on site. Designed to facilitate inventory management and easy monitoring, it provides out of range alerts and allows the user to allocate and log a name for each item within the Tool Connect app.

Tool Connect 18V XR Connector

Compatible with all DeWALT XR 18V power tools, the new 18V XR Connector allows the user to manage and link their entire 18V XR inventory, enabling them to assign a name to each item within the Tool Connect app. An industry first, this innovative device fixes securely to the product, providing a visible deterrent against potential theft and also ensures owners can identify any lost tools, quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the Connector allows the user to enable or disable the tool attached to it, and delivers warning alerts when out of range.

Tool Connect app

Available for Apple iOS and Android phones, the updated DeWALT Tool Connect app is downloadable free from iTunes and Google Play.

DeWALT said, “With increasing developments in connected technology and digital innovations on the jobsite, professionals are benefitting from major enhancements in usability and safety, while at the same time improving efficiency, and significantly reducing downtime and costs. In addition to the existing advantages of Tool Connect tracking, protection and management, these advanced new features have pushed connectivity to the next level. Allowing users to take complete control of their kit, tools can be customised to suit their own preferences and specific applications, ensuring that work can be completed more effectively – ultimately delivering increased productivity for contractors and their customers.”

A three year warranty is available on registration for all Tool Connect power tools.

Find DeWALT on social media at:




About DeWALT

With more than 90 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing world-class solutions for the professional construction industry, DeWALT represents performance, innovation and reliability. Tools that carry the DeWALT brand are Guaranteed Tough: engineered to exceed the expectations of building contractors and professional tradesmen, even when tested in the most extreme construction environments. The DeWALT reputation for quality has been earned from the company’s commitment to providing best-in-class products that meet the highest levels of durability and end-user protection. DeWALT supplies complete application solutions for the modern construction environment, which include corded and cordless power tools, saw blades and power tool accessories, dust extraction attachments, anchors and fastenings, jobsite storage, lasers and instruments, generators, compressors and more. DeWALT also has one of the most extensive service and repair networks in the world. For more information, visit

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Get Down To Business With XP1000 From Draper Tools

Draper Tools has been hard at work over the last two years developing several new and improved electrician’s essentials. Its brand new XP1000 VDE hand tool range is out now and set to offer strong sales opportunities for retailers.  

Introducing XP1000 

Draper is proud to unveil the XP1000 range of VDE hand tools, which is tested to 10,000V and suitable for use on AC circuits up to 1,000V and DC circuits up to 1,500V. Fully compliant to EN60900 standards, the range features 21 new VDE pliers with tethered options and 55 VDE screwdrivers, including slimline. This is a comprehensive series of hand tools designed to see electricians through a variety of jobs throughout their electrical careers. XP1000 also includes must-have sets of pliers and screwdrivers. 

Phil Rowley, Sales Director at Draper Tools, commented on the launch “Our VDE range of hand tools is really important to us as a business. We’ve offered a good solid range for many years, but we were keen to up our game and home in on what electricians really needed from us. So we listened to feedback, worked with key figures in the industry and spent a long time researching and developing XP1000. It’s been a big investment for us, but we’re confident this is a range electricians will love. It’s reliable, comfortable, safe and comes with our Draper Expert Lifetime Warranty too.” 

Approved by the experts 

Draper carried out pre-launch testing of the XP1000 range with a small but diverse panel of electricians. They put the range to the test on various real-life jobs over a two-week period and reported their findings. The results were encouraging, with over 85% of them saying they’d recommend XP1000 to others in the trade. Three-quarters of the testers said XP1000 was a range they’d buy more from in the future and all agreed Draper Tools was a brand they trusted.   

The company also took time to really get to know the people in the electrical sector with research exploring the highs and lows of the trade. According to the study, the love electricians have for their tools is very real. In fact, “getting to use tools every day” was voted one of the top three parts of the job. A quarter of the electricians said they get a sense of satisfaction from adding to their tool collection. And around one in six admitted they get enjoyment from simply sitting back and admiring their tools, making the tools of the trade a key appeal of the job.  

There are several impressive features in Draper’s new range that electricians will really like. Both the screwdrivers and pliers feature TPE extra-comfort handles and chemically blackened anti-glare finish. The slimline screwdrivers are excellent for getting to hard-to-reach areas and make a very handy addition to an electrician’s tool kit. The screwdrivers also feature a dual-layer “insulation warning” blade sheath for safety and peace of mind.   

Draper’s new comprehensive collection of tethered pliers is a real highlight too and set to be one of the biggest ranges of tethered VDE hand tools on the market.  

See sales surge with XP1000 

Draper will be supporting its retail partners all the way on XP1000, with competitive pricing and eye-catching merchandising options for stores. The bold designs and wide range of XP1000 merchandising materials promise to offer something to suit all display formats and spaces. The company is also working with several high-profile influencers and investing in widespread advertising to build awareness of XP1000 and drive demand to stockists.  

XP1000 completes Draper’s existing range of essentials for electricians, which includes cable knives, crimping tools, pipe cutters, plasterboard saws, plunge cutting blades, hacksaws and even a Wi-Fi endoscope. But the company isn’t stopping there. Rowley explained: “We will be continually adding to XP1000 with high-quality tools designed specifically for the sector. We’re focusing on what electricians need more than ever before, with a lot of big plans in the pipeline. We’ve already got several new ideas under development. Watch this space!”  

Find out more about the XP1000 range at Current Draper stockists can also speak to their Area Sales Manager.  

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Get Ready For Ladder Safety Month 2018

The American Ladder Institute (ALI), the USA’s not-for-profit ladder association comprised of the leading U.S. ladder manufacturers and manufacturers of ladder components, has declared March as National Ladder Safety Month in the USA.

We at TB Davies (Cardiff) Ltd, want to make you aware that we are participating in National Ladder Safety month here in the UK.

TB Davies’s over-riding goal is to prevent injuries and save lives by making working at height as safe as standing on solid ground. Getting that one person home safely to family and friends is why we do what we do. We are literally changing the world, one ladder at a time.

National Ladder Safety Month

TB Davies would like to work with you to spread this important message and would like you to feel free to participate in this event in any way that you like.

We would be more than happy to assist you with any of the promotional and marketing materials created by ALI as if you were in the US, as well as encourage you to work with your national ladder safety standard institute to develop a ladder safety month in your home country.

Take a moment to review the attached information explaining what Ladder Safety Month is all about, as well as what we are doing to promote Ladder safety month here in the UK. Please feel free to contact me with any interest or questions you may have in participating. We are supporting our US partners, in particular Little Giant Ladder Systems and would love to see this develop into a Global Ladder Safety Month. We will do all we can to help make this happen.

Important Information will be posted up on the and websites during the month of March.

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Get The Job Done with Bisley Workwear's New Holster Pocket Range Designed for the UK Tradesman

Bisley Workwear was built to get the job done and has been supporting tradesman with durable, functional and comfortable garments for over 60 years. Bisley understands the UK trades professional needs easy access to their tools and has designed a holster pocket range that gives you the ability to carry what you need and have it accessible when you need it. Whether you are up high or down low, the convenience of having everything on your belt cannot be underestimated.

BSA Brands (the licensee of Bisley Workwear to the UK) is launching Bisley Workwear’s brand-new range of Holster Tool Pocket Trousers and Shorts exclusive to the United Kingdom.

Following the successful launch of the workwear brand into the UK mid 2019, it was quickly established that the Flex & Move Knee Pocket Trousers were the most popular product in the launch range. But there was one thing missing that is specific to the UK Tradesman, the holster pocket! Listening to the market, Bisley Workwear’s designers got to work and created a custom-made pair of trousers and shorts with functional, stylish and durable holster tool pockets.

The holster pockets are fixed to the waistband for easy access to tools, with the holster pockets easily tucking away into the angled side pockets for added versatility. With room for all your tools the pockets are reinforced with Cordura highlights to protect the material from rips and tears that may be caused by sharp objects.

BSA Brands are giving away a free Bisley Workwear stretch webbing belt valued at £19.95 with every holster pocket purchase. (While stocks last).



The Flex & MoveTM range has been designed to withstand the toughest of jobs. The trousers feature a strong crotch gusset to prevent crotch splitting, Kevlar® knee patches for increased durability, and tough Cordura® reinforcements in all the right places. Made from cotton, these unique heavily interlocked fibers ensure durability and longevity in all working conditions


Made from cotton with generous stretch, the reduced tension assists with durability, comfort and shape maintenance. The Flex & MoveTM range is made to move with you. 


Every Flex & MoveTM garment is prewashed to ensure it is comfortable from the very first wear. Breathable cotton keeps you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the day and is less likely to irritate your skin.

The Holster Pocket range is now available at all leading stockists. Find your nearest stockist by visiting

BSA Brands (UK) is a member of the BSIF’s registered safety supplier’s membership scheme.

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Guardsman Provide Statement To Inform Customers Of The Impact Due To Covid-19

Dear Guardsman Customers,

Due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19 we have prepared this statement to inform our customers of the impact this has had to date and is likely to have in the future with the supply of PPE in the UK market.

We have attached a letter from the European Safety Federation (ESF) relating to the impact on the PPE market following the outbreak of COVID-19. Guardsman is a member of the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) and as such supports the attached statement – dated 9th March 2020.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak we have experienced a number of challenges in the PPE market place. These include an unprecedented demand for COVID-19 sensitive products including, respiratory protective equipment (RPE), eye wear, examination gloves, disposable coveralls, hand sanitisers, wipes and general cleaning products. As a result of these exceptional increases in demand, we are expecting that there will be extended lead times for the arrival of goods from our partner suppliers.

To ensure we act in a fair, responsible and consistent way, ensuring we protect our customers workers as a priority, we have committed to the following actions:

  • To ensure we continue to supply our existing contracted customers as a priority
  • To ensure we do not accept orders for unusual high demands of sensitive products
  • To ensure we do not support new or speculative customers with sensitive products
  • To monitor lead times and report to customers should deliveries be impacted
  • To purchase additional volumes of stock where we can with partner suppliers
  • To identify alternative stock lines from multiple sources without compromising quality, specification or standards

Please be assured that these supply chain challenges are our number one priority at Guardsman, to ensure we continue to ‘Protect People Everyday.’

Further statements will be issued, as required, as the situation in the UK develops.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Eames
Guardsman Wholesale Manager

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Guidance for PPE businesses - from British Safety Industry Federation

In early September BEIS / OPSS published version 6 of Guidance on applying the easement to the conformity assessment of PPE and placing product on the UK market in the context of Covid 19.

In the last few days they have published a 7th version of the Guidance for high volume manufacturers of PPE. You can download this at

The amendments can be found in section 10.

In a similar vein, a 4th version of the Guidance for small scale manufacturers has also been published reflecting the same modest amendments. This document can also be downloaded at

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Hitachi Koki Announces Brand Name Change to HiKOKI

Simultaneous to the rebranding efforts, the company is establishing a subsidiary as its European headquarters called Koki Holdings Europe GmbH in the suburbs of Dusseldorf, Germany to reflect the strategic importance of the European market. The subsidiary will commence operations in November 2017, and will serve to carry out the parent company’s activities in Europe, with the aim to be closer to our customers to facilitate faster decision making in managing their needs.

“We have delivered award-winning innovation in manufacturing with solid business performance for over 70 years, and now is the time for us to focus on expansion as a truly global company while remaining rooted to our Japanese tradition,” said Osami Maehara, President, Hitachi Koki. “We have fully committed to accelerate growth alongside a dynamic new partner in KKR as we pursue our goal to become a global leader in power tools and life-science instruments. We have set an aggressive sales target of US$2.7 billion in fiscal year 2020. We are confident we can take our business to the next level with the support of all our employees and partners worldwide, and the revamping of the brand name is the first step to making this possible. We look forward to continuing to build a brand that exceeds the expectations of discerning customers around the world.”

The HiKOKI brand was created to embody the three core competencies of the company, including its innovative technologies that give rise to products with superior performance, the reliability of its products and services backed by a 70-year company history, and the potential for new business growth represented through the new partnership with KKR. For ease of pronunciation, the new brand name uses a lowercase “i” in its first syllable, and includes the implicit numeral “1” to express our commitment to providing our customers with the “No. 1” products on the market, and our aim to achieve “No. 1” global status.

 The new corporate name, Koki Holdings Co., Ltd., is designed to maintain continuity with our current name, while also reflecting the multiple brands it encompasses around the world, and accelerate our investment in acquisitions to expand our global business.

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HSE Safety Alert on KN95 Masks

A message from our colleagues at The British Safety Industry Federation;

In June this year, during the height of the flood of non – compliant PPE coming into the UK, we wrote highlighting the safety alert from the HSE on face masks designated as KN95. These are not to be bought or sold as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

After a period where the problem appeared to settle down, we are now seeing an ever increasing amount of the potentially unsafe KN95 product again being offered for sale.

We are taking the opportunity to re send the bulletin information and ask you to be vigilant ensuring that only safe and appropriately conformity assessed product is offered for sale.

Please continue to feedback any examples you have where PPE offered for sale does not comply with the regulations. We will share this information with the Market Surveillance Authorities.

Please feel free to share this with your customers.
Below is the text and links from the June Bulletin.

Best wishes and stay safe
Alan Murray

Please find below an HSE Safety Alert, warning against the use and supply of KN95 for use at work, as personal protective equipment.

HSE state that “this respirator has been identified as suspect by HSE experts and locally arranged testing has confirmed they would not meet requirements, including to protect against the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.” About 90% of the PPE concerns and queries currently being received by HSE involve KN95 masks which are often accompanied by fake or fraudulent paperwork.

HSE has quarantined around 1.5 million KN95 masks, prevented 25 million items claiming to be FFP3 respirators entering the supply chain and prevented a further four lines consisting of many millions of items entering the supply chain.

Rick Brunt, HSE’s director of operational strategy said: “The KN95 facemask should not be purchased or used.

Alan Murray

HSE Bulletin: Use of face masks designated KN95

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Industry News! New Plastic Tax For Businesses, Effective April '22

UK manufacturers, their business customers and importers of plastic packaging, and consumers who buy plastic packaging or goods in plastic packaging in the UK are all likely to be affected.

For more information visit:

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Innovation Award 2022 ... And The Winner Is!

Thank you to all of the Suppliers that put forward a product for the 2022 Innovation Award.  Competition was incredibly tough this year which made shortlisting & judging a real challenge.  

We are delighted that the Troy Young Professional Panel comprising apprentice and qualified engineers – Jordanna Broom of Exeter University,  Jack Orbell of Express Weldcare, Chris Revell of Dyson and Sashen Naidoo of Jaguar Land Rover – stepped up and judged, alongside Troy’s very own Richard Pymm, Sales Director.

After much deliberation a final fair & objective decision was made and the results were announced at the evening Gala Dinner … Drumroll please! 


Toughbuilt, with their Utility Multi-Purpose Knife/Scraper 



Stanley, Black & Decker with their Dewalt PowerStack 

Many congratulations from everyone at Troy!!! We’ll be in touch with everyone that took part and share content created on the day for your marketing purposes.


Shortlisted products judged at TMB 2022

  1. Advent Tools – Komelon 8m / 26ft LED Light Tape Measure
  2. Bosch – EXPERT Starlock Multi Material Coated Carbide Plunge Saw Blade
  3. Buckbootz – Bang Guardz Ankle Protect Boots
  4. Makita – Cordless Pressure Washer DHW080ZK
  5. Makita – Cordless Kettle DKT360Z
  6. Moldex – TouchFree Station Earplug Dispenser
  7. Presto – Quick Core Hole Saw System
  8. Regatta Professional – ‘Honestly Made’ Clothing Range
  9. Stanley, Black & Decker – Dewalt PowerStack **HIGHLY COMMENDED**
  10. Toughbuilt – Utility Multi-purpose Knife/Scraper **WINNER**
  11. U-Power – Carbon Neutral U-Green Industry Footwear


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JSP New Improved Leadtime On Force™8 & Presstocheck™

Due to COVID, Force™8 & Presstocheck™ Masks have been on a long leadtime since April – we are now happy to share news that lead time is down to only a couple of weeks.



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Last Chance for Portwest's Overprint Service On New Catalogue

Portwest are about to close the  2nd print run of our popular overprint service for our new catalogue.

Due to popular demand they are able to offer the option of the smaller quantity of 250 .

You can place orders online through by logging in and clicking on the overprint banner. Please note only overprint orders should be placed through this site.


Prices are as per the previous print run


250pcs , £2.90 each , £725.00

500pcs, £2.50 each, £1,250

1000,pcs ,£2.00 each £2,000



The deadline for overprint orders is 20th March 2020


For any queries regarding overprint order please email



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Last Minute Price Increase for Polyco Healthline Due to Coronavirus

Dear Customer,


The sudden increase in global cases of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the response of Governments around the world has generated unprecedented demand for medical consumables.


This is leading to demand outweighing supply causing manufacturers to be oversold and in turn increase their prices. Supply from our suppliers is more important to us currently than price. This is unlike any situation we have previously experienced and doesn’t relate to changes in raw material costs or currency fluctuation.


This has left us with no option but to pass on these increases as follows:


With Immediate Effect

All back orders for face masks will be cancelled and we will advise when stock is available again.


15th March 2020

Prices of all disposable PPE workwear will increase by 20% – This is due to all these products being

manufactured in the shutdown areas in the Hubei region Of China. Stock is limited and information on future arrival dates is difficult to obtain and unlikely to be achieved. Stock will be prioritised for regular customers.


1st April 2020

Vinyl disposable gloves – 10% increase

Nitrile disposable gloves – 5% increase

Latex disposable gloves – 5% increase

Aprons – 5% increase


As with any price increases, we consider them very seriously and only request them when completely necessary as we know it causes significant disruption. That is why we are not requesting increases in any of our other product categories.


Unfortunately, as this virus moves around the world, we can’t guarantee that supply of other products won’t be affected, and further increases may be needed.


As one of the largest suppliers of these products in Europe, we have a global supply chain that will enable us to manage the current market situation. However, as we are currently experiencing unprecedented demand on some lines, we will not be able to supply any additional volumes. We are also expecting to have periods of out of stocks on some products over the coming months.


Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused but in the current climate we are prioritising ongoing supply over everything else.


If you have any questions regarding our pricing changes, please contact your Area Sales Manager.


With thanks from the Polyco Healthline Team.

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Makita’s Powered Wheelbarrow Helps Landform Consultants To Take Not One But Two Gold Medals At RHS Chelsea ‘18

The Makita 18v LXT Brushless power-assisted wheelbarrow has taken some of the back-breaking labour out of Landform Consultants inspirational garden builds at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018.

Mark Gregory, managing director of award winning Landform Consultants Limited, together with his talented team, designed The Welcome to Yorkshire Garden in Main Avenue.  It was justifiably awarded the Gold & Best Construction medals as well as winning the People’s Choice Award.  Landform also designed and constructed The Seedlip Garden in the Space to Grow area of the Show which was awarded a cosseted Gold medal. 

“Chelsea garden show builds are always an enjoyable challenge and we take them extremely seriously so any help from Makita is very welcome,” says Mark Gregory, now a twentyone-time Gold medal winner.  “This labour-saving powered wheelbarrow has helped to reduce much of the pushing of a fully laden wheelbarrow.  This is a very impressive piece of kit and a fine match for the greatest flower show anywhere in the world.”

Designed principally to reduce the physical demands in the construction industry the new Makita DCU180Z is proving popular in many operating fields including commercial gardens.  Capable of carrying 130kg of blocks on the tubular frame, or similar amount of ballast in the barrow bin option, this power-assisted wheelbarrow has the Brushless motor integrated into the front wheel to ensure the maximum possible traction to the heavily ribbed agri-tyre.  This barrow has two forward speeds: Hi up to 3.5 km/h, Lo 1.5 km/h; powered reverse of 1.0 km/h and will climb a 12° maximum incline.  Main braking is provided by the front disc brake controlled by the hand lever on the steering handles. The wheelbarrow weighs just 32.5kg, is ready to work with handles that can be adjusted to three height levels for operator comfort and also fold for easy storage.  The detachable rear trailing wheels with kick down brake can be adjusted from a width of 480mm to 760mm which further improves stability and reduces operator effort.

The Welcome to Yorkshire Garden, sponsored by Welcome to Yorkshire, is inspired by the picturesque Yorkshire Dales, world famous for its dry stone walls, buttercup meadows, wild woodland, tumbling becks and artisan Wensleydale cheeses.  The Landform team made cheese in the stone dairy during the show and served it in the traditional Yorkshire way – on fruit bread.  “This is a celebration of Yorkshire’s stunning scenery and it is hoped that the garden will inspire visitors to experience Yorkshire’s captivating and serene beauty first hand,” continues Mark.  “And we are proud to have been awarded Best Construction too.  After breakdown everything in the garden will either go to charity, be recycled or reinstated, and even taken back to Yorkshire.”

The Seedlip Garden, designed by Landform’s senior designer Dr Catherine Macdonald, is sponsored by Seedlip, the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit.  Inspired by the humble pea the garden was a first for Chelsea Flower Show as all the plants were from just one family – the pea family. “It’s a wonderful feeling to be awarded Gold for something I thoroughly love doing, and it’s even more special when you think the design is centred around the humble pea,” comments Catherine.

Compatible with any of the Makita 18v LXT Lithium-Ion batteries used to power Britain’s number 1 professional power tool range, the new Makita DCU180Z power-assisted wheelbarrow has soft start to ease the load away; constant speed control; twin LED driving lights and locking brake lever for maximum site safety.  For site security an individual ignition lock key is provided.  Previous walk-behind powered site platforms can cost several thousand pounds but the new Makita powered wheelbarrow will prove particularly attractive in relation to price competitiveness and rugged performance.

The DCU180Z is a body only machine which is available with a choice of optional accessories which can include the pipe frame set or bucket frame option.

For more information on Landform Consultants visit  For more news and product information about Makita UK please visit  Follow us on Twitter @MakitaUK, and


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Managing your energy bills through challenging trading times

1. Take meter readings
Many meters now take half Hourly readings which communicate with suppliers meaning that your energy usage will be billed on actual usage, however there are also still many meters that will not do this, therefore it is important to take meter readings while your usage is minimal so that the suppliers do not just estimate your usage based on passed month. When businesses are closed and not consuming energy you should only be paying for the standing charge as per your contract except for those contracts that have volume tolerance clauses. If you are unsure, contact your Troy Business Development Manager. 

2. Seek whether a payment break can be negotiated.
Some suppliers will be happy to offer this for their customers, which will simply mean that the period of non payment will be added at the end of the contract, do not cancel any direct debits without speaking with your energy suppliers as this will affect your credit rating. 

3. Check whether there are any volume tolerances in your Ts and Cs
It’s possible that you have terms in your contract that may cause you issues later in the year, the most common is called Volume Tolerance. This tends to be for larger energy users and means that you have agreed on a level of energy to be used on-site over a set time period. Energy consumption will reduce as businesses have a break in trading, Volume Tolerance means that you could be charged for a set level of Energy whether you use this or not. If you’re not sure on your position here, we will happily review your Terms and Conditions and check how a change in your consumption may impact you.

4. Turn off all non essential Electricity and Gas consumption
As your business premises will likely be empty or running with skeleton staff it’s recommend turning off any piece of equipment including computers, machinery and any lighting which is not needed. This will help reduce your demand and subsequently lower your bills while the premises is not in use.

5. Contracts nearing their renewal date
It is important to keep an eye on any contract renewals due in the next few weeks/ months as if these are left to roll, you will be put on out of contract rates which can be very expensive. It’s important to tender, negotiate and renew these contracts as per usual, even though this will not be top of mind right now. If you are renewing your contract and switching suppliers, it’s important to adhere to your Terms and Conditions and remember to terminate your existing contract.

6. Set up an online account with your supplier
This can easily be done through your energy supplier and will allow you to submit meter readings, monitor your energy usage or make changes to your billing requirements such as changing to electronic bills.

If you would like further support as a Troy THS member we have energy consultancy partners to support you. Click here for more information. 

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Mascot Are Here To Help

Dear Distributor

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed our society. Right now, we are all trying to comply with the advice and demands from various governments to reduce physical contact. The effect in some shops is less customers and some shops are even closed.

We all are concerned about our health and safety and uncertain how this situation affects businesses and workers. We are all under pressure and this situation will change the way we operate in the coming period. Therefore, we want to share with you different on-line tools that can help you to secure your sales, save costs and keep the high service level towards your customers in the current situation…….

For the rest of the document download below

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Members - Don't Let Your Customers Miss Out On DeWalt's £30 Cashback Promotion*

Wow what an offer!  Be sure your customers know about the fantastic £30 cashback promotion from DeWalt.  When they buy any two qualifying bare 18V XR Brushless Tools in one transaction between 1st November & 31st December they can claim £30 straight back into their bank accounts *Terms & Conditions Apply … full details here

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New EN131 Standards From Lyte Ladders

Lyte has gone through a huge product change since the beginning of the year due to changes to the European standards for steps and ladders.

Click on the link below for full details

18325 EN131 Z-Card Credit Leaflet – CONTENT 4 – PRINT

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New exciting changes coming for JEGS


Announcement from Jegs


‘We would like to announce that there are some exciting new changes ahead. Qualtex Global have made the decision to centralise the JEGS Electrical Warehouse with our Denton Head Office.


This will have a positive impact for our customers. JEGS Electrical will continue to Trade as normal. We will maintain our Southend based Sales Team. The only change will be that your orders will be dispatched from our Denton Warehouse rather than Southend.


We have made the decision to centralise so that both the Qualtex and the JEGS customer base will now be able to benefit from the increased product range and can place orders in a single basket spend rather than multiple location dispatch.


And we are pleased to say that the centralisation has now been completed. ‘

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New PPE Guidance from the Office for Product Safety and Standards

In March 2020 the EU Commission published their ‘recommendation’ on COVID 19 related PPE conformity assessment which was an attempt to alleviate the severe supply shortages for healthcare and key workers. 

The UK adopted the ‘recommendation’ and published guidance on how to be able to place COVID 19 products on the market without completing the normal CE conformity assessment process. 

The guidance is primarily for manufacturers of PPE but of course ‘Importers’ and Importers’ obligations are also laid out. These can be found in section 9 of the guidance. 

This guidance has evolved since it’s first iteration and there is now a 6th version which you can view here

The most significant change being, The new guidance still requires the submission to and confirmation of acceptance by a Notified Body of PPE for conformity assessment. However if you wish to begin selling this product prior to the completion of the full CE conformity assessment process you must get the approval from the market surveillance authority (MSA), who are responsible for confirming that it meets the necessary essential health and safety requirements. This approval must be obtained from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or HSENI in Northern Ireland. You can apply for this approval through emailing (If PPE is exclusively for private consumers use Trading Standards and the relevant MSA) 

This is clearly an important requirement and a key difference from previous guidance. There are many other conditions carried over from previous versions which of course must also be adhered to. 

Although this process is, by its nature temporary it has been in existence for 5 months and there will be PPE that is at various stages of the easement assessment process. 

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New PPE Regulation Update Effective From 21-04-2019

Lots of changes around PPE regulations to be aware of from 21st April 2019.

Read more from the PPE Range Via Toolbank here SCAN-PPE-Directive 


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New Product Launch - Polyflex® Eco Gloves Made From Recycled Bottles


Statement from Polyco

‘Designed with the environment in mind Polyflex® Eco is our latest addition to the Industrial Reusable range. Made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, this is the next evolution in gloves. Like our Polyflex Ultra gloves, this range is high quality, combining comfort, dexterity and performance [with Polyflex Eco Nitrile version achieving maximum abrasion score] but uses less plastic/virgin polyester yarn in the manufacturing process.

This is part of our wider ‘PHL Environmental and Sustainability Governance’ [ESG] strategy, and our first product launch associated with our ESG. Our journey will continue with many more initiatives based around the circular economy. We are already looking at optimising loadable quantities, reducing packaging, using LDPE and paper band packaging and possible linear options around compostable and biodegradable products.’

Polyflex® Eco Range

Click Here For Video Link



Item Code & Description :

PEN – Polyflex Eco N – Seamless knitted liner made in part from recycled plastics, with a foamed nitrile coating

PEL – Polyflex Eco L – Seamless knitted liner made in part from recycled plastics, with a sandy latex coating


Packing configuration: 60 pairs per case – [1 pair per paper band, 6 pairs / Master paper band and 6x 10 / case]


Size range : 5 -12


First glove in the market with QR code: QR code links to the attached ‘RPET Product Launch Sales aid’ which covers the complete story with a video clip.


Market Sectors

• Automotive • Construction & Utility • Engineering and Manufacturing • Warehousing, Transport and Logistics • Waste Management and Local authority


Polyco will have limited stocks available in the coming months, before fully launching in 3-4 months’ time.


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New Range Of Welders And Plasma Cutters From Draper Tools

With a wide base of professional automotive users and home-based hobbyists, welding continues to offer many market opportunities.  


Now retailers can make even more of those opportunities with a new, expanded range of welding and cutting products from Draper Tools.  16 new welders and 2 new plasma cutters have just been launched, together with a host of essential welding accessories and consumables.


Investing in the latest workshop equipment

Draper Tools continues to invest in bringing you and your customers the latest innovations and in demand equipment for the workshop. The new company’s machines come in a variety of welding applications, which are ideal for those who weld professionally as well for enthusiasts. These include: 

  • ARC Welders
  • MMA Inverters
  • MIG Welders
  • MIG Inverters 
  • TIG Welders
  • Multi Process Welders 
  • Plasma Cutters
  • A range of accessories and consumables such as torches, torch tips, shrouds and wires



Delivering maximum performance 

Draper Tools has invested heavily in technology to ensure its new range of welders offer maximum performance. Many of its welders are marked with DTi, meaning they feature additional ‘Digital Technology Inside’. These machines have settings controlled digitally by micro-processors rather than analogue buttons.  The result is a more intelligent machine, which can handle more settings and therefore offer more functions to the user. DTi also provides exception levels of control and precision, and a more stable signal – all of which results in a better performing machine and a smoother, faster weld. 


The new range also includes welders featuring modern inverter technology, which replaces a traditional transformer. Inverter models of welder can be just as powerful but significantly more efficient and, as a result, far smaller and easier to carry around. Their efficiency means they are a more environmentally friendly option for the workshop too.


Whether your customers have got aluminium to weld, heavy duty fabrication work to do, vehicle body or chassis repairs, they’ll find the right welder for the job in Draper’s new range. Designed to be a one-stop shop for a range of welding projects, Draper Tools has also produced a handy guide to welders available at



Ordering has never been easier 

To see the complete new range, with a guide to the different kinds of welders visit

Draper stockists can place online orders at, speak to their Draper Account Manager or email

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New Release - Bott Care Point - The Hygiene Station.

As a result of the current climate, Bott is trying to think of new ways to allow their dealer networks to reach out and make contact with their customers by introducing new products that will aid them and their staff to return to the workplace safely.

Please find attached the first product to form part of the Bott Care Point range. Other new items will be added to the range in the coming days/weeks.

So keep an eye out!


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November Is Here! See Our Special Offers For Last Minute Black Friday Deals ...

Members! Have you sorted your Black Friday Deals for 26th November 2021?  Make the most of our Troy Member special offers from our incredible suppliers & brands; and draw in as many customers as possible on the biggest shopping day of the year!  Whether you’re showcasing your promotions on the web or in-store, this is your last chance to get products in-stock, on time and ready for selling – so head on over to the special offers section of the Troy Website now.  AND REMEMBER these deals are being added all the time, so keep checking … MISS IT, MISS OUT! 

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Purchasing Insight from Our Industry Experts.

We’re dropping in on our Prodigy of Purchasing, Jim Chadwick, Group Purchasing Director, and the Brains of Business Development, Richard Pymm, Business Development Director for an ‘exclusive’ on Purchasing. They’ll be sharing their views and advice on how best to consider your procurement process and successfully source the highest quality & best value products, whilst minimising surplus stock and maximising profit…

Click here for the full article

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Raising Funds for Families of Brixham Trawler Tragedy

Troy Member, Tony Rowe, Managing Director of Goldstar Leisure, is raising funds on behalf of children and families of two fishermen that sadly drowned on Saturday 21st November.   The Brixham fishing boat, Joanna C BM265, was previously owned and skippered by Tony and left him and his local community devastated when it sank off the coast of Newhaven in East Sussex.

If you would like to make a donation, please click through to the Go Fund Me page in the link below…

Click here for more information on the fundraising

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Sait Release New POWER MAX Cutting Wheels

SAIT Abrasives UK is delighted to unleash POWER MAX-TM, a collection of high-performance cutting wheels that combine the aggressive and free cutting nature of zirconia grain with super-thin formats. The results are wheels that are fierce yet user-friendly – the ideal match to heavy industrial applications.

The first release from SAIT’s new POWER MAX brand, POWER MAX-TM is a succinct collection of flat cutting wheels for portable machines. In the world of portable wheels, zirconia grain is consistently viewed as the optimal choice of technology. Like ceramic technology, zirconia is self-sharpening, but crucially requires less working in order to get results. This excellent grain also regularly outstrips aluminium oxide in terms of performance, delivering more cuts and a longer life span.

All of the above combine to make POWER MAX a highly appealing prospect for reducing the physical impact of cutting operations on machine operatives, as well as limiting down-time required for wheel changes. Added to the mix, super-thin wheel formats allow for a multitude of additional benefits, including shorter cutting times, less heat generation, minimal vibration and reduced waste and dust.

SAIT highlights aerospace, automotive manufacturing, oil and gas, power generation and marine as industry sectors whose needs are particularly well matched to the characteristics of POWER MAX. The wheels are versatile performers, capable of tackling a wide variety of material challenges, including steels, stainless steels, carbon steel, duplex stainless steels, nickel alloy and non-ferrous metals.

Wheels available





Dimensions (mm)


ZZ 60 T



115 x 1.0 x 22.23


ZZ 46 T



115 x 1.6 x 22.23


ZZ 60 T



125 x 1.0 x 22.23


ZZ 36 T



230 x 2.0 x 22.23

POWER MAX joins an extensive portfolio of bonded abrasives from SAIT, tiered according to performance and all designed and manufactured in Italy. It is the latest release from SAIT’s ‘Top Energy’ programme, an initiative which debuted in 2013 and highlights advances achieved from the modernisation of the manufacturer’s production lines as well as the development of new formulations for bonded abrasives.

For more details, call SAIT abrasives 0344 801 3355, or email

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